Ian Roberts Cleared of Assaulting Ex-Boyfriend

A Sydney magistrate today cleared gay rugby icon-turned-actor Ian Roberts of any wrongdoing in accusations brought by a former boyfriend that Roberts had assaulted him when Roberts came to his hotel room to try and retrieve a laptop and a digital camera that were in the ex-boyfriend’s possession.

Ian_robertsThe former boyfriend, Ben Prideaux, had his side of the story disproven by another friend and former boyfriend of Roberts, and apparently did not help his case by becoming somewhat hysterical on the witness stand. Said the magistrate: “I mean no disrespect when I say this: he tended to become agitated in the witness box.”

It was a three day court case that stretched over a period of six months, and cost Roberts $100,000 he says.

PrideauxBut Roberts, who is now seeing someone identified only as ‘Daniel’, had only kind words for Mr. Prideaux following the decision.

Said Roberts: “I care about the boy very much. I am so not bitter with Ben. I love him, I have no bad feelings towards him whatsoever.”

Roberts, who had a small part as one of Lex Luthor’s henchmen in Superman Returns, says he’ll now return to L.A. to continue pursuing his acting career.

Said Prideaux after the decision: “I am happy it is over.”

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  1. says


    I’m sorry, but I got to the part in the story where the text started wrapping around the pictures and then I got distracted.

    I think you were telling us something about two smokin’ hot men, a hotel room and a digital camera …

  2. Gary says

    Damn, Jake–we need to find you a man!

    Just taking the piss with ya-hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  3. Gary says

    Damn, Jake-we need to get you a man!

    Just taking the piss with ya. Have a nice holiday.

  4. hoya86 says

    I find it totally amusing -and a little sad- that the ex-bf who brought the suit responds to the outcome by saying “I’m happy it is over” as if he had nothing to do with suit/trial to start with.

    He should apologize to Ian and repay him his court and legal fees. It’s only right.

    PS: Ian, I’m casting a movie you’d be perfect for. The location is my apartment,don’t be late and don’t worry about wardrobe!

  5. sigh... says

    I know it’s wrong, but I WANT Ian Roberts to beat the shit out of me. A little domestic violence would be worth the rug burns from the make-up sex.