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Mitt Romney: "I am not Anti-Gay"

Speaking to a crowd at a Jacksonville, Florida library today, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney spoke of his feelings about gay people, elaborating on comments he made yesterday at a campaign event.

RomneyAt that event, someone asked Romney if pastors should preach that homosexuality is a sin. Romney answered that elected officials should not dictate what pastors preach. He later told the Associated Press, "I don't think that a person who's running for a secular position as I am should talk about or engage in discussions of what they in their personal faith or their personal beliefs is immoral or not immoral."

Today he went further. Said Romney: "What you look for in a leader is someone who will welcome and treat with respect people who made different choices and have different beliefs in their lives and have differences. I have nothing but respect and feelings of tolerance for people with differences from myself and feel that way with regards to those who are gay...I oppose discrimination against gay people. I am not anti-gay. I know there are some Republicans, or some people in the country who are looking for someone who is anti-gay and that's not me."

According to the AP, "He noted that one of his Cabinet members was gay and that he appointed gays to positions of responsibility in his administration....He said he is opposed to gay marriage because it's not in the best interest of children."

I'd love for some of these reporters to start asking these bigots about Mary Cheney.

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  1. He is not anti-gay, but he thinks gay marriage is not in the best interest of children? Why not? Gays are unfit parents? What is it,
    Mr. Not-Anti-Gay? Why do you preach about the evils of gay marriage on campaign stops in South Carolina? Is that how you express your "respect and tolerance?" What does he think "discrimination against gay people" means? What a tool. He will say anything to get elected. He doesn't believe in anything but his own quest for power.

    Posted by: sam | May 24, 2007 5:23:33 PM

  2. Dear Mitt,

    What the fuck do children have to do with my childless relationship with my boyfriend? *NO* marriage is about children, you asshole. That's why there is no reproduction requirement attached to any marriage contract.

    Maybe you should take some time off from all your campaigning to clear your head. Perhaps take a hunting trip with Dick Cheney.

    Posted by: Jake | May 24, 2007 5:29:35 PM

  3. Yeah, no one likes to own their prejudice.

    Just because he's not actively seeking to imprison and exterminate gays doesn't make him "not anti-gay". The fact that he things we don't deserve the same civil secular rights is enough to qualify him as anti-gay.

    Posted by: Brian | May 24, 2007 5:32:12 PM

  4. Twit Romney

    Posted by: CHUX | May 24, 2007 5:35:04 PM

  5. Today he launched an ad that really showed his home state of Massachusetts in a negative light. Why did he go to Massachusetts anyway? He should have been a Governor of Utah, then he could have avoided the Massachusetts ads.

    Is he anti-gay? His political positions are anti-gay. Personally he may not be.

    However, I think it is important for us in the GLBT community to never, ever discriminate ourselves against Mormons because that has been a big issue with him. We have gay Mormons in our own community.

    I don't think Mr. Romney understands that being gay is something only God can create. It is not sexual. Children with great physiological differences at early ages are gay. Being transgender, I understand this more than anyone else. The word/s "homosexual/ity" is not appropriate and should never be said again.

    I think being gay is something that you just have to accept is part of God's design. IF you don't believe in GOd, then Mother Nature's design. Clearly mothers would not give birth to millions and millions of gay children, all having very similar physiological traits, if there was not some sort of natural plan for it.

    As far as marriage is concerned, all children dream of one day meeting someone, marrying, and spending the rest of their lives with that person, and growing old together. Why our young ones do not have that right, and that is one of the greatest moral issues of our time.

    The Republican candidate will very likely always be the anti-gay candidate, for as long as I'm going to live, unless there is some major party realignment, which is possible but very unlikely. Therefore, we should all vote Democratic. It'll take many years, but one day we will have a Lyndon B. Johnson for us - a president of great political courage who will step out on the limb to support marriage equality. (My guess is after that president leaves office, you'll see a little backlash like what happened in Canada.)

    Any other predictions of how marriage equality is going to happen in the future? What kind of Congress is it going to take to get that through?

    Posted by: julianadotsr | May 24, 2007 5:49:58 PM

  6. Expanding on my previous comments, I also pray for a Rainbow Revolution, a massive civil rights movement of American GLBT people, their children, mothers, fathers, family, friends, and allies. We should look to the African-American movements of the 50's and 60's for inspiration. Within a few generations, we will have enough support to begin a movement for our own kind, a movement of our own. Too bad Harvey Milk is dead. He would have been a wonderful leader of that movement.

    Posted by: julianadotsr | May 24, 2007 5:54:24 PM

  7. Gay marriage not in the best interest of children?

    Here's the question to ask: Please explain to me why it's in little Samuel Cheney's best interest to forbid one of his parents, Heather Poe, any legal standing in his upbringing?

    Posted by: adamblast | May 24, 2007 5:55:19 PM

  8. Let's see if anyone else agrees with my take on the marriage issue and the "I'm not anti-gay" line...

    Okay, these politicans say they aren't anti-gay.

    However, they then deny gay people the right to form a legally recognized relationship.

    So, there must be something wrong with having that kind of relationship.

    If there is something wrong with that kind of relationship, then there must be something wrong with gay people who want that kind of relationship.

    If there is something wrong with gay people then shouldn't they be "helped".

    HELLO CONCENTRATION CAMPS!!! Or at the very least a psychiatric facility.

    Pardon me if I don't seem overjoyed at their declarations of "I'm not anti-gay."

    Posted by: Dean | May 24, 2007 6:02:58 PM

  9. This man is our next big threat at the national political level. He must be stopped.

    Posted by: Gianpiero | May 24, 2007 6:06:17 PM

  10. Speaking of anti-gay, does anyone know anything about this ?


    Posted by: aidanc | May 24, 2007 6:18:08 PM

  11. Clever and careful flip-flopper that Mitt is, he may actually convince some people (including some gays) that he's not anti-gay with his rhetorical gymnastics. Very disarming of him to actually say I know there are some Republicans, or some people in the country who are looking for someone who is anti-gay and that's not me."

    But the proof is in the pudding. As I recall, our current White House occupant made some vaguely tolerant noises about teh gayz when he was a candidate in 1999-2000 too. And Mormonism isn't known as being a pro-gay religion by any stretch.

    Posted by: Frank L | May 24, 2007 6:23:44 PM

  12. Mitt Romney called San Francisco the stage for liberal social agenda, "Nancy Pelosi- style." during his speech at CPAC.

    He was refering to the gay community.

    Does this man actually thinks he's a better person than I am because just because he has a blond wife, a slew of tykes, and million of $ in the bank?

    I am fed up with these individuals deciding for LGBT that their rights "go too far" - it's no longer enough.

    We ought not to accept that. Spread the word world-net wise. Make them pay for their bigotry.

    Posted by: Gay Jihad | May 24, 2007 6:37:20 PM

  13. how exactly is marriage not in the best interest for mary cheney and heather poe's new baby boy?

    Posted by: ken | May 24, 2007 6:57:36 PM

  14. Yes, AIDANC, I know something about that hit piece on John Edwards in the increasingly Right-leaning Blade. I know that it was written by the half-wit editor, Kevin Naff, who was created in the image of the former half-wit editor, Chris Crain. Both, despite whatever they might protest to the contrary, are essentionally gay REPUGS with bejewelled switchblades in their man purses for anyone they dislike. Naff admitted that he doesn't have the courage or self-respect to take his own lover to Naff biological family events where there will be homophobic relatives. Naff wrote that gays were wrong to protest Isaiah Washington's repeatedly using the word "faggot." Naff wrote that gays were wrong to be thankful that gay-slurring Don Imus was taken off the air. Ad nauseum.

    Now he's exploiting---out of context, mind you---a comment NINE YEARS AGO by John Edwards from a book by the notorious failure political advisor Bob “The Curse” Shrum who helped Kerry, Gore, Dukakis, and every other Presidential candidate he's been involved with going back to McGovern LOSE! While giving lousy, losing advice, Shrum is the kind of notorious "double dipper" who, e.g., gets paid for advising a candidate to do TV commercials and then gets paid AGAIN for "media buys" for them. In the Kerry campaign alone, as DailyKos pointed out, Shrum's company pocketed $5 MILLION.

    One can only guess why Shrum is now smearing Edwards whom he once worked for. According to “The New Republic,” “Shrum's constant swipes at Edwards feel like axe-grinding. Why the bitterness? The source close to Edwards cautions that Shrum had sought a bigger role in Edwards's campaign than the candidate was willing to grant." But the Blade’s Naff is positively naked [gross thought if you’ve met him] in revealing his own motivation: he wants gays to think Repug Guiliani would be better. Despite the fact that Edwards has demonstrated the most gay-friendly statements and actions of any viable candidate of either party, such as publicly listing his supporters from various gay community groups, condemning General Pace’s demonization of gays, etc., while Guiliani has been backtracking purely for Right Wing votes on his earlier relatively gay-friendly positions, e. g, now condemning even “civil unions.” Even Edwards is not allowed to “grow” over a decade in his understanding, why should the editor of the largest gay newspaper group in the country get a pass for allowing Guiliani for morally shrinking? Fuck you Naff—and not in the good way.

    Posted by: Veritas | May 24, 2007 6:58:08 PM

  15. Like most Americans, Romney is somewhere in the middle on gay issues. Defining that position as "anti-gay" or "bigoted" is a mistake, both analytically and politically.

    Face it -- you don't like Mormons or Republicans. You would hate this guy no matter what his positions were on gay issues.

    Posted by: Anti Anti Gay | May 24, 2007 7:07:17 PM

  16. Yeah, so lots of us don't like Mormons or Republicans. Maybe we've got good cause--like they've been oppressing us for a generation or two...

    Posted by: adamblast | May 24, 2007 7:15:39 PM

  17. From a guy who likes to wear these

    link is to pic


    mormon magic underware / sacred garments
    without which temple mormons can never ever get into the highest heaven (they have 3)

    Coo Coo
    Coo Coo

    Heaven sure has a sucky dress code


    Posted by: pacificoceanboy | May 24, 2007 7:23:20 PM

  18. I'd like to know what that gay cabinet member and all those gay people he appointed have to say about his anti-gay marriage stance and comments about gay parentage.

    Posted by: Daniel | May 24, 2007 7:26:16 PM

  19. PS

    For those who don't know

    The garments have small supposedly magic/sacred symbols in white stitching like you see in the heart area on the man's.

    Posted by: pacificoceanboy | May 24, 2007 7:30:38 PM

  20. I think we need to remember that there are gay Mormons and gay Republicans. We need both of them if we are to help make life easier for young gay Mormons and young gays with Republican relatives. We're not all born into athiest Democratic families and we do not all live in a blue state. We need to make friends everywhere.


    This from Dan Zwonitzer, a young Wyoming House Republican who knew Matthew Shepard, upon voting AGAINST a ban IN COMMITTEE and getting fellow Republicans to vote with a small Democratic minority:

    "I have obviously thought about this issue a great deal in the last 24 hours, and have truly come to realize that marriage in any form is greater than allowing a group of our citizens to continually be persecuted; and I've come to understand that many of the reasons they are vilified in our society is directly related to the fact there is not an opportunity to form recognized, committed long-term relationships."

    Posted by: julianadotsr | May 24, 2007 7:31:30 PM

  21. "Some people say that we should close Guatanamo, my view's we outta double Guatanamo...Enhanced interrogation techniques need to be used"-Mitt R.

    He is one sick fuck.

    Posted by: ShawnSF | May 24, 2007 7:32:33 PM

  22. "Both, despite whatever they might protest to the contrary, are essentionally gay REPUGS with bejewelled switchblades in their man purses for anyone they dislike."

    Thanks for the warning about the new right-leaning Blade. It's a sad state of affair that the repubs have resorted to infiltrating the gay and liberal media with GOP operative types who misrepresent themselves to their readers. It's a new LOW.

    I heard the Advocate also now pays republicans like Andrew Sullivan, Jeff "Whore" Gannon and Patrick Sammon to write propaganda pieces directed at the community.

    These days it just seems like every other gay is a potential republican gay-for-pay.

    Posted by: Lanus | May 24, 2007 7:36:51 PM

  23. My question is are infertile couples in i nvalid marriages or "career women" who keep on pushing it off while their eggs boil. Furthermore would they rather kids go to foster care be neglected potentially commit crimes reap havoc thus more tax dollars on crime prevention or go to gay parernt cause they legit said straight couples fostercare then single mom i mean screw all that scientific research.

    Posted by: sasha | May 24, 2007 8:00:32 PM

  24. RE "gay Mormons" and "gay Republicans"—no matter how they twist themselves inside and out; lie to themselves over and over: a round hole cannot simultaneously be a square peg. One of the few things I agree with Bush fils about is: the friend of my enemy is my enemy.

    Posted by: Leland | May 24, 2007 8:30:20 PM

  25. Leland,

    how nice to know that one must hate all Republicans and Mormons.


    Posted by: Timothy | May 24, 2007 9:06:23 PM

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