Lift the Ban: New Spot About Discharged Gay Arabic Linguists

A new spot from Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Foundation about the firing of gay Arabic linguists and the U.S. military’s shameful policy. The military has now discharged 58 qualified Arabic linguist simply for the fact that they are gay.

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  1. sam says

    The whole idea of “unit cohesion” as a justification for DA/DT was invented out of whole cloth by lawyers in the Pentagon as part of the roll-out of the new policy. First came the policy, then came the “legitimate” reason for it.

    The real reason for the political compromise that became DA/DT was that the military leadership was insane with rage over Clinton’s attempt to “force homos on us.”

    First: bigotry
    Second: A policy to enforce that bigotry
    Third: The “unit cohesion” argument to use in court challenges.

    This policy has been bankrupt from the beginning.

  2. Gianpiero says

    Stephen Benjamin is an excellent spokesman here. He wrote a strong op-ed piece in the New York Times on June 8 and he held his own, very good-naturedly, on The Colbert Report the other night.

    The absurdity of this policy is ever more evident. It was only bound to happen during this first wartime period since DADT was enacted, where the participation and contributions of gay servicemembers–from a generation where being out and proud is an “of course” thing–can be identified so concretely.

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