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road.jpg Gay and lesbian hotel to open on Turkish Mediterranean coast in July. Owner Faruk Ok: “There are several gay-friendly hotels in Turkey, but ours is the first to be 100 percent gay and lesbian. It will not accept guests outside this concept. Part of the personnel is also gay or lesbian.”

Anthonyroad.jpg AfterElton asks Shear Genius finalist Anthony about why he was hesitant to talk about his sexuality on the reunion special even though Bravo had publicized the fact that he is openly gay: “I am gay and very proud of being gay. I have lived my life openly as a gay man for most of my life. But, whether I am gay or not should have no bearing on my talent or skills. My personal life is just that – PERSONAL.” The Shear Genius finale airs tonight.

road.jpg Riga, Latvia, with a Pride parade scheduled for early June, is being watched following the anti-gay Moscow attacks.

road.jpg Polish media watchdog Ewa Sowinska backs off comments she made recently that the government was investigating Teletubbie Tinky Winky because of homosexual undertones: “On Tuesday, Sowinska’s spokeswoman Wieslawa Lipinska told The Associated Press that Sowinska ‘hasn’t asked and won’t ask’ psychologists to investigate whether ”Teletubbies” promote homosexuality. ‘They are fictional characters, they have nothing to do with reality, and the bag and scissors and other props the fictional characters use are there to create a fictional world that speaks to children,’ Lipinska said. ‘We are not going to deal with this issue any more.'”

road.jpg Britney Spears, novelist.

road.jpg Google Maps now have 360° street-level views in Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, New York and San Francisco. Demo.

Daliroad.jpg Salvador Dali exhibit on art and film to open at the Tate Modern in London: “…the exhibition displays collaborations between Dalí and legendary film makers, such as Luis Buñuel, Walt Disney, Alfred Hitchcock and the Marx brothers, presenting some of the most stunning images from twentieth century cinema. It includes his early collaborative projects with Buñuel in L’Age d’or and Un Chien andalou – featuring the infamous image of an eye being cut by a razor.”

road.jpg Ozzy Osbourne reportedly bailed on an American Idol appearance after learning he would be onstage with “that idiot” Sanjaya.

road.jpg Isaac Mizrahi chats with New York magazine about how he lives his high-low aesthetic at home.

road.jpg Cheney lawyer told Secret Sevice not to keep visitor logs of comings and goings at the VP’s official residence: “The Sept. 13, 2006, letter from Cheney’s lawyer says logs for Cheney’s residence on the grounds of the Naval Observatory are subject to the Presidential Records Act. The Justice Department filed the letter Friday in a lawsuit by a private group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, seeking the identities of conservative religious leaders who visited Cheney at his official residence.”

road.jpg Marcus Schenkenberg is the new Terminator?

road.jpg Straight owner of gay San Francisco radio station Energy 92.7FM speaks out. Joe Bayliss: “The gay community, which makes up 15% of the San Francisco market and represents $670 billion in consumer spending, has a passion for dance music, but no one was playing it. So we launched Energy 92.7FM Pure Dance. We took an old-fashioned approach to our business model: local, live personalities and grass roots community involvement and went to work.”


  1. mark m says

    I dont think the hosts asked Anthony about his orientation to stereotype him. A lot of viewers find him extremely attractive and simply wanted to know if he was “available.”

    If Dr. Boogie can proudly proclaim his straightness and shatter stereotypes about effeminate men in the process, it would have been nice for masculine Anthony to do the same.

  2. tominsf says

    Re Energy 92.7FM in SF – I’m glad that it’s there, now if only they would go beyond playing the same five tracks over and over and over… the music at my gym has more variety.

  3. Lupe says

    Anthony, gay? I thought that he was just a arrogant jerk, and now he’s gay? And, child, Dr Boogie is “straight?” He acts like he was head of his class in queen school, its just a shame that over the top, flamboyant men are now hiding in the closet. Dr Boogie, straight, wow!

    And, rock on Ozzie, that Sanjaya was beyond bizarre, even for American Idol, and the millions of tone deaf fans that watch it.

  4. says

    Re: Energy 92.7 — I guess you never go broke underestimating the taste of the American public. As Quentin Crisp said, “A lifetime of listening to disco music is a high price to pay for one’s sexual preference.”

  5. Jack! says

    Anthony, arrogant? No. He’s a humble and pleasant man.

    Sanjaya was not bizarre his hairstyles were. Unfortunately some people want to kick him around because of those hairstyles and his less than macho behavior. The fact that that is a stereotype of gay men is all the more reason people knocked him down.

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