1. Otto says

    If only the Prez watched television. I truly think the Mr. Bush is beyonf delusional. I don’t care if you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent, etc., he says one thing in today’s presser, yet all you have to do is watch the news (live), or pick up a newspaper and see the truth. As the old saying goes, the man is smiling in my face while telling me a lie. Really shameful. New poll out only 22% of Americans polled find Mr. Bush’s Iraq policy correct. God love those 22%. Maybe they would like to take a trip to Baghdad?

  2. nycredneck says

    Keith really does, at moments, channel his hero Mr. Murrow. He does resort to ridiculous hyperbole like OxyRush, or HANNITY AND colmes, or Bill Orally. There is an apparent sincerity in his statements that is illustrative of his true outrage.

    If only the press had more people like him.

  3. Tax Protester says

    maybe it’s just MY fantasy, but I bet Keith’s man-jizz also functions as Truth Serum…if only Bush would swallow.

  4. David says

    Keith Olbermann drives me crazy. Something about his delivery is just insincere to me. He’s just a little too proud of himself, and it’s a major turn-off to a lot of what he has to say.

    That being said, he has a very good point. It’s funny to me that throughout elementary, middle, and high school, teachers consistently bashed it into my brain that the function of both the federal and state governments was to represent the will of the people. Obviously, elected officials must act somewhat autonomously, but when just an overwhelming percentage of the people are not only asking, but screaming for a better policy abroad, it just baffles my mind that representatives supposedly on BOTH sides of the issue would ignore the call. The Democrats just continue to alienate Republicans AND Democrats alike. I’m pretty resigned to the fact that I’ll probably be looking at another Republican in the White House in a few years.

    Also, I really enjoy snowcones.

  5. JOHNNY L says

    It’s not the press that needs to be outraged. It’s us, the voters, who need to be outraged.

    Especially since the people we put into office six months ago have just sold us out.

  6. JOE 2 says

    OTTO writes: “New poll out only 22% of Americans polled find Mr. Bush’s Iraq policy correct. God love those 22%.”

    A scientifically conducted poll, the results of which were recently reported by NPR, found that 28% of Americans think GWB is doing a good job as President and 25% of Americans believe that Jesus Christ will LITERALLY reincarnate and make his presence known in 2007.

    The poll results didn’t say whether or not those two groups were composed of the same people, but…um…

  7. pacificoceanboy says

    So the democraticaly elected iraq parlimant has a majority vote now (by 1 but still a majority) stating that america needs to set a date and get out.

    “wmds” none
    “saddam a bad man” hell we set him up
    “creating democracy” now that it is against bushco wishes = F democracy

    yet 27% still support this wackadoo