Leather Goods That Bring Up the Rear


Among the strange objects by Argentinian Nicola Costantino on exhibit at The Hours: Visual Arts of Contemporary Latin America at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art are a soccer ball and a bag with realistic reproductions of human nipples and anuses, respectively.

The artworks are meant to comment on capitalism’s inhumanity to animals, and feature realistic latex copies of human skin, of course. At least I hope.

The exhibit opens this month and is the largest show of Latin American art ever in Australia.



  1. Mike says

    My gran used to say that someone was “uglier than a hatful of arseholes” so she would probably appreciate the bag.

  2. Goyard says

    It’s a tad more literal than Louis Vuitton, but I like it.

    A must have for attending any screening of The Pillowbook.

    The ball just makes me think of the tacky ostrich boots pimped out cowboys favor.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    “…proctologist for Christmas.”

    “hatful of assholes.”

    LOL Oh, my Lord. They ought to make a perfume to go along with with the bag. On a serious note, they coulda’ made the holes look a little nicer though. Some folks got cute ones.