Jackman to Meet Marsden in Brokeback on Broadway?


There are rumors about that a stage production of Brokeback Mountain is in the final stages of development and atop the wishlist for the two leads are Hugh Jackman and James Marsden.

Not sure what we think of this (except to say we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing these two in a pup tent together), but take it as completely unverified rumor at this point. And if anyone has further information, please email us.


  1. rich says

    I heard the same rumor, but when I heard it it was going to be a musical and there were no names attached to it.

  2. says

    Hey there buddy! It’s a hot rumor, and would love to see that play, but I work for a theatre company here in NYC and would have certainly heard about this by now. It’s just a rumor.

  3. otto says

    As much as I like Mr. Jackman, I believe the age difference would throw people off. I’m afraid it would look more like the old SNL skit with Alec Baldwin and Adam Sandler in ‘Canteen Boy’. Just saying.

  4. says

    this rumor is obviously springing from a very recent james marsden interview about finally doing a musical (hairspray) in which he stated that hugh jackman had wanted him originally for the love interest in BOY FROM OZ but there were scheduling conflicts.

    not sure how BROKEBACK MTN became involved in the rumor but it was obviously born from the BOY FROM OZ nugget.

  5. Rad says

    “Brokeback: The Musical”

    Harvey Firestein could play the ranch boss. I could hear him singing “Do you take it…” while on horseback.

    Cyndi Lauper as the wife.


  6. Nathan says

    omg, Wolverine and Cyclops having sex. it’s just too perfect. Maybe Famke Jansen and Halle Berry could play the wives.

  7. Leland says

    “Harvey Firestein could play the ranch boss.”

    And Joe Solmonese and the HRC Board of Directors and all their supporters could play the herds of sheep.

  8. otto says

    Touche Nathan. Whether the rumor is true or not, I just don’t see the pairing. I’m calling BS and rumor on this one. BTW-Marsden is 34!? Memo to Otto-gym, gym, gym…

  9. says

    if Ennis and Twist go to the boards; who better to get the grey hairs to the theatre?

    We already know they’ll have to fight us for the good seats.

  10. says

    Marsden and Jackman really are about the same age, but Jackman looks 50 and Marsden looks 25….

    I seriously have never got why people find Jackman so good looking. Good actor? Yes. Particularly good looking? No.

    Marsden, though… he’s hot.

  11. GQ says

    it’s not a desirable match. marsden should be paired with sum1 like gyllenhaal or philippe. jackman shld be paired with sum1 like mcconaughey.

  12. the other jeff says

    Leland, save room in the cast of sheep for GLAAD. Remember, they endorsed that not-at-all offensive “Chuck & Larry” dreck. Do I smell GLAAD Movie of the Year?

  13. sean says

    i heard it’s gonna be travolta and cruise and be called “bareback mountin’.”

  14. says

    could hugh be so bold about skirting his sexuality? i mean, come on!!! enough!!!

    do some digging into his sidekick production partner in that big disney stage deal if we need more proof.

  15. Ted B. (charging rhino) says

    Can’t se it happening; but it would be fun. Marsden might be a pretty-boy, but the only reason I watched the last season of Ally McBeal was for the bar scenes when Marsden would belt-out Sinatra tunes. That boy’s got chops…. Marsden and Jackman singing would certainly fill a theater..both talent-wise, and as eye-candy.

    But how do you belt-out a show-stopping duet while butt-f***ing?

  16. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    For something cowboy-themed with Jackman and Marsden; what about a re-make of “Red River” with the homoerotic-tension out in the open this time.

  17. Matt says

    It seems Broadway, like Hollywood, has run out of fresh ideas and has recycled just about every movie ever made, so why not Brokeback as well? And yes, it should be a musical because the subject matter and potential Hugh Jackman casting aren’t gay enough.