Is Bush off the Wagon?


President Bush is reportedly spending time resting in his room with a “stomach ailment” which White house spokesman Dan Bartlett defines as “not serious”. Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President described him as “slightly unwell”.

Bushbeer_2Said Bartlett: “We’re not sure if it was something he ate last night or this morning.”

Just a thought, but perhaps Bush’s “illness” has something to do with the beer he’s seen chugging in these photos.

And….he’s back.

ps – I did a quick check and the photo’s recent. It’s the same jacket/tie combo he was wearing for his meetings with Sarkozy.

UPDATE: Some folks are saying that the beer in question may be of the non-alcoholic “Buckler” brew. Also, as one of our commenters notes, there is no such thing as “non-alcoholic” beer. Near beers are low alcohol and alcoholics are advised to stay away from them.



  1. Bill says

    He must have forgotten to take his Chaser’s. And clearly, French President Sarkozy is not good at defining one’s health if he calls the weasel-monster only “slightly unwell”.

  2. Jonathon says

    I hope that this story and the photos make the TV news. The deadender Bushies need to see their hero in his true form. He’s off the wagon and that’s all there is to it. Hell, I could care less if he’s never sober – so long as he’s doing it in Crawford and isn’t allowed anywhere near Washington DC.

    Soon he’ll have plenty of time to drink up and reflect on all of the “successes” of his bloody and terrible presidency.

  3. Robert says

    Did it ever occur to anyone that it might actually be non-alcoholic beer? Nah….you guys are in too big a hurry to lynch the man to worry about little things like that.

  4. Larry says

    Did it ever occur to anyone that it might actually be non-alcoholic beer? Nah….you guys are in too big a hurry to lynch the man to worry about little things like that.

    A big tough macho guy like bush drinking non-alcoholic beer? I don’t think so.

  5. David says

    I looked up Buckler Beer and the lables do seem to match the brand very closely. Silver, with a blue banner-like logo. Also the neck lable is the correct shape for Buckler Beer. As much as I would like to stick it to Bush on something, I prefer that he not be off the wagon.

  6. MatthewB says

    As delicious as it would be to have photographic evidence of W falling off the wagon, I agree with Robert: That looks like Buckler to me.

    And don’t forget: There’s plenty of precedent for a President Bush becoming ill at an international meeting.

  7. Rob says

    I’m not familiar with Buckler but most non-alcohol beers like O’Douls and Sharps still have a small amount of alcohol in them. That’s why you have to be 21 to buy them in the United States. Alcoholism counselors usually tell their patients not to drink these beers because you are still consuming alcohol.

  8. Robert says

    You will also notice that the bottles sitting in front of Blair and Sarkozy are _not_ the same bottle as that in front of Bush. The glass is darker and the bottle is taller.

  9. Juan-Pablo says

    On the wagon, off the wagon, still has no clue about anything, but, with his fellow right wing bigot/crony pal Sarkozy now his Euro lap dog replacing Blair, his wittle upset tummy will pass, and they can get back to what they do best, destroy mankind in the name of thier twisted idea of “democracy.” But, then again, maybe he should start boozing again, maybe he would then find a clue, that he isn’t 100% all the time!

  10. Bill says

    OMG!!! Alcoholic or non-alconolic, the man is still the leader of a bunch of neo-con psychopaths out to destroy the world for their pleasure. Who the fuck cares about Buckler this and Buckler that.

  11. Jennifer Neverdahl says

    In “a hurry to lynch the man” ? Not necessary. The man is self lynching. The best evidence the man is drunk, & or just plain psychotic are often his own words.

  12. says

    “Buckler is a low alcohol beer, which means it has a maximum alcohol percentage of 0.5%”

    And that, folks , is still alcohol, like it or not. For an alkie, that’s enough for the downward spiral. Believe me, having lived with four of them in my lifetime, I know well of what I speak.

    Bush is definitely boozing it up.

    Listen to his evening speaking engagements, for christ’s sake. Barely coherent. That’s not stupidity; it impairment of the neocortex from ingestion of a central nervous system depressant e.g. beer.

  13. Tom says

    I don’t think he can drink alcohol and still be on the psychotropic meds he’s on. Beer or no beer he’s still a sociopath and an evil bastard.

  14. Robert says


    0.5% alcohol, and that only because it is pasteurized. Read it again – 0.5%.

    It qualifies as non-alcoholic I think. There is more alcohol in Nyquil.

    Good gracious, you people will grasp at anything.

  15. Tom K. says

    Well, .5% alcohol is about how much alcohol a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice contains, courtesy of natural fermentation within the fruit. You’d probably get more alcohol in your system from a getting a big whiff of hairspray than from drinking NA beer or wine. Those who recommend against NA beverages for sober people are also usually the fundamentalist AAers who rail against antidepressants and other life-saving psych meds.

  16. Cory says

    I believe a lot of you have missed the point on this one. Alcohol or not, having a brother who went to rehab, it’s not the alcohol that is the issue but the TASTE of beer and any other substance like it that is a NO NO for friends of Bill as it brings back the memories and sensations of drinking and may lead to excessive use of actual alcoholic beverages. That is the reason AA members do not drink non-alcoholic beer (or in this case, low alcohol). That is the mistake the Pres. made.

  17. anon ( says

    There have been rumors in DC for the past several months that he’s drinking again and Laura is sleeping across the street in Blair House (nothing to do w/ Tony Blair!).

  18. says

    I don’t know, Brian, I’m kind of wishing he stays drunk for the rest of his term. His sober decisions have been so terrible, perhaps he’s one of those happy drunks who loves everyone. Happy drunks don’t declare war on Iran.

  19. otto says

    kinda like saying, I’ll only take one hit of the crack pipe-and not all of it. Therefore, I am no longer an addict. Where is that kill the world button again?

  20. otto says

    ‘ANON’ GMAIL. I have heard that as well. Laura is (supposedly) so jacked-up on prescription drugs she has no idea where she is. Just look at her face and her polyurethane smile. Scary.

  21. gerry says

    When he was snot pukin’ drunk, someone should have asked him how he convinced the world that jet fuel took down the towers.

    I recommend pickle juice to cure a hangover, but just hope he parties on this week.

  22. Dave says

    If I had been on the wagon prior to 2000, King Bush the Buffoon would have driven me to drink copius amounts of alcohol to forget what the he’s done to the U.S. and the rest of the world.

  23. jon says

    It’s not the beer. It’s the Polonium in the beer that packs a wallop.

    Or maybe he just finally came face to face with the reality of what his legacy will be. Could be that mountaintop in Paraguay is the most brilliant exit strategery effa.

  24. Michael K says

    Drunk Bush will never make the Mainstream media news. Relatedly, censorship finally arrived in the US as reporter Matt Lepacek was arrested for asking about 9/11 and reporter Chris Bollyn was convicted for exposing 9/11. This is all about the First Amendment. The US gov’t (and their corporate friends), already censor Dr. Ron Paul, arrest protesters, ban books like “America Deceived” from Amazon and Wikipedia, shut down Imus and fire 21-year tenured, BYU physics professor Steven Jones because he proved explosives, thermite in particular, took down the WTC buildings. They finally are coming for the Press. Good luck, Bollyn and Lepacek.
    Final link (until the Stark County Library bends to pressure and drops the title):

  25. UncleSammy says

    As a former bartender, I know the look and I have seen him drunk in more than one picture-including the above. Drunk or sober, he needs to go!

  26. Christopher says

    If he wants to go out on a bang, not a whimper, he should get totally coked up and shitfaced before his next press conference, grope Condesleeza’s ass and then barf on the podium. Now, that would be shock and awe.

  27. dangit says

    I think Drunk Bush is perfect for mainstream media; it’s a dumb story that everyone can relate to – “Dad fails at his job, gets wasted, makes everything worse.” His approval ratings are the lowest they’ve ever been right now – no reason this shouldn’t be real, no reason it shouldn’t be infotainment.

    Just imagine how many non-beers you’d have to plow through to end up sick the next morning… Poor old drunken despot, almost feel sorry for him.

  28. chrisinSDCA says

    I’m sure the low alcohol beer was just the start. The harder stuff was consumed later, up in his quarters, with Secret Service watching to make sure he did not choke on any more nuts (remember that episode?).

  29. Steven says

    As much as I love to dis on the Dictator in Command….he always drinks non-alcoholic beer when he eats. He has mentioned in many interviews that while he has given up alcohol he still enjoys the taste of beer. (ick, he sure is a redneck….no, I like beer, but dammit, I want a buzz from it!)

    Now let’s bash on the things we know he’s screwed up, our economy, our budget, our foreign policy, etc etc etc

  30. sam says

    Don’t forget, Bush claims he’s not an alcoholic. He just decided to totally give up alcohol for the rest of his life after getting s**t-faced one too many times. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

  31. Terry says

    As much as I don’t like him as a president, I do not think he is drinking an alcoholic beverage nor do I think he would be stupid enough to get caught drinking said beverage.

    On another note, I have been sober 7 years and do enjoy a non-alcoholic beer and know plenty of alcoholics who do. To each their own.

  32. james says

    as somebody who really doesn’t care for the president, you freaks seem to be trying pretty hard to get people to like him by acting like raving spoiled college students.. jesus christ..

  33. Sean R says

    Thanks for posting this Andy, I’ve thought at a few news conferences with Blair (in the past) Bush looked like he’d had a skinful but the American media is so scared to ask any difficult questions in the main.

    I can’t say I’ve heard of an alcholic tempting fate with non-alcoholic beer,but I’m a bit appalled by the image given his holier than thou reformed spiel and the importance of the office he holds. It begs the question what else is a fiction …

  34. LD says

    Yes, it probably is a non-alcoholic beer. But there he is, yet again, pretending. Pretending to drink beer. Just as he pretends to be a rancher, pretends to be an aviator, pretends he served his duty in the military, pretends to be devout, pretends he cares about the deaths of young men and women in Iraq, pretends to be someone with character, pretends to be a leader. He is a child, a sociopath, and, above all, a swindler.

  35. RP says

    “Secret Service watching to make sure he did not choke on any more nuts (remember that episode?).”

    Actually it was a pretzel. I remember because for weeks I joking with friends that we should send thousands of bags of pretzels to the White House.

  36. Mary Mac says

    My brother the recovering alcoholic has been drinking O’Doul’s Sharps, whatever NA beer there is for over 20 years and hasn’t fallen off the wagon yet.

    The problem isn’t the taste of alcohol, its the alcohol!!!

  37. bob says

    when I was 7 or 8 years old I went to the basement where my dad kept a 24 of beer. I had one of them and still to this day (50 years later) I can remember the great taste of that beer. the alcohol had no effect on me, I was still able to keep the car on the road okay….

  38. Harry says

    Fool yourselves all you want, the guy has been a failure at every endevour in his life; hiding a drinking problem – behind “non-alcoholic” [lower level] 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV); seems to be his mode-of-operating in everything. Can still get you drunk and give you a hangover, and lead to higher percentage usage. And will not elevate you to the level of a sane human being; who accepts responsibility for what he has done to innocent individuals !!!!

  39. bill says

    He has on more than one occassion acted like he was drunk. He slurs his words and makes up words. Either he has alcoholic brain syndrome or has a coke brain syndrome. It’s obvious he is totally incompetent and could not run the night shift at McDonalds with any success. The Bush crime family has never done one thing to improve the lives of the American people, whatever you Kook Aid drinkers think.

  40. Cory says

    Mary Mac, sorry to tell you, but you’re incorrent. Here’s something for you to read:

    The Dangers of Non-Alcoholic Beer

    “Other than the fact that all “NA” beer does contain a small amount of alcohol, there is now a new study out that seems to support the theory that it can cause a relapse for recovering alcoholics.

    In the November issue of the Journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, a team of California scientists report that smell may be enough to trigger cravings and a subsequent relapse among certain alcoholics.”

  41. Cory says

    The fact is, it’s the lifestyle and memories associated with beer drinking and alcohol that is the major psychological issue. My brother attended “Sierra Tucson” in AZ for a month in rehab, and I’ve been through it with many others. Studies also support the fact that non-alcoholic beers trigger addiction and abuse in recovering addicts.

  42. djibuddha says

    That’s a non-alcoholic brew bottle nearby. Besides, it’s been rumored that he relapsed numerous times within the last few years. Any way, he’s at least a big ol’ dry drunk even if you don’t wanna count that point-oh-five percent.

  43. steve winslow says

    my sponsors sponser in a.a., big frank. told me once with a very very diabolical glint in his eyes, it was the glint of glee that scared me the most,”steve, you drink again and I will piss on your grave!” so george, I AM LOOKING SO FORWARD TO PIIIISSSSSSSIIIINGGGGGSTEAMY PISS ON YOUR FREAKING GRAVEPIT!!! HEY GEORGE NOBODY HELD A GUN TO YOUR HEAD AND MADE YOU DO IT. DID THEY?”

  44. Drunk says

    A friend of mine would pour out some of his NA beers and drink real beer out of them to fool his girlfriend into thinking he wasn’t really drinking. It worked.

    As for Bush, I don’t know hat he’s up to but his piss-poor performance doesn’t get a pass from me whether or not he is on the wagon or snorting again.

  45. Chaoticform says

    I am sorry–but it is not a Buckler. Although both share a white based label–a buckler immage encompass more details in its labe than the one shown–as well as more color which will not be smeared by a unfocused picture as above!

  46. Dan says

    What’s all this “Buckler” stuff? I Saw this clip several times yesterday on BBC international. The beer in question is most definitely a Warsteiner. It is not a non-alcoholic beer. What’s amusing is his inability to pour his beer. He wound up with half of it on the table. Not just a drunk, but a sloppy drunk. You know what happened is he got back to his room, and without Uncle Dick or Laura there to control him, he went straight to the mini bar.

  47. anonymous says

    He can’t even pour the beer properly, indicating to me he’s already drunk. No recovering alcoholic I know of would pour a beer that’s half head.

  48. Jake says

    Hmm, he has been known to lead giant nations to war on false pretenses in countries that aren’t responsible for the offending terrorist attacks.

    Would it be a stretch for him to have real beer put into emptied non-alcoholic beer bottles before they’re brought to the table?

    Think Rove could manage that covert-op?

  49. says

    I’ve never understood this AA “on/off the wagon” idea. Does having a drinking problem at any time in the past REALLY mean that not a single drop can pass your lips, for the rest of your life? The AA is not neutral, it’s a moralistic Christian temperance organization that likes to say “Thou Shalt Not”.

    If anything, an American enjoying some decent beer on a trip to Europe is a sign of a healthy attitude. If Bush has any taste, he’ll be quite safe from beer when he gets back to DC. 8)

  50. Zep says

    I am an alcoholic who has been sober and bombed no countries in the last 24 years. i am an avid drinker of nonalcoholic beer. It’s NOT “near beer”. Nonalcoholic beer has the alcoholic content equivalent to a glass of orange juice or a slice of bread.

    Bush is a dry drunk who copes with his rage and other ‘alohoisms’ in patholotical ways but that does not mean he drinks alcohol. I’m not saying he didn’t, just saying his behavior is not proof and that the expert opinion about “nonalcoholic” beer is absurd and fallacious.

  51. LASSITER says

    Boys and Girls.

    Firstly to all the AA experts here – your comments that suggest OJ contains more alcohol are bullshit. OJ and all other fruits and their juices contain ONLY a non-absorbable sugar alcohol known as Sorbitol.

    The 0.5% here is Ethanol – very much absorbable, and enough will cetainly have an effect.

    End of chemistry lesson – class dismissed.

    Secondly: The ‘Warsteiner’ comment is rubbish – the resident beer detectives were in point of fact correct in identing that as Buckler.

    Bush is a drinker, a liar, a murderer and void of any compassion or rational judgement. Some stupid Americans may like him, but as a member of the 95% of this planet fortunate enough to not be in your police state – I can assure you that almost all non Americans perceive GWB as a sickening aberration.

    Bush is guilty of treason, and deserves to die, and he will – soon enough.


  52. x says

    Holy smokes he’s The President and a grown man!!! Let him have a beer. I bet all you hippies were out last night smoking pot and taking acid. People in glass houses should not throw stones.

  53. francisco says

    ….the partyboy from Crawford is just showing his innate gift–after all, he was the best at (Y)ale—his legacy will be King George doesn’t fug around—very serious indeed—HE is the dictator and you can take that to the bank–in any country—He is very good as a drinker and really knows how to entertain the dollies–let alone our real friends—long as America PICKS UP the tab—

  54. Winston says

    It doesn’t matter if it is “near beer” or N/A beer, the beer taste and the powerful placebo effect he must have gotten as a dry drunk was likely enough to get him drinking the real stuff heavily once back in his room that night. Remember, he went cold turkey and never got treatment, so he’s not in a healthy recovery and I don’t care if he thinks Jesus is power enough.

  55. Barb says

    Figures this kind of bullshit would come from a bunch of fags who wouldn’t know morality if you stepped on it. W may be drinking a beer but at least he doesn’t have a dick sticking out of his ass.

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