Report: McCain Feels “Gay Sweaters” Helped Undo Campaign


Oh man.

Radar reports: “In the final days of his imploding candidacy, John McCain has taken a page out of Richard Nixon’s play book, finding increasingly bizarre explanations for his political failures. Strangest of all: He reportedly feels his handlers forced him to wear ‘gay sweaters.’ According to one insider, the knit-picking was the crescendo of a tirade by the Arizona senator, in which he blistered aides about the minutiae of the campaign. While many septuagenarians live in a perpetual state of sweater weather, McCain reportedly declared his frustration with being told to don the perceived homosexual outerwear in order to look younger and more approachable. ‘He wasn’t happy being dictated to. The sweaters were part of that,’ the source says.”

Actually, this look was more likely the real culprit:


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  1. N. says

    Excuse me, but what the f**k is a “Gay Sweater?” Is that like a Jewish Sweater or a Black Sweater? How psychotic is this man?

  2. Virginia says

    It’s not ‘gay sweaters’ that did him in, it’s his constant butt kissing of Bush and pumping up this insane war.

  3. anon ( says

    I think he just meant they were too informal, but it’s an annoying connotation nevertheless. Among conservatives his support for the war was a plus, but his stand on other issues, like immigration (for) and free speech (against), not to mention his age and cancer, were strong negatives.

  4. Brian says


    Date: 11 July 2007
    To: All presidential candidates
    From: The American people
    Re: Gay sweaters

    The death-knell for any political campaign appears to be when the candidate’s advisers spend valuable time and attention focusing on fashion and accessories. Recent studies have shown that emphasis on sweaters or strange Gilligan-like hats reveals a clear effort to avoid discussion of more substantive issues. This is likely a secondary complication resulting from total disconnect from the will of the electorate.

  5. says

    McCain is so smart. I’m so proud he’s my Senator! And he’s totally right, I’ve never voted for him because of his homosexual socks, lesbian slacks, and transgender ties.

  6. tjc says

    Now, if only we can extract Jon Stewart from McCain’s butt we could actually move on from this crazy old man to the other candidates.

    I mean, c’mon Jon, why the hell do you ALWAYS pull a Larry King (ie, lob the easiest of softball questions, if any) when you “interview” McCain? You often skewer him in news segments, but in person, it’s kid gloves all the way.

  7. says

    John McCain who recently said that he doesn’t know where he stands on HIV, doesn’t belong in a “gay sweater”, he belongs in a “straight” jacket.

    McCain is more concerned with going to Bagdad to purchase rugs for his Arizona home.

    I say good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Jack Jett

  8. Mike says

    Everyone knows it was really the brown shoes / black belt combo that did him in. Or maybe it is that he has gone from being a free thinking independent to a lockstep war monger who now kisses up to the religious right for votes.

  9. David in KC says

    Hasn’t he been to a party with any gay men lately? We stopped wearing sweaters years ago in favor of bright, patterned “party shirts!”

  10. John says

    No, the falling popularity couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that he’s George W. Bush’s lapdog. Or that his ‘Straight-Talk Express’ has become the ‘Pandering-Limited.’ Or that he’s senile enough to actually believe they’d let him visit a real Iraqi market (sans pre-screened marchants, attack helicopters, anti-aircraft guns, and 100 sharpshooters).

    Nah, that can’t be it. Must be the gay sweaters!

  11. Jonathon says

    McCain has totally flipped out. He’s too far gone for anyone to rescue. Keep in mind that his sole motivation for years and years and years was to be president. He wants to be president so bad he can’t stand it. Now that his final campaign has already run itself into the ground, months and months away from the first primary, this angry, desperate man is lashing out at any- and everyone. He’s crazy. He’s toast. It will be nice to see him drop out of the race soon. It will be even nicer to see him leave the Senate – or better yet, be kicked out of his seat by the people of Arizona and replaced with a good progressive who can work to undo the damage that McCain has helped to create over his many years in public service.

    Good riddance to you, John. Enjoy your retirement.

  12. says

    I’m a McCain hater from way back, but it’s pretty shitty of you to attack him with that photo of him in the wide-brimmed hat, which he wears because of the skin cancer he got on his face …

    … cancer that, by the way, many believe he got because of his years of being kept in a cage outdoors in a Vietnam POW camp.

    But liberals only remember McCain’s war hero status from when he was a “maverick” Republican instead of an unpopular supporter of the war.

  13. anon says


    So it had nothing to do with his age (latest polls show americans will not vote for someone over 70 and he is like 71), nor the fact that he has been the loudest supporter of bushco status quo in Iraq.

  14. Robert In WeHo says

    Shut your flabby hole Matt, your self-righteous flagellation is getting old…

    As for McCain, ROTFLMAO! If there was ever a question as to whether or not McCain was EVER competent to be President, I think this ridiculous obfuscation of responsibility and finger pointing on his part for his own self destruction answers the question…

  15. Frank L says

    So we’re supposed to feel sorry for McCain because he supposedly got cancer from being kept in a “cage outdoors” in Vietnam?

    I thought that McCain himself has always said that he never wanted anyone to feel pity for him because of the time that he spent in the Hanoi Hilton.

  16. Thomasina says

    I can just imagine it: after a long day of campaigning, McCain returns to his hotel room to find his sweater getting fresh with a newly pressed pair of dress pants. How else do you tell your clothes are gay if you don’t catch them in the act?

  17. 24play says

    Matt, McCain forfeited all the respect I had had for him as a highly decorated former POW when he compromised (completely caved, actually) and signed off on Bush/Cheney’s plan to continue torturing prisoners—and grandfathered in pardons for any and all government figures who had been authorizing or conducting torture prior to passage of the “compromise.”

    It didn’t help that he cynically used the whole discussion as a photo op (“Look at me, I’m against torture!”), and continued to do so even after he caved (“I just got the administration to ban torture! Not.”).

    There can be no compromise on an issue like torture. And when you’re the highest elected U.S. official who actually has a history as a tortured POW, caving on this issue shows an utter lack of integrity.

    That’s the day the maverick died.

  18. says

    Thomasina, thank you for responding more respectfully some of Andy’s other commenters tend to.

    I didn’t need to “lose any respect” for McCain because I never had much for him to begin with, although I do and will always think he is a war hero. I used to work in the Senate and saw him many times close-up, and often behind closed doors, and he’s every bit the asshole he’s portrayed to be. And it’s clear from the stories that are coming out about his entire staff deserting him that his temperament and his treatment of people have a lot to do with that.

    My point, again (for those who weren’t paying attention), is that it’s low-class to make a cheap point about someone’s appearance when that appearance is based on protecting one’s self from a recurrence of cancer. That’s all.

    There needs to be a little more sensitivity about our fellow human beings on blogs, no matter how much we may disagree with them politically.

  19. Malibu Boy says

    Yeah, is there anything more ridiculous than someone who WAS tortured kissing the arse of someone who thinks doing that is ok? Time for McCain to dress in black knee socks and white Reeboks and plaid shorts and go home and think about how he lost his once-deserved respect.

  20. Jonathon says

    Matt, if he can make fun of his sweaters then we can make fun of his hat. He could have used several adjectives to make the point that he didn’t like the way he looks in the sweaters, but he chose to use the term “gay” as a pejorative – just like highschool kids do. “That’s so gay!” He could as easily have said “stupid-looking” or “ridiculous” or “silly” and made his point. Instead, he uses a loaded term and estranges himself even further from the gay community.

    And I doubt that his time as a POW was the only exposure he had to the sun. He’s from freaking ARIZONA, isn’t he? How many golf games has be played? Has he ever worn sunscreen?

    McCain long ago spent any political capital he had as a former POW and as a Vietnam Vet by siding with the chickenhawks and draft-dogers in their campaign for torture and war. As someone who did suffer from torture inflicted on him by the VietCong, McCain should have been leading the fight against torture and should have called Gonzo out on his calling the Geneva Convention “quaint”.

    The “kid gloves” approach to McCain because of his veteran and POW status is over. He’s squandered his reputation and now everything is on the table.

  21. says

    A LOT of gay people, myself included, also use the word “gay” like high-schoolers do, and we also don’t blow a gasket when people use the term “homosexual.” I can understand why people might feel the way they do about that, but I also think it’s much easier to go through life with a good sense of humor about one’s self, and without our first waking thought being about how we’re going to be offended today.

    If gays collectively had thicker skins, I think we’d make political and societal progress more quickly, but there is a Chicken Little aspect to this grievance culture that we’ve subscribed to. If EVERYTHING is offensive, then nothing is.

  22. 24play says

    Matt, Rosa Parks called. She begs to differ with your assertion that having a thicker skin speeds political/societal progress.

  23. 24play says

    Matt, nobody needs to take action against McCain. He’s finished. Now it’s just a question of who wins the office pool.

    And in case you haven’t noticed, a lot of people on this here blog thingy back up their whining with action, making phone calls and dashing off letters to whatever politician/entertainer/suit is making homophobic remarks, discriminating against us, or otherwise trying to keep the gays in their place. You’ll have to forgive them for not having thicker skins.

  24. says

    I wish I had sweater gaydar! Too often I buy what I think are totally butch sweaters and before I know it they are all over that fuscia cable knit v-neck number in a dark corner of my closet.

  25. jessejames says

    Gay sweater? I think it was more likely his queer views on the Iraq war. Like wanting to continue it indefinitely.

  26. sean says

    smartest campaign move he ever made = throwing in the beach towel. musta realized no one is apt to cast a vote for a corpse.

  27. CK says

    What can you say about Conservatives that has not been said about hemorrhoids? No matter which way you look at it they are a pain in our butts! McCain is no exception and in fact is a bigger fuckhead than most!