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Is Bush off the Wagon?


President Bush is reportedly spending time resting in his room with a "stomach ailment" which White house spokesman Dan Bartlett defines as "not serious". Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President described him as "slightly unwell".

Bushbeer_2Said Bartlett: "We're not sure if it was something he ate last night or this morning."

Just a thought, but perhaps Bush's "illness" has something to do with the beer he's seen chugging in these photos.

And....he's back.

ps - I did a quick check and the photo's recent. It's the same jacket/tie combo he was wearing for his meetings with Sarkozy.

UPDATE: Some folks are saying that the beer in question may be of the non-alcoholic "Buckler" brew. Also, as one of our commenters notes, there is no such thing as "non-alcoholic" beer. Near beers are low alcohol and alcoholics are advised to stay away from them.


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  1. if you go to the telegraph article, there's also video of him drinking...

    Posted by: ed | Jun 8, 2007 9:57:59 AM

  2. He must have forgotten to take his Chaser's. And clearly, French President Sarkozy is not good at defining one's health if he calls the weasel-monster only "slightly unwell".

    Posted by: Bill | Jun 8, 2007 10:07:58 AM

  3. I think that's what they call a hangover, isn't it?

    Posted by: Stevious | Jun 8, 2007 10:08:39 AM

  4. I hope that this story and the photos make the TV news. The deadender Bushies need to see their hero in his true form. He's off the wagon and that's all there is to it. Hell, I could care less if he's never sober - so long as he's doing it in Crawford and isn't allowed anywhere near Washington DC.

    Soon he'll have plenty of time to drink up and reflect on all of the "successes" of his bloody and terrible presidency.

    Posted by: Jonathon | Jun 8, 2007 10:14:27 AM

  5. the germans can get anyone to drink beer.

    Posted by: A.J. | Jun 8, 2007 10:15:03 AM

  6. Did it ever occur to anyone that it might actually be non-alcoholic beer? guys are in too big a hurry to lynch the man to worry about little things like that.

    Posted by: Robert | Jun 8, 2007 10:20:11 AM

  7. Yes, Robert, I doubt many readers of this site would care to give GWB any benefit of the doubt. I wouldn't.

    Posted by: Steve | Jun 8, 2007 10:28:04 AM

  8. non-alcoholic beer in Europe? I don't think so. And look at the label, it's not like they shipped O'Douls over on Air Force One.

    Posted by: Ladd | Jun 8, 2007 10:28:27 AM

  9. Yes, Ladd, they do actually have non-alcoholic beer in Europe.

    Sure looks like the "Buckler" brew label to me.

    Posted by: Robert | Jun 8, 2007 10:33:33 AM

  10. Did it ever occur to anyone that it might actually be non-alcoholic beer? guys are in too big a hurry to lynch the man to worry about little things like that.

    A big tough macho guy like bush drinking non-alcoholic beer? I don't think so.

    Posted by: Larry | Jun 8, 2007 10:39:11 AM

  11. Anybody have an ID on the bottle?

    Posted by: Robert S. Finnegan | Jun 8, 2007 10:40:57 AM

  12. I looked up Buckler Beer and the lables do seem to match the brand very closely. Silver, with a blue banner-like logo. Also the neck lable is the correct shape for Buckler Beer. As much as I would like to stick it to Bush on something, I prefer that he not be off the wagon.

    Posted by: David | Jun 8, 2007 10:41:46 AM

  13. There is no "non-alcoholic" beer, only low alcohol beer, and recovering alcoholics are advised to stay away from that too.

    Posted by: Alan | Jun 8, 2007 10:42:58 AM

  14. sorry folks, he's chugging a buckler - no alcohol in that bottle.

    Posted by: biffy | Jun 8, 2007 10:43:17 AM

  15. As delicious as it would be to have photographic evidence of W falling off the wagon, I agree with Robert: That looks like Buckler to me.

    And don't forget: There's plenty of precedent for a President Bush becoming ill at an international meeting.

    Posted by: MatthewB | Jun 8, 2007 10:43:42 AM

  16. I'm not familiar with Buckler but most non-alcohol beers like O'Douls and Sharps still have a small amount of alcohol in them. That's why you have to be 21 to buy them in the United States. Alcoholism counselors usually tell their patients not to drink these beers because you are still consuming alcohol.

    Posted by: Rob | Jun 8, 2007 10:45:36 AM

  17. Robert,

    Maybe you need to take a closer look. Buckler is definitely not non-alcoholic.

    Posted by: Tread | Jun 8, 2007 10:46:47 AM

  18. You will also notice that the bottles sitting in front of Blair and Sarkozy are _not_ the same bottle as that in front of Bush. The glass is darker and the bottle is taller.

    Posted by: Robert | Jun 8, 2007 10:48:41 AM

  19. I'd like nothing more to have him found passed out in the Rose Garden with a bottle of J. Daniels in one fist and a bag of blow in the other, but that's definitely a bottle of Buckler n/a beer (distributed by Heineken in Europe--though they undoubtedly have a supply on AF1 as well).

    Posted by: Shawn | Jun 8, 2007 10:49:06 AM

  20. On the wagon, off the wagon, still has no clue about anything, but, with his fellow right wing bigot/crony pal Sarkozy now his Euro lap dog replacing Blair, his wittle upset tummy will pass, and they can get back to what they do best, destroy mankind in the name of thier twisted idea of "democracy." But, then again, maybe he should start boozing again, maybe he would then find a clue, that he isn't 100% all the time!

    Posted by: Juan-Pablo | Jun 8, 2007 10:52:46 AM

  21. OMG!!! Alcoholic or non-alconolic, the man is still the leader of a bunch of neo-con psychopaths out to destroy the world for their pleasure. Who the fuck cares about Buckler this and Buckler that.

    Posted by: Bill | Jun 8, 2007 10:52:53 AM

  22. It's a bottle of Buckler, but I'd rather see George drinking booze than put up with his narcissistic Jebus-based sobriety.

    Posted by: steven | Jun 8, 2007 10:53:10 AM

  23. In "a hurry to lynch the man" ? Not necessary. The man is self lynching. The best evidence the man is drunk, & or just plain psychotic are often his own words.

    Posted by: Jennifer Neverdahl | Jun 8, 2007 10:55:23 AM

  24. Well this may or may not be news. What I really want to know is has he tried to rape Angela Merkel on this trip?

    Posted by: tlk | Jun 8, 2007 10:56:24 AM

  25. "Buckler is a low alcohol beer, which means it has a maximum alcohol percentage of 0.5%"

    And that, folks , is still alcohol, like it or not. For an alkie, that's enough for the downward spiral. Believe me, having lived with four of them in my lifetime, I know well of what I speak.

    Bush is definitely boozing it up.

    Listen to his evening speaking engagements, for christ's sake. Barely coherent. That's not stupidity; it impairment of the neocortex from ingestion of a central nervous system depressant e.g. beer.

    Posted by: E. Smith | Jun 8, 2007 10:58:11 AM

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