Russell Simmons: “I’m Not Gay”

Def-Jam founder and fashion mogul Russell Simmons sounds off to the Dallas Voice‘s Daniel Kusner about rumors that gay rapper Caushun, who last month was exposed as a fraud, is trying to expose Simmons as gay and that there is a Blackberry out there being held for ransom that contains “steamy messages” between Simmons and another man.

SimmonsSays Simmons: “Which came first? Me losing my Blackberry after being single for a year-and-a-half or Caushun trying to expose me for being gay? Don’t drag me into an interview that’s lower than my person — a catty-ass he-said, she-said … I believe gay people deserve dignity. Caushun doesn’t mean nothing to me. He’s not worth it. Essentially he wants to make himself famous. I thought he was a good rapper. Listen, I’m not gay. If I was, I would have the gift of another burden, and I would probably be instantly out. I fight for gay rights all the time. How about that?”

Simmons also talks about homophobia in hip-hop:

“Hip-hop is not music’s most homophobic genre. It’s music’s most honest genre. I know that 50 Cent is perceived as a homophobe. But if you asked him about gay marriage, I’d bet you 10-to-1, he’d approve. And if you asked Ludacris, he’d say the same thing. Rap is an expression of what we see. These artists are simply expressing the homophobia that’s in our society. Are rappers as violent as our government? No. Are the gangster rappers as gangster as our government? Hell no.”

Simmons also says that when rappers say “faggot” they’re not always referring to a gay person: “I’m not excusing them. But ‘nigger’ doesn’t always mean an uneducated, low-class, less-than-human person. I hear it in context. Unfortunately, however, there are not enough songs about the struggles of gay people.”

Gay rapping with Russell Simmons [dallas voice]

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  1. Joshua says

    “Hip-hop is not music’s most homophobic genre. It’s music’s most honest genre.”

    That’s a load of b.s. It’s honest to say you hate people, but to make loads of money off of it is a scam. That’s not honesty. That’s greed.

    Hip-hop thinks way too highly of itself and has brought the music industry down to a very low denominator. It’s taken the art out of music and brought down production values to whatever’s cheapest.

  2. Larry says

    Simmons also says that when rappers say “faggot” they’re not always referring to a gay person.

    Ha ha ha ha ha. Umm, sure, Russell. So when rappers talk about beating the s–t out of a fag, they mean smoking a cigarette, right? Please.

  3. peterparker says

    It has been reported that 50 Cent is a die-hard Repugnican. I’d bet 10-to-1 that he’d be in favor of a Federal Marriage Amendment banning gays from marriage.

  4. says

    Yeah, honest like the KKK…

    Re: 50 Cent, this from last year:

    “Rapper 50 CENT describes himself as the GEORGE W BUSH of hip-hop – because they are both unpopular. The IN DA CLUB star is a massive fan of the Republican leader, who he calls his “homeboy”. He says, “You wanna know something? I actually like Bush. “In some ways, I’m the George W Bush of hip hop – nobody likes me, but I’m still gonna run it for the next four years.” But the rapper has no aspirations to emulate his hero. He adds, “I don’t need that kind of pressure. All I need is a sequel to my video game and a new hit single.” ”

    And his earlier homophobic garbage is here:

  5. anon ( says

    Isn’t this what all guys on the down-low say?

    All the reports about 50 Cents being gay too…

  6. Cory says

    “I fight for gay rights all the time. How about that?”

    Excuse my ignorance, what has he done for gay rights?

  7. dpnash says

    “Hip-hop is not music’s most homophobic genre.” — Actually, he’s right about that. Jamaican “dance hall” (Beenie Man, Buju Banton) is worse. Rap/hip-hop are the SECOND most homophobic genre.

  8. Luke says

    I don’t know if he is gay, and nor do I care, what I do tire of is people hounding people about their sexual preferences. As for what he has done for gay people, who knows, unless you have seen his tax records, only he knows. And, plus, its not an obligation for him to do so, just like it isn’t for a gay person to support any of his pet projects that deal with black people. All I know is that he’s a hypocrite and liar for his misinformation about the use of two slurs, the gay one and the racial one.

  9. mark m says

    So 50 Cent is a poet rapping about the way the world is?

    And all along I thought he was just a dumb thug with a record deal.

  10. says

    “It’s taken the art out of music and brought down production values to whatever’s cheapest.”

    Pardon me but “How Much is that Doggie in the Window” screwed up music way more than rap/hip-hop.

  11. Oscar says

    If during Memorial Day Weekend in Miami Beach, I a gay, white man addresses a black as “Ni**er”, I’ll get killed by a thousand other blacks. I spend 7 years with a black man and was raised by a black woman as my nanny, even so if I use that word, I’ll get killed or terribly mauled. So Simmons is full of “sh*t”. Hip-hop is homophobic and will always be. The reason is that male blacks in the USA feel castrated by the society and are not very sure of their sexuality. A real heterosexual guy sure of his sexuality doesn’t have to put down gays. In fact they can be friends. Hello Enrique Iglesias and the G-A-Y performance. Men bonding does not means sex, just friendship and care for each other as human beings.

  12. el polacko says

    simmons isn’t gay .. uh huh .. okay.. whatever.. see you at the park tonight with the rest of the ‘down low’ bruthas.
    meanwhile, he has the whole ‘rappers expressing what they see’ thing exactly backwards. i’ve seen plenty of sweet, good kids in my neighborhood hit their teenage years and start listening to this Crap “music” and start emulating what they hear and turn into little, foul-mouthed thugs right before my eyes. the kids aren’t creating the ‘culture’, they are having it fed to them by sleaze merchants like simmons.

  13. el polacko says

    *note to james : ‘how much is that doggie in the window’ made me want to sing-along “arf arf” and buy a dog…. not smoke a rock, fuck my bitch up, and pop a cap in some nigga. maybe that doesn’t speak to the quality of the music, but it says a lot about the music’s impact on society.

  14. Juan Pablo says

    Simmons is one thing, a very shrewd business man who has made a ton of money of some oddball urban fad. Is he gay? I don’t know, and really don’t care, but, reading some of the posts here are too funny, I almost choked with that terse one from “Oscar” raised by a black woman, just what doeas that have to do with the topic at hand? Other than fill that old adage “some of my favorite people are…” If so, does that mean you are castrated like you say black men are, which is silly. For every one black gay man confused sexually, it seems like there are 10 white ones as usually a couple pop up every week on this site outed, society does not embrace gay men, white, black, Asian or Hispanic, but for some reason black men are always singled out for being homophobes here, maybe becuse they don’t know how to keep thier opinions to themselves.

    And, since that rap crap is bought by young white men more than anyone else, the ones getting a totally negative image of gay men are not the ones you all seem to think it would be.

  15. Seann says

    Everyone buys into the hype that rap music is crap, puts down women, and encourages violence. All genres can be accused of that. Rap/Hip-Hop is an awesome form of music.

    OSCAR, just because you had a mammy doesn’t mean you can say the n-word.

    I’d hope that Ludacris would be gay-positive. 50 cent has ALWAYS been a fool, nothing more.

  16. jojo says

    I would like to know whether Simmons thought he was offering a compliment when he called Tavis Smiley a “house nigger” and stopped the interview during Tavis’s very first interview on BET. (See Tavis’s latest book.) Tavis apparently has forgiven him, but Simmon’s track record is what it is.

    OTOH, Simmons is right, that you can’t tell what the n-word really means until you pay attention to the way it is being used. Oprah and Ludacris argued about this when he was on her show with the rest of the movie crew from “Crash”. Oprah says it’s invariably an insult, and Ludacris considers it a term of endearment toward his ‘hood buddies. As a policy I never use the word (Obviously! I’m white!) but when interpreting what someone else means, especially when a black person uses it, “Context is everything.”

    As for Simmons being gay, I take him at his word — I think if he was gay in any significant way, he’d say so.