1. phil says

    Stop picking on MIKA. I like him and I like his music. Jeez. Go pick on someone who’s worth hating. Mika just makes fun pop music. What’s the crime in that?

  2. Yoyce Apollo says

    Go Mika!!! Great interview. I think it’s best that people are slaves to others’ political agendas especially when it seems those same people only want to collect a political icon for thier own purposes. He’s like James Baldwin who, when pressed by the same question replied, “I’ve never had an opportunity to to have children.”

  3. tabitha wentworth says

    There will always be this divide between those gays who think mika and other openly closeted types have an absolute duty to divulge their sexuality such that they are unable to appreciate anything else about them until they do and will just trash them regardless. this kid’s music is cute and fun and thoroughly enjoyable. it’s called pop for a reason. i support those who make the decision to decide for themselves when and if they come out. stop waving the “teens need roll models else they will commit suicide when the rainbow is not enuf” to justify forcing people to adhere to your choices about how they live their lives.

  4. el polacko says

    so let me get this ..uhh.. str8 : he owes his career, such as it is, to being promoted in the gay press and wants gay people to buy his stuff BUT he won’t simply say that he’s gay, even though he’s asked about it constantly, because that would be ‘political’ and make him ‘an artist defined by sexuality’.. could this guy be a bigger twit ??

  5. says

    Lol, ‘change the world with his music’? So profound. I hardly think his music’s world-changing though.

    He’s saying he doesn’t want to be defined by sexuality and stuff, but then his goes on these gay magazine covers and focuses so much on “Oh, I’m not gay!” that it’s just ridiculous.

  6. Daniel says

    I’m sure no one wants to be defined solely by their sexuality. But to pretend it doesn’t matter at all is just mendacity when you consider all the people in the world regularly oppressed, brutalized and killed simply for their sexuality. When we have equal rights with heterosexuals and no one has to worry about being queerbashed–then we can say sexuality doesn’t matter.

  7. torrentprime says

    Daniel: Strawman in your pocket… No one said sexuality doesn’t matter. Mika said he chose not to let his career (highly defined by media, public opinion, politics, etc.) be defined by his answer to the question, “What is your sexuality.” But he never said anything as overarching as “sexuality doesn’t matter.” As a matter of fact, he specifically answered the question in the affirmative; he simply also opined that he does not believe that gay artists have a duty to be out.

  8. dan says

    being gay isn’t interesting enough to be the focus of a question…if someone’s sex life is that interesting to you, there are plenty of celebutards who want your attention…

  9. says

    Mika has milked this for all its worth… and now that the inflated issue has been drawn-out waytoo long he’s painted himself into a corner that he can’t come out from. he really took some bad advice because it’s now beyond repair.
    gotta wonder if it’s just all posturing for the sake of his middle eastern family.

  10. Nobody says

    So Mika doesn’t want to be “defined” by his sexuality. Too bad. Now he’s just defined as a pop singer who doesn’t have the balls to simply say one way or the other whether he’s gay. It’s really not that big a question, dude. The coyness has made it one.

  11. stan says

    He’s a cutie and his album is cute, too. Just let him be cute.

    BTW, anyone hear the Relax mashup? Frankie Goes To Hollywood vs Mika. It’s really hot. And gay.

  12. Yoyce Apollo says

    Umm, it seems alot of his songs, I think, touch a node of experiences that include gays, fast girls (Lollipop was about his sister), big girls [whose discomfort is reinforced by gay men in the fashion industry], essentially all of the misfits in society. What’s interesting is the idea that gay people are wholly tolerated, much less accepted* in Western society [Europe is ahead] than in the Middle East. (Mika’s part Lebanses who are very liberal, and homosocial and so hot, those men). That’s the assumption, but there are some niggling reminders suggesting otherwise, despite the politcal influence of gay lobbyists in the US. So, in the end, it’s about demographics, I think, and it works for the artist and, perhaps not, for a settled in your identity type gay person. For those (ahem*) younger folks trying to find thier way (while hanging with the fat girls and sluts in the school yard) Mika’s music is an outlet that can be packaged as “cool” without attracting the verbal poison of the local homphobe or female jerks. Once Mika matures and is over the bs that comes with celebrity then, I think, Mika’s music will get really interesting. Please note (according to Wikipedia, cringe*) Freddie Mercury never acknowledged he was gay or even South Asian in the interest of achieving a larger audience, hence, adoration. No one should be a slave to political interests as a masthead, indeed, for Americans longing for a leader to rally about [the Brits. are a bit further in this respect than the US] then Mika shouldn’t be drafted into our fight. We should support our own gay parade in NYC, for example, and do the heavy lifting ourselves rather than intimate, if you’re gay I’ll buy your album. That’s a political bribe. It’s our fight. Additionally, performing in a gay venue doesn’t mean one has to be gay. Enrique demonstrated this when he went to G.A.Y. and sarenaded that young man, so point taken, I will be singing the Ping Pong song and kissing my pillow while I pretend I’m that twat Anna Kournikova. I love me some Enrique and his mole.

  13. peterparker says

    Mika’s music sucks. Anyone with a shred of musical taste whatsoever already knows that the guy has no talent. The fact that he keeps hiding behind the “Am I or am I not?” question just makes it that much more pathetic. I’ll be so glad when he just goes away.

  14. richard says

    i just want to elevate this conversation by saying that jason bellini is hot, mika is hot, jason flirting with mika is hot, and i would like to see more.

  15. Josh says

    Bellini is such fluff. He’s a smart guy, but he probes and conducts interviews in such a mainstream and uninteresting way. His interviews are always so boring and uninteresting. It’s too bad, cause i know the guy believes in a lot and wants to do a lot through his role as a journalist. But– such fluff.

  16. ron says

    bellini is kinda boring but i enjoyed watching mika who i think is pretty good. we shouldn’t judge too harshly those guys at logo don’t have a lot of money and it’s more important that bellini wants to do something for gays whether he is good looking or not. he has a boyfriend i heard so he probably doesn’t care what he looks like.

  17. Gregg says

    I used to like Jason Bellini and Will Wikle separately. But more and more they seem to be canceling each other out. They are both getting odder and odder looking, and worse and worse at their “lifestyle” pieces. Sad…

  18. RP says

    I don’t kow anyone (that I am aware of) that likes his obnoxious high pitched voice.

    Whether he is gay or not, I still think he is a no-talent-ass-clown.

  19. Rey says

    Wow, that interview was really wretched, IMHO.

    However, the thing Bellini did at the end was simply embarassing. It sucks that Logo is more amateurish than Current TV or the NASA channel.

  20. sean says

    mika states that people have a right to ask about your sexuality i.e., are you straight or gay. sorry disagree. nobody has a right to ask anyone that question. anyone that does ask you a question like that has all the breeding of a pig in shit. (sorry, no offense to the pig btw.)

  21. mick says

    could some one point me to a study that correlates the number of teen suicides with the number of openly gay celebrities? it is such a tiresome rationale for trying to force people to adhere to our choices. if you can show me all these teens whose lives were snatched from deaths door when doogie howser came out then fine. but in this day of internet access, youtube, cable, chat rooms, movies blah blah, if some teens life is teetering in the balance waiting to be spared by the annoucement of anderson cooper then that kid has much deeer problems that what a mika song can do. that teen is severly troubled and he happens to be gay. this is just a glaring example of the generation gap.

  22. Sam says

    The point is he won’t be defined by his sexuality if he’d said he’s straight. He will be if he admits the obvious truth. Because girls are huge and very commercially profitable target. And let’s face it – once you say you’re gay, it’s 4/5 over for your girl audience and at least 1/3 over for your straigh one. Remember Darren Hayes? The only one who managed to escape the reflux was George Michael, but he came out somehow rebelliouslly, so it gained him a lot of respect. And yes, girls are still filling the concert halls and they forgave him for betraying their wet dreams he fed them for so long, but he’s WAY too great as a musician. Poor Mika doesn’t have this advantage. Though I think any girl should be really weird to dream about him THAT way… it’s almost lesbianic to do so. He’s more femme than most women I know.

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