1. secretagentman says

    This is old. I saw it four years ago at a Worlds Best Commercials fest. Still cute though. We haven’t progressed much, commercial wise, still a rarity.

  2. Steven says

    Cute commercial. It’s so sad that our country is so closed off and prudish that we can’t even show a commercial remotely close to this one…..if we did, there would be protests on every street corner to have it removed immediately and the stations that aired it would be fined….what an ass backwards thing it is we call “democracy.”

  3. Steve says

    Yeah, it’s an oldie but goodie. I guess I always let the stereotyping go because I always thought both of them were hot which probably goes to show that evolution has pretty much well primed us to like pretty people. It could also be because I’m the messy one.

    Nevertheless, as liberal as Europe was and is on these issues, this commercial never aired when it was produced in the 1990s. According to The Commercial Closet, Guinness executives put it the can and tried to deny the commercial existed (which ultimately seems to have failed).

    My next pint I lift in honor of the commercial that might have been. Slainte.

  4. Greg says

    I was expecting the name on the glass to read “Gayness” rather than Guinness… Pity it never aired, though.

  5. soulbrotha says

    “Not everything in black and white makes sense.”
    What does that mean? That gay people don’t make sense? Did I miss something?

  6. Gino says

    I don’t get the tag line, “Not everything in black and white makes sense.”

    It seems like it’s suggesting homosexuality doesn’t make sense, since the entire commercial is in “black and white.”

    The only other thing in “black and white” in the commercial is the quote about men and women not being good to live together. But the commercial seems to agree, and, moreover, suggest that only a man could deal with living with a man.

    As cute as the idea is, I just don’t get the message. Someone care to explain it to me, like I’m a 5 year old?

  7. anon ( says

    I think the intention of the statement is that “why would he/she put up with this guy?” is the question on most people’s mind when you watch the ad. Or “Love” doesn’t make much sense when you look at it too closely. And for that matter, what does the story of the commercial have to do with beer? That doesn’t make much sense either.

  8. justincredible says

    commercials are meant to appeal to your needs, and the need for curiosity is one. yeah, the tag line is curious, and it’s got you thinking, right? it also appeals to other needs we have: sex, companionship, cleanliness… anywho, it makes my heart tingle a little bit. not that I need a commercial for guinness.

  9. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Black and White might also be a slang reference to the beer.

    I hope the cute blond guy’s just visiting the (new?) boyfriend for an extended weekend. I’d hate to think that his BF could create that much choas in just a day or two if they were living together. Worse, that the blode guy has to deal with that EVERY weekend…..

  10. GPMIII says

    I live with an attorney who thinks he’s a big help around the house. Yeah, he did work in the yard last weekend. He replaced some of the sprinkler heads. That, of course, was a very big event. Seems like it’s usually one or the other who ends up doing all the house stuff. I work at home, so I guess that includes, cooking in it, cleaning in it, and loving in it. It’s not a bad life really. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  11. says

    I would not let that shit go down

    At first i was thinking she is gonna put it in his hower then at the end i was like ok it soes not make sense she stays with him and hes a slob. The quote men and women are two different animals further stood behind it then in the end it was a dude it made no sense. I guess they are saying yo think gay men are different but they are like other couples. THen i was like weell one is the wife. Then i was like well some families wife works man cleans. Now im confused of my ass