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    My father kept ducks – oh, not to eat, or even for the eggs, but simply because he enjoyed watching their odd antics.

    Ducks, we discovered, are creatures of habit. If you alter a ducks everyday environment even trivially (by placing a little twig on its path to the pond, say) they will stop dead in front of it, quack loudly in irritation and then they’ll give you a verbal bollicking for throwing them off their groove.

    Try it, I kid you not. Ducks hate change.

  2. Jon says

    Oh, good to know I wasn’t the only one to see a snoopy face! It actually took me a few seconds to see the duck, I even showed it to a friend of mine and pointed out the face in the beak, she never looked at it the same. 😀

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    Sorry to report that some hijacker on your site just notified me that I had registry errors and wanted to fix them.

    It looked like a real criminal effort to drag me into their lair with official looking dialog boxes and everything. When I clicked OK I was directed away from Towleroad to

    Of course, the joke was on them since I’m on a Mac.

    Still, sorry to see that Towleroad has been hijacked.

  4. A.J. says

    i love the towleroad banners, great graphics as well as incredible photos. However the duck banner was my very least favorite, it looked kinda klunky, and didn’t seem to suit the cropping.
    that said, lovelove love the new banner !!

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