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The iPhone Reviews Are In

And are generally glowing. Most complaints have to do with AT&T's poor network.

Above, David Pogue at the New York Times...

Walt Mossberg, the Wall Street Journal: "We have been testing the iPhone for two weeks, in multiple usage scenarios, in cities across the country. Our verdict is that, despite some flaws and feature omissions, the iPhone is, on balance, a beautiful and breakthrough handheld computer. Its software, especially, sets a new bar for the smart-phone industry, and its clever finger-touch interface, which dispenses with a stylus and most buttons, works well, though it sometimes adds steps to common functions....Expectations for the iPhone have been so high that it can’t possibly meet them all. It isn’t for the average person who just wants a cheap, small phone for calling and texting. But, despite its network limitations, the iPhone is a whole new experience and a pleasure to use."

Steven Levy, Newsweek: "...And when I showed the iPhone to people during that trip and in the days afterward—especially people under 25—the most common reaction was, “I have to have this,” sometimes followed by a quick, if alarmingly reckless, consideration of what might need to be pawned in order to make the purchase. And there it is: one of the most hyped consumer products ever comes pretty close to justifying the bombast."

Edward Baig, USA Today: "The mania over Apple's iPhone launch has created stratospheric expectations that are near impossible to live up to. Yet with a few exceptions, this expensive, glitzy wunderkind is indeed worth lusting after. That's saying a lot. After months of hype, Apple has delivered a prodigy — a slender fashion phone, a slick iPod and an Internet experience unlike any before it on a mobile handset."

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  1. Hey Andy, I've gotta be one of those over 40 yr old, desenters; due to fact that i've bought into "apple" from day one and i've learned a thing or two along the way since I currently own a Nano and an 80 gig video ipod. Right after they started the hype machine on this device, Andrew McDonald over at allowed me permission to re-post his review of the pitfalls of a first generation anything from Apple. I offer it here for your 2M daily readers.

    Nokia's current line of units offers all that apple does along with a Xenon Flash, Carl Zeiss lens, 5mgs memory, stereo bluetooth and WiFi built in. We'll all own an iphone in 5 years, but until then...???????

    Posted by: lexxicuss | Jun 27, 2007 11:38:29 AM

  2. Cannot wait...

    Posted by: Dave | Jun 27, 2007 12:32:50 PM

  3. Hi Andy: I know you've been quite keen on the the iPhone. My question is this: Would you be willing to disclose if you own any shares of Apple? Thanks.

    Posted by: Terry | Jun 27, 2007 2:22:52 PM

  4. Oy, there have been articles about the sheer number of articles published about the iphone. Why does new technology always have to be so annoying?

    Posted by: Scientitian | Jun 27, 2007 4:45:06 PM

  5. Dave, one does not need to own shares in Apple in order to love Apple's products. Asserting this assumes Andy is dishonest and manipulating public opinion for personal gain. What an insulting thing to insinuate (accuse?) about someone.

    I love Apple's products and would buy an iPhone in a minute if I had the cash. It looks good, it works, and does more than any other smart phone - and does it better.

    Posted by: Jeffrey Draper | Jun 27, 2007 9:34:03 PM

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