Isaiah Washington to Shoot PSA for GLAAD and GLSEN

Grey’s Anatomy actor Isaiah Washington continues to make amends for the anti-gay slurs he hurled in the direction of castmate T.R. Knight earlier this year. Yesterday it was announced that Washington would shoot a public service announcement for GLAAD and GLSEN.

WashingtonWashington met with the groups earlier this year following his red carpet outburst and as a result the groups announced an “ongoing partnership” with the actor “to combat prejudice and intolerance”. It appears that partnership is beginning to bear some fruit.

At the time, GLAAD president Neil Giuliano said, “Isaiah understands that he is going to be judged by more than just his apology. He knows that his future actions – including the genuine first step that today’s meeting represents – will demonstrate his sincerity in becoming part of the solution to anti-gay bigotry. We welcome the opportunity to work with him in the coming months to help improve the cultural climate faced by LGBT people across this country.”

Washington’s publicist Howard Bragman said that the ad will be shot in the next few weeks: “We’re gonna have — I want to say at least two versions of it at this point. We may broaden our message a little.”

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  1. M says

    Glaad is useless. The organization started off well, but now its just part of the Hollywood PR machine. It’s too busy kissing the entertainment industry’s ass to do any real advocacy for the GLBT community.

  2. Leland says

    I admire GLSEN as much as I loathe what SAAD has become [cowardly, collaborationist, shameless, whoring, dishonest, fraudulent, ludicrous, irrelevant], so I am very happy to see that their unique and vital programs to help LGBT youth might get an assist from Mr. Washington whom, thus far, I have repeatedly scalded. Some will probably question his sincerity but I don’t care why he’s doing a good thing, but that it is being done. It’s when supposedly “good” people do “bad” things that we should question their core character and respond accordingly [insert Imus, Guiliani, McCain, A. Cooper, Colin Powell, Mel Gibson, Michael Richards, et al.]

  3. Ed says

    Redeem himself? This bigot just wants to keep his job. To Isaiah doing the PSA I say, “NO THANKS!” We should get Imus to do an NAACP commercial now too, right?

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    “…get Imus to do an NAACP commercial…”

    Why not, we got talkin’ horses on this blog. Wilbur!
    Hey, maybe the old ugly red-neck Imus will get their next Image Award.

    Leland, thanks for your latest posting on this subject. And you’re right: sometimes you can make folks do right whether or not they’re sincere about it.

  5. Gabriel says

    agree with PC. he could have chosen to do nothing and wait till the matter went away. but insted he chse to apologise in public, which is more than Tim Hardaway is doing.

    also, Isaiah had gay roles in the past and any homophobe (think: Will Smith and Six Degrees and his infamous refusal to kiss another man) would avoid gay roles.

    Bravo, indeed.

  6. MCnNYC says

    PLEASE What a CROCK who EVER sees these ads?
    How about he pays for them to be shown?
    Out of his pocket!
    PSA have to be cleared by homophobic TV stations and are usually shown in the middle of the night.


  7. SGR says

    This issue has become muddled. The real issue is ABC’s failure to fire him.

    The man himself has done more than make up for his error. It’s overkill at this point. But the animosity remains, not so much for him, but for ABC’s failure to fire him for using an anti-gay slur about a fellow employee at work.

    He can spin his wheels all he wants, but he’s really not the issue anymore. Obviously he’s contrite; he couldn’t be more contrite. Anyone who hasn’t forgiven him by this point has issues of their own.

    But the negative feeling remains, regardless, because ABC failed to treat the matter as they would had it been a sexist or racial slur. It’s really not for him to make amends. It’s for ABC to prove that they take anti-gay slurs seriously, and they clearly don’t. If they did, they would have fired him. So there’s no resolution.

  8. Labia Minora-Majora says

    Y’all are just some bitches. Let the man apologize…isn’t that what y’all bitched wanted in da beginning? Whatevz…can’t please a Queen one way or another. Y’all are just a bunch of bossy, do-me-princess Bottoms….

  9. Handtek2k says

    And now for a vastly different point of view. I’m not gay, and I disapprove of the lifestyle. I don’t believe Isaiah was right to use the language he did. Isaiah should have been smarter about that in this on set confrontation. Its the entertainment biz, where the gay lifestyle is prevalent and his use of slurs against that lifestyle would not be well received. 2. He should have kept his mouth shut and not confounded the situation further with his comments after the Golden Globes. He was very stupid. I don’t think the guy is “homophobic”, or at least no more biased against gay people than the average straight person. I remember his role as a gay man in “Get on the Bus”. I don’t think you play that role if you hate gay people for being gay.

    The incident with his co-star is a minor skirmish in the culture war. It was used to threaten his job on Grey’s Anatomy and in return for being allowed to keep it, he is basically being extorted by gay advocacy groups into these public service announcements.

    I read it as a public humiliation and warning to other people. If you don’t support the gay lifestyle, we can break your career or make you into a lapdog apologist for our choices. It was not enough to extract an apology from him at figurative gun point. The gay activist crowd quickly determined that there was far more mileage to be gotten out of the situation if they made him their media bitch. In a way, you have to give gay activists credit for being a little more creative with the gay equivalent of racial extortion practiced by the likes of Sharpton. All big Al got was multi-millionaire Don Imus a nice fat early retirement package from CBS, should he prevail in his lawsuit. The gay activist crowd however has got a sort of walking, talking trophy of the hunt. Every time his public service announcements run, no matter how broad the message of his words, the spots are nothing less than a stern warning for anybody that runs afoul of the gay communities effort to mainstream their lifestyle: Cross us, and you may end up our media bitch too.

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