1. Leland says

    “they stuffed vegetables down their shorts” If that’s true, there hasn’t been such unprovoked vegetable abuse since Reichen’s last photo shoot.

  2. says

    Sorry Tony the Tiger, but I’m one of those geeks that actually watches the aftershow on Showtime. You could actually see both of these guys ‘bloat-up’ as they lifted heavier and heavier. I tried it in the gym doing squats this morning and it actually works.

    Guess Gov. Ahhnalld was right all those years ago, he really can “PUMP YOU UP!!”

  3. Tony the Tiger says

    I KNOW IT WHEN I SEE IT (as Justice Stewart once said in a famous supreme court case when he had to decide the material in front of him was pornography and therefore merited a lower level of protection as free speech under the first amendment).

    After living in Chelsea for my whole adult life I know steroid abuse when I see it BUT upon closer inspection I think Lexxicuss is probably right: the older guy is not a steroid queen but I think the younger one does seem like he might be. He certainly has some of the physical attributes of people I know his age who use steroids. But I could be wrong. Who cares. I watched this episode of Big Brother since Andy Towle raved about the show and I live my life by what Andy directs me to do but I thought it was just awful. Why watch people’s lives that are more boring than your own? (Just like why buy porn when you are living it yourself in your everyday life.)

  4. Tony the Tiger says

    Sorry guys. Just because I post on this site doesn’t turn me into a freak or a geek like the rest of you. While the rest of my buddies are on manhunt or big muscle I find this site amusing not least of all because it is an opportunity for me to converse with the freaks and geeks I would be caught dead associating with in the real world.

  5. Gregg says

    Well then, please, dear Tony – list for us the “physical attributes of people [you] know his age who use steroids”.

    The bodies look natural to me. You know, there are actually people out there who get great looking bodies through hard work and athletics. Most of the boys in Chelsea don’t have time for that and just want a quick fix.

  6. Ehud says

    Why are all the men on the US big bother so good looking… check out the UK version for far more realsitic (read non model material) men… cant americans watch less than perfect speciments?

  7. tony the tiger says

    If you insist….guys on steroids tend to have the michelin blimp type body… big puffy poorly defined muscles…the younger guy in the video clearly exhibits those characteristics…his muscles are just too puffy…plus in the part of the video where he is talking to the camera he displays the other unfortunate after effect of discontinuing steroid use…those puffed up muscles are beginning to deflate. The other guy by contrast has sharply defined muscles. Plus the younger guy has his hair slicked forward to hide premature balding.

    I only meant this as a harmless observation by someone who belongs to three different gym chains in NYC (not because I am a gym queen but because I already work 60 to 80 hours a week so I need as many gyms as possible to somehow squeeze in as many workouts as possible so I see the after effects of steroid abuse on a daily basis (the other obvious effect is premature balding).

    Also I must agree with the immediately prior post. Big Brother in America is just a big skin fest on parade. That is ultimately what makes it so boring.

  8. clinton gandy says

    This is new to me, so women attack other women’s breast by calling them fake.

    Gay men, decry steriods at muscle hunks.

    O.K. I get it. How funny. By all means lets think up more ways to tear down one another.

  9. Jordan says

    Well, steroids or not, I’d like a 3-way with both of them. But then again, I’m just a 138lbs pretty boy who’d be crushed under them regardless, but it’d be worth it.

  10. mark m says

    Sorry Tony, but basing your evaluation on a simple fact like the muscles deflating after a workout is flat out wrong.

    How do I know this? Years of working out in the gym and knowing first hand that the pump comes when blood floods the muscle tissue. The blood eventually leaves the muscle at which point lactic acid usually takes its place (but not nearly as much quantity, therefore, the “deflation”).

    And I’ve known plenty of men in their late teens and 20’s who have gone bald prematurely…. and weighed about 155 lbs…. so absolutely not the result of steroid use.

    I have no problem with your speculation, but when you try to base your speculation on erroneous observations, I have to speak up.

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