1. MikeinSanJose says

    That was the lamest thing I’ve ever seen. The Brits and the Aussies actually shower and SHOW!! This guy hangs a towel over the door, showers in a bathing suit (I’ll bet it smells pretty RIPE down there if they never get to wash their bits…) and it’s supposed to be a big deal?!?

    Sure he’s cute, but still… I’m sorry his penis is so small he has to take all these precautions against anyone else finding out.

  2. Gregoire says

    I dont get the Nick obsession either. His supposed ‘bi-sexuality’ is based on scant evidence. Meanwhile there’s actually a cute gay guy in the house. Where’s his shower?

  3. BVC says

    Kids… they ALL have been showering with their clothes on. Well everyone except Amber, Dick and Jen and I am still having nightmares over it. Bleh…

    But I still think he is cute but not just for the guns. I get such a kick out of some of the things that come out of his mouth too. I can’t help it. (So shoot me already.)

    And yes he was singing Micah but that is the CD Dustin (the gay guy) got for being HOH so I don’t think that counts.

  4. ggreen says

    I have tried to get into this program but its allure escapes me. A bunch of white trash morons trying to back stab and gossip their way to the winners circle. It’s like an episode of Dynasty set in East Orange New Jersey. As far as Nick goes out of the 4 episodes I saw Nick never once said anything that would give the impression he had more than a 6th grade education. The Helen Keller bangs and the do rags are so 1990.

  5. James says

    Somehow, it really is weirdly American to shower with your clothes on! As if there weren’t some exhibitionism there by being in the show. I remember on a UK version, a gorgeous naked guy was being body-painted or something, he didn’t care!

    Seriously, how prim.

  6. Gregg says

    God – compare Big Brothers from around the world. Americans are so freakin BORING!

    Where do they find these people? I’m American, and my friends would be far more fun and naked than these folks. The Real World on MTV is far hotter than this crap.

  7. Jordan says

    He is SO hot now with his little moustache / goatee thing. I love that devil look, although I agree his intelligence leaves a lot to be desired!

    But this is summer tv, so it’s a lot like fast-food…empty calories that will leave you hungry again in an hour (if not sick).

    If I were in the house with him, I would have for sure found out by now which side of the fence he’s on….

  8. John says

    The American people aren’t ready to see male “bits” on television.

    This is the country that gets giddy like a schoolgirl over seeing Janet Jackson’s nipple for 0.00002 seconds. Then, to appease their God, they have to feign outrage. That’s when they call into radio shows to demand Congress do something to “protect our children.”

    For all our wealth and power, we’re a country of immature 12 year olds who believe whatever the Church tells us. If the Pope or Pat Robertson told us to collectively drink the kool aid, we’d probably do it without question. Basically, we’re a Western Hemisphere version of Poland. And that not…good.

  9. tc says

    WELCOME TO THE USA…..I only tape this show & fast forward to see him..if you would go to almost any other country’s “big Brother’ they would be NUDE and showering and it would not be an issue of any kind…who the fuck wants to see him shower in surfing least do it in underwear or less…jesus help us!


  10. John says

    I’m not saying Nick isn’t smart, but we’re going to need more evidence than a sheepskin. It’s possible that he’s rich, famous, or lucky.

    George W. Bush went to Yale. Many of the president’s screw-up friends are also Ivy League alums. And they’re now running this government into the ground. Money talks in other ways too. If you can hire the best tutors, own the best software, rent a nice apartment, and have your own wheels…all those things work to your advantage in the long run. To coin a football term, it means you get to start at midfield instead of your 20 yardline.

    Mediocre and top-tier universities alike have a penchant for giving honorary doctorates to CEOs, athletes, and actors who give them a lot of money. Because, you know, being famous easily trumps 6-10 years of graduate school.

    Aside from the cheating epidemic, many professors purposefully turn a bind eye to incompetence because they’re under pressure. This politicking comes from coaches, department chairs, deans, and so forth. But regardless of who is applying pressure, it always comes back to money. If you don’t pass X percentage of students, they might drop out (i.e. the university loses money). If a star player is dropped from the roster, the team performs poorly (i.e. the university loses money).

    All I’m saying is colleges are businesses. Lets not romanticize the outcome too much. It’s possible Nick is a real genius. It’s also possible he just knows how to work the system.

  11. says

    nick was showering naked, but then at the end bent down to put on his boardshorts.
    sharp or dull, the guy is a dreamboat.
    if he gets evicted too early the show’s ratings this summer will divebomb… hopefully the producers will monkey around to keep him in.

  12. Chesnut says

    Sure, this guy is goodlooking and has a great body. But don’t his vanity and lack of intelligence drive you away? I think it’s unhealthy for the soul to idolize a guy of this sort.

  13. Matt says

    America sucks! All the other Big Brother’s show nudity & give us a reason to watch the show. Not even “Big Brother After Dark” on Showtime has anything to offer :~(

  14. strepsi says

    Agree with John! AND the shower doors are at shoulder height. America you are the prudiest nation on earth. The fact this is an “exclusive” “voyeuristic” feed and he’s clothed, behind metal doors is seriously fucked up, America. You’re about as sex-positive as the Taliban.

  15. Sherry says

    PRIOR to reading this blog, I felt our regulatioins were a bit restrictive on TV but after reading some of these comments, I can’t believe there are so many people out there eager to see a penis. What is wrong with you people? I watched the brit version and saw small nasty uncut worms that I would never put in my body and definately don’t want to look at. I am glad that there is somewhere in the world where we have some sense of desency. I mean the deal you are making because someone showers in a house full of people and on international televisioin with there privates covered is neive. Wear cloths! I don’t want to see your private parts, nor do I want to see your out of shape body, nor do I want to see your nasty uncircumsized penis and sagging breasts.

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