‘Transgender Warning’ issued over Ugly Shrek Stepsister

The conservative Illinois Review blog has criticized the makers of Shrek the Third of “promoting transgenderism” because of the film’s depiction of a manly stepsister:

Shrek_stepsister_3“Shrek’s not the problem. It’s the awkward inclusion of a transvestite and the uselessness of the character himself (herself?) in the story that is troubling. Right in the midst of a warm ‘traditional family’ setting, the film writers place a man dressed as a woman in with Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White (the good gals). The crossdressing character simply doesn’t make sense, except as a ploy to desensitize children and parents to transgenders. Homosexual activists now are careful to not only use the term ‘LGBTs’ as a unit, they are more boldly now declaring lesbians-gays-bisexuals-transgenders as a unit pushing together as one for civil rights. Those confused about their sexual roles are pushing for equal rights to be free to publicly demonstrate their odd sexual behavior. For transgenders, appearing to be a different sex in public is their particular turn on. We need to understand that acceptance of this sexual behavior is just another step moving our world toward sexual chaos.”

First of all, transgender is different than transvestite. I’ve also known a few women who just happen to sound like Larry King (who reportedly voices this gal). And if we’re talking characters who might inspire children to don devilish drag, Cruella DeVille was way ahead of the curve on this one.

Shrek: a strange setting to promote transgenderism [illinois review]
‘Shrek’ Is Furthering The Tranny Agenda, Says Conservative Blog [defamer]


  1. Brian says

    I don’t know, she doesn’t look mannish to me. All those curves? That’s all woman in my book.

  2. RP says

    Um… what about all those times Bugs Bunny crossed dressed and kissed Fudd?

    Some people just need to get a life.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    “sexual chaos”

    The Old Testament, the Koran, the Talmud: that’s sexual chaos.

  4. Jeff says

    My partner says he can’t just hate. I don’t know, I find it really easy to hate the ignorance and those that spew it especially when they discharge such crap! It never ceases to amaze me that these intelligentsia just like to talk out of their asses without ever taking the time to actually learn whether or not what they are saying is true.

  5. Chad says

    Sooooo…any drawn character that doesn’t conform the the “Barbie” identiy is either a male character in women’s clothing or transgendered?
    I wonder what Bugs Bunny would say?

  6. Rascal says

    I guess I’ll just never understand why a world in which men are masculine, women are feminine, and everyone thinks, acts, and dresses alike is less threatening than a world of diversity. To me, the former scenario is much more frightening.

  7. Matt says

    I find it funny that he calls Cinderella and Snow White the good gals but in this movie they are portrayed more as a desperate housewives type of bunch.

  8. RJ-Las Vegas says

    These people have got to be stopped! All they do is sit back and complain about things they perceive as “not normal.” Who died and left them “boss?”

    I work with a woman who is married (happily to a man), has a teenage daughter, and sounds and acts like a man. Women with deep voices and masculine traits DO exist and, for all intents an purposes, would be considered “normal” to these goons as long as they didn’t have to tolerate being in her presence…or see them portrayed on the screen. I agree, they need to get a life..they have damn little to do but look for a non-existent “boogeyman/woman.”

  9. ShawnSF says

    I WISH the world was moving towards sexual chaos!!! I guess it’s why I moved 15 years ago to San Francisco’s Castro and never left. Make love not war. :)

  10. Derrick from philly says

    And, just why is there an “h” in the word chaos? Damn, I’ll be glad when all Americans will be speaking Spanish.

  11. Frank L says

    If these halfwits had been around in the 1940s they’d have accused Agnes Moorehead, Thelma Ritter, and Margaret Dumont of being agents of “sexual chaos.”

  12. Cory says

    What do you call a conservative Republican at the bottom of the ocean? A good start. HA ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. John says

    What the hell is wrong with these people?! Jesus, it’s a joke. The character is one of Cinderella’s ‘Ugly Stepsisters’…so they made her ugly and mannish! I don’t think she’s fucking TRANSGENDERED in the first place! I mean, we’ve all seen unfortunate-looking, mannish-sounding, not particularly feminine women before! IT’S A JOKE. And, I’d bet good money that these fools writing this commentary have not even SEEN the film they’re so DEEPLY offended by.

  14. mark m says

    The Illinois Review should steer clear of The Venture Brothers then. “Dr. Girlfriend” is a real head scratcher too.

    I love the hyperbole of neocons. “Sexual Chaos”… that’s not even a substantial term. What IS sexual chaos??

    I’m still waiting to see how boys marrying boys threatens traditional marriage.

  15. digger says

    “Sexual Chaos” is the name of my new band. Now if I could only find a trans bass player.

  16. digger says

    “Sexual Chaos” is the name of my new band. Now if I could only find a trans bass player.

  17. Leland says

    Did they complain about Barbara Bush?

    Or Karen Hughes?

    Or Bay Buchanan?

    Or Mary Cheney?

    Those four have more Y chromosomes than a NASCAR rally.

  18. PrFodorski says

    Ummm…did I miss the first wave of chaos? This character (voiced by Larry King then as well) was already featured in Shrek 2. The Illinois Review is not only insane, it’s also a few years behind.

    And Agnes Moorhead WAS an agent of sexual chaos. I mean, wasn’t Endora TV’s first major drag queen? No, wait, that was Milton Berle. Ewww…you mean, it’s all HIS fault we’re gay? My head is spinning.

  19. Robert In WeHo says

    ***WARNING*** / ***WARNING*** / ***WARNING*** / ***WARNING***

    Reading Conservative nonsense propaganda like that found in the online Blog “The Illinois Review” has conclusively been shown to permanently lower a person’s intelligence by half…

  20. erin says

    omg thats ridiculous. yea, that character was in the first two movies too. this is so far fetched and without reason. fyi trans people dont do it to get sexual kicks….ugh

  21. Dean says

    Though the accusuations are ridiculous, the hatred and the ignorance in the article are inexcusable.

    “For transgenders, appearing to be a different sex in public is their particular turn on.”

    This statement alone is enough for me to punch someone. Apparently this idiot doesn’t know the difference between “transvestite” and “transgender”. Transgendered persons are indeed living in sexual chaos but more importantly sexual hell. Mainly because of moronic notions like those expressed in this piece of drivel.

  22. TIAGuy says

    This conservative, Illinois blogging group must not follow too well and they are running a quart low on oil. This character was in Shrek 2. Hell, there are more homosexual/transexual alludings in the second movie, then there are in the present movie.

  23. Dave says

    Err… isn’t the wolf in granny hat and nightdress the REAL transvestite in Shrek ?

  24. says

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  25. laura says

    what a gigantic load of crap!!!!!!!! Don’t you have better things to address??????????

  26. Eddie says

    Transvestite is part of the Transgender umbrella.
    A transvestite is most likely straight and doesn’t dress up for a fetish, it’s part of them.

  27. Mike says

    Hey folks, welcome to Homophobes ‘R Us! Can this person be more insecure?? When are these bigots going to realize that gender is not (and never was) a black-and-white issue. No human being on this planet is perfectly-male or perfectly-female (except in their own minds perhaps)–we all fall differently on two gradual scales, physically and mentally (and often not matching each other).

    Hey guys, get your tiny heads out of the dark ages. Look around you–everybody is unique. We are all different from each other, in every way. That is how God intended it, not your little close minded, frightened-of-all-that-is-different little world. Admit it: If you had been born 60 years earlier, you’d be hanging people from trees because their skin just happened to be darker than yours. It’s the same thing you’re doing now.

    Oh, as if it mattered: I happen to be straight. And I see nothing to fear from people trying to love other people. It’s the bigots (the haters) who are the dangerous freaks on this planet.