Russian Activists Detained at Demonstration Against Moscow Mayor


Two dozen gay activists who received permission from the city to hold a demonstration outside the European Union’s office in Moscow were blocked from doing so by police Wednesday.

They were assembling to call on the European Union to impose a travel ban on Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov over the human rights violations he has committed against gays and lesbians.

According to the Associated Press, “Although the planned demonstration had been sanctioned, police said they decided to block it because it would interfere with construction taking place nearby…Demonstrators tried to unfurl a banner, but police dispersed them, grabbing [activist Alexey] Davydov and another demonstrator and forcing them into a police bus. A group of gay rights opponents stood nearby, but did not interfere.”

Said Davydov: “Authorities in Moscow have broken the law again by not allowing our picket.”

Davydov and one other activist were detained. Fairly roughly, from the looks of it.

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  1. A.J. says

    …And my friends ask why I boycott Russian Vodka. It may not make any difference in the bottom line of manufacturers but it allows me some measure of protest while here in the U.S. Please help me! BOYCOTT ANY RUSSIAN MADE PRODUCTS/IMPORTS until they change their ways.

  2. Dennis says

    If they Russian police are willing to put people in a headlock for no reason in front of the cameras, I don’t even want to imagine what they do when the cameras are gone.

  3. Anton says

    Hi guys)

    Actually i’m, russian. And i can say for sure how it was. It was awful. I dont kinda hate Luzhkov or Putin, who dont touch the REAL problem of homophobia in Russia. Cause for sure it’s homophobia is a ground for all that Luzhkov do. I just kinda ashamed in front of the world.

    Saying truth, i’m a big patriot. I cant imagine my life without russian people. But all politics suxxxxxxxx.

    And i really wanna ban for Luzhkov from the EU.
    But, guys, russian vodka is the best vodka in the world) Just Trust me))))))))

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