GLBT Military Service Subject of New Historical Exhibit

It’s slain San Francisco Supervisor and gay rights icon Harvey Milk, who served in the Navy on the U.S.S. Chanticleer during the Korean War.

Said curator Steve Estes: “Our target audience is not just the gay community. If we forget the long history of gay military service, then we are less likely to view gays and lesbians as full citizens, deserving of civil rights and equal protection of the law.”

More from the San Francisco Chronicle….

Out Ranks: GLBT Military Service from WWII to the Iraq War [official site]

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  1. says

    It’s good to read about this exhibit. I don’t think the gay community honors our heros like Milk and Matlovich and all of the gay men and lesbians who have served our country nearly enough.

  2. Mark Hutt says

    Great Post! For gay pride month, anyone here who wants a terrific documentary to share with your young queer friends, you must rent (or download) “The Time of Harvey Milk.” It won the Academy Award for best doc. in 1984. Harvey Milk was way ahead of his time.

  3. Zeke says

    Jim Kelly, you took the words right out of my mouth.

    Know your history boys and girls!

    If you don’t know who these people are Google them. Get to know GLBT history and GLBT historical figures.

    If our community doesn’t get in touch with our past we will have NO chance of having a future.

  4. Dean says

    Excellent story. I really wish we would hear more such news.

    I’m so sick of stories and portrayals that play to the gay stereotype. If you don’t WANT to play sports, be a mechanic or a soldier or whatever… fine. Just quit telling young gay men that gay men CAN’T be or do those things.

    I have to say that having watched a lot of *gay produced* media, our “community” is just as guilty of stereotyping as straight people.

    By all means, be yourself… BUT don’t limit yourself by some idiotic preconceived social conception.

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