1. Ugh says

    I am so sick of Mika and his “Am I gay? Am I not gay? Tee hee hee.” act.

    Hey Mika, grow a pair already.

  2. Sean says

    I don’t get Mika. As a general fan of gay musicians and gay-oriented music…I must say Mika’s music is so ultra-gay and I really can’t stomach it.

  3. AN says

    I like the music, but Mika should get over keepin one foot in the closet. He’ll be a hit everywhere but the US. His music is just not airplay friendly over here. Look at Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters. Gay and still getting number ones all over the world.

  4. R.C. says

    Mika rocks! Saw him perform last weekend and he really put out, to his fans that is. Give the guy some time to come out or whatever. What is the rush this early in his career? He is still trying to figure out his fan base which at the moment is 15 year old girls and gay guys! Give the guy a break and a little bit of time. It’s his first album and he is only 23. For the moment, I’ll just have a great time with his music and enjoy the fluff.

  5. Gregg says

    For such a fun song, this video is tragic. Where’s John Cameron Mitchell when you need him?

  6. says

    I love MIKA. His album is on my iPod all the time – he makes really good road music or “cheer you up” music. I agree with Gregg though that the video is horrible.

  7. Sandra Moldanado says

    Well, I think that many folks are being a bit too critical here–In reference to AN, I’d like to tell everyone that I believe the saying for any new talent such as this goes–“First the gays, then the girls, then the industry”

    I happen to like the fluff–who cares who he wants to screw?

  8. peterparker says

    OMG…PLEASE, Andy, stop it already with Mika…he’s boring…he doesn’t have an ounce of talent and his music couldn’t be any more insipid.

  9. Christie says

    I love Mika. I think all of you are being way too harsh. Next time you listen to a new song just close your eyes and forget about who is singing it or if they are gay or not. Iam straight and could care less if the people I listen to are gay or not. If the song makes you want to move, or cry or whatever that is all that matters. Mika you rock and the rest of you need some help.

  10. ejg2 says

    I was so much more into Mika when he was all ambiguous and underground. Now that I know more, I wish I knew less. Does he want to be gay? I’m gay. He’s a tourist. There’s just no meat, you know?

  11. says

    What is wrong with you people!? His music is fun! Who cares if he hasn’t decided to come out of the closet. What are your noses doing in there anyway? He’s 23, I didn’t come out until 20, it is not unreasonable to assume that he will come to a decision at somepoint in the not too distant future. If he doesnt, well then who cares? Look at Morrissey, lord only knows what he’s really into and he’s still puttin out and touring. Give Mika a break and enjoy the music for what it is. FUN! There’s a lot a crap going on in the world, Mika gives us a break from it all. Try to enjoy yourselves without getting wrapped up in his personal life.

  12. mark m says

    You Mika supporters are right about one thing: It really shouldn’t matter whether he’s gay or not…

    …not when his greatest problem is that he’s a flash in the pan.