Rugby Ad: From London to Paris, with Love


This French tourism ad meant to attract Londoners to Paris sure got my attention. The French tourism site, C’est So Paris, notesd that the “ad uses offbeat wit and the Rugby World Cup to show the world that Paris is also the capital of humour. The Paris region will be hosting several World Cup matches, including the final at the Stade de France.”

I’d say there’s more than offbeat wit going on here, but I like how this game is progressing. (wallpaper)


(via jockohomo and Me-Me-Me)

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  1. Gay Vet says

    The funny thing is, when you’re actually out there playing, physical attraction, etc., isn’t even on your mind. You’ve got other things to concentrate on.

  2. phredd! says

    mmm . . . . scrumkiss!

    although, after playing rugby for nearly 3 years now, I have to agree with Gay Vet. Once the kick of hits, it’s war time! Besides, (TMI warning) I still get nervous stomach before each match and the thought of “feeding a baby bird” with an opposing player just doesn’t appeal to me.

    But the pic is still a nice thought.

  3. Critifur says

    I am not interested in rugby, and know very little about it. I would not even say I am into the physical type portrayed in the ad, but that is F*ckn’ Hot! I want a bigger version of that to print out.

  4. tom pace says

    The band Sigur Ros tackled a dramatic on field soccer kiss between to players much more effectively in their music video. Check it out here…

  5. peterparker says

    Has anyone noticed that, in the top pic, the guy on the far right of the scrum has his hand up the shorts of the guy in the white jersey who is kissing the opposing player? God, the French are cool! (Now, how on earth did they elect Sarkozy?)

  6. patrick m says

    I played rugby in school in Ireland as a second row – that’s the one in the scrum where your head is between two guys’ butts, the guy behind you has his hand up between your legs, and you and the other second row are hugging each other.

    I think it turned me gay.

  7. louis von Plankenstern says

    I find outrageous that rugby players are exposed not only naked in this Dieux du Stade calendar made in Paris, but some players went to far like the recently injured Sean Lamont and some French players who were all the time touching their “balls” and pennis, was quite promiscus and a real shame for the rugby world. Sean deserve the accident that he had, was God’s punishment for his shameless and pornographic attitude, is just to prostitute themselves for lots of money, is like to bring the world of football inside rugby. There are people who are asking if many of them they might be gay of bisexual, what a disgrace for rugby

  8. Scott James says

    It’s all in fun. It is nice to laugh.
    You have to admit it is shocking & funny.

    I like when “real men” are not bothered by this.

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