Gay Teen Girls Kicked Off Bus for Kissing in Portland

Two teenage Portland girls are considering filing a complaint after a bus driver kicked them off the bus for kissing and hugging:

Portalndgirls“Maika Rich and Jocelyn O’Neal, both 14, admit they were kissing while on the No. 12 bus traveling on Barbur Boulevard at about 5 p.m. on June 8. They were headed to the Sexual Minority Youth Recreation Center. They say a female passenger complained to the driver about the kissing and that the driver told them to ‘knock it off’ and also called them ‘sickos.’ Rich says she then gave O’Neal a hug because it appeared she was upset about the exchange. They say at that point the driver stopped the bus and ordered them off. The girls say they are used to being picked on at school but felt defenseless against an adult. Maika Rich’s mother, Ronnda Zezula, says she doesn’t think the driver would have treated two gay adults or a heterosexual couple in the same manner.”

Kudos to Ronnda Zezula for defending Maika and having such a progessive attitude about her 14-year-old daughter. Some parents would have given her the Zach treatment.


  1. anon says

    Oh, and today is the aniversary of the outlawing of anti- mixed ratial marriage laws. 40 yrs ago the supreme court based on a virginia case ruled that the 16 states still outlawing mixed race marriage could not do so and that mixed race coupoles could legaly marry anywhere in the USA.

    Now if they would only do the same for us.

  2. Daniel says

    PERCEIVE, it’s great that you could completely ignore the story and make that comment. It shows right where you are coming from and where your heart is. Way to go! I’m sure you would be really pretty too, if you weren’t so shallow.

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