News: Barbara Boxer, Ivri Lider, Mike Gravel, Keanu Reeves

road.jpg Senator Mike Gravel: Why I Wasn’t Invited to the HRC Gay Debate. Gravel: “Yesterday the Human Rights Campaign announced that it will not invite me to the first-ever presidential debate on gay issues because I didn’t raise enough money. To say that I’m shocked is an understatement. I can confidently say, of all presidential candidates, I’ve been the most outspoken advocate for gay rights.”

Ivri_liderroad.jpg NewNowNext talks with out Israeli singer Ivri Lider about a few things, among them musicians’ refusal to discuss their sexuality: “It’s an interesting discussion because, on one hand, an artist – he’s a person and he has his world and all kinds of things that could be hard for him, like maybe his family. But on the other hand, I feel that it’s a shame that more people do not do that. I think it’s good for them and good for our community and we need that. We need people…especially artists that people look up to. We need that.”

road.jpg Rob Cole, journalist who helped create national readership for The Advocate, has died at 76: “His work was encouraging to other gay journalists, such as Mark Thompson, a former Advocate senior editor and author of books on gay spirituality, history and culture. ‘In those days, for someone to leave a mainstream career and work for a struggling gay newspaper was an extraordinary act of courage and bravery,’ Thompson said.”

Becksroad.jpg It never ends: more Becks, more!

road.jpg Spike in NYC syphilis cases among gay men “disconcerting,” say officials: “The 260 cases reported during the first three months of 2007 compares with 128 during the same period last year, the city’s Health Department reported. Men accounted for 96% of new cases, and most occurred among the homosexual population. The 10 cases reported by women, meanwhile, signal the potential for further increases among that group, health officials said.”

road.jpg Weeping mother takes the stand in the 2001 gay bashing murder trial of John McGhee: I did not recognize my son. His face had no shape. He was all purple and blue. What I saw was monstrous. I couldn’t believe it. I was afraid to kiss him.”

Keanuroad.jpg Keanu Reeves cops out.

road.jpg Michael Cunningham to give reading in Provincetown this Sunday.

road.jpg Barbara Boxer: “Impeachment should be on the table.”: “I’ve always said that you need to keep it on the table, and you need to look at these things, because now people are dying because of this administration. That’s the truth. And they won’t change course. They are ignoring the Congress. They keep signing these signing statements which mean that he’s decided not to enforce the law. This is as close as we’ve ever come to a dictatorship. When you have a situation where Congress is stepped on, that means the American people are stepped on. So I don’t think you can take anything off the table. Because in fact the Constitution doesn’t permit us to take these things off the table…”


  1. Leland says

    Oh, Gravel, just shut the fuck up. MOST of us here support gay equality, too, and we have as good a chance as you to win the nomination. Totie Fields has as good a chance and she died with only one leg.

    The scandal here is not this joke but that HRC is once again playing Queen of the Mountain. The forum should be cohosted by NGLTF and Lambda Legal. As for dear Melissa, again, no. Out and former CNN reporter Thomas Roberts should replace her. Or that out gay reporter at CBS. Or Anderson Cooper. Oh, I forgot, she’s not out.

    As for Boxer and impeachment. Stop wasting our time Babs and work on something you can actually accomplish. Or do you have a political death wish and are trying to assure that California Repugs will replace you with Arnie?

  2. woodroad34 says

    I say “good for you, Barbara”. When you politicize criminal behavior and are afraid to prosecute, then you’ve made criminals on par with law-abiding citizens. So what’s the use of having a rule of law or a justice system if you don’t exercise it? The more the rich and highly-connected get away with this kind of thing the more disenfranchised the rest of us become. When you talk about special rights all you have to do is look to the Paris Hiltons and the Bush/Cheney/Clintons. And, frankly, if they can attempt to impeach Clinton on such small potatoes….the largess of criminal behavior this current administration has given us certainly deserves the grandaddy of all impeachment hearings. It is a matter of right and wrong and not winning political seats for people who don’t do anything for us anyways, like do-nothing Dianne Feinstein — Ms. Boxer’s colleague.

  3. says

    From the opening session of this Congress, impeachment should have been held over Bush’s head like an anvil. Nancy Pelosi gave this dictating jackass a free pass and unbridled empowerment to further special interests, namely Haliburton (Cheney / Bush). In a recent speech, Bush sent a message to Congress to “spend the people’s money wisely.” That statement in itself is enough to have Bush declared mentally incompetent given the scope of his actions. The damage caused by the callous irresponsible decisions rendered by this idiot are virtually incalculable.

  4. Dennis says

    Enough Becks, Enough.

    Seriously. Granted, those pics of him in W are hot, but there are hotter pics of guys on this site everyday. God forbid he and Victoria become friends with Paris Hilton.

  5. Zeke says

    Leland, my friend, those are pretty harsh words for a man who is loudly and proudly saying the things that you rightly eviscerate other politicians for not having the balls to say. Additionally, this is a prime example of the types of HRC shenanigans that push you, me and many others right to the edge of insanity. It seems that Gravel, in his open letter to Huffington Post, makes a very thoughtful and reasonable argument for why he should be invited to participate in this Logo dog and pony show.

    I for one am with Gravel on this one. If he was good enough to be invited to the CNN, ABC, NBC, etc. debates then he certainly should have been good enough to come to the LOGO forum, if for no other purpose than to keep the other sweet talking, back stabbing pseudo liberals honest.

    As for the choice of hosts, I couldn’t agree more. Roberts was the first person who came to mind as the perfect choice for emcee. I say emcee and not moderator because this in not going to be a debate it, according to Logo, will be a “discussion”. That basically means that the candidates will be given the opportunity to pander to us with pre-packaged talking points for 90 minutes without being challenged by real journalists or non-beltway activists or even by each other.

    This looks like another example of HRC grandstanding while rolling around in the very corrupt, corporately owned, sleazy system that made us second class citizens in the first place.

    I encourage everyone to call HRC and Logo and insist that they allow Gravel to participate. I have no doubt that his presence, regardless of his nonexistent chances of securing the nomination, would be invaluable in showing the true colors of the Pandercrats that will be sharing the stage with him.

    HRC 800-777-4723

    Logo 212 654 3005

    They are reconsidering their position on this. Keep up the pressure.

  6. Jersey says

    I’m loving Boxer. That imbecilic criminal should be impeached and imprisoned. I called HRC yesterday and got nowhere with them. Today I scraped the sticker off my car (seems like I was the only one left anyway) and tossed their latest request for mula in the trash. I wonder does Towleroad have bumper stickers to replace that one I just tore off?

  7. nal says

    Ugh, STFU Gravel.

    I’m so glad he’s not invited to the debate. He never contributes anything intelligent or useful; all he does is stand there and bitch about how everybody but him sucks at life.

  8. 24play says


    The next hundred times you get a solicitation letter from HRC, don’t just shitcan it. Instead, tear off your name and address, maybe scribble a complaint or two on the letter, then stuff everything into the “no postage necessary” reply envelope, seal it, and drop it in a mailbox.

    The post office charges a lot more than 41 cents an ounce for the use of these reply envelopes. It’s a good way to hit HRC (or any other worthless organization or corporate junkmailer) in its bloated pocketbook and let them know that you’re not a fan.

  9. forreal says

    “Stop wasting our time Babs and work on something you can actually accomplish…..

    Posted by: Leland | Jul 13, 2007 1:36:55 PM”

    Sounds like an argument that should be made towards you and your Reichen obsession NOT this administrations High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

    It seems to me that she’s doing EXACTLY what you are always persecuting the HRC et al for not; taking a risk and standing up for what is right….

  10. Leland says

    Luvs me some Zeke, and thrilled that he and JT are back, but I still disagree. The major networks shouldn’t have included Gravel either.

    Do the math. Another ABSURD aspect of this Not A Debate/Not Really A Forum, and further proof that LOGO/MTV have their heads up their collective asses, is that only an hour is being alloted for 25-30 million gay Americans to hear their lives directly discussed on television for the first time in history by candidates for President!

    5 candidates have accepted so far. That means that……subtracting introductions [“Good evening. You’ve never heard of me but my name is Joe Solmonese and I am God blah blah blah.”] and the questioning of each candidate separately [NB: they will NOT be on the stage at the same time], and Joey’s close [“You probably still don’t know who I am but I want to thank the candidates and LOGO and MTV and my proctologist and give a shout out to all my homos er homeys at the Human Rights Champagne fund blah blah blah”]…..we will, AT MOST, hear maybe EIGHT MINUTES from each candidate. Add Biden, and it goes down to maybe five minutes each! Add Gravel and it goes down to maybe FOUR MINUTES for each candidate to tell us what they would do in relation to gay marriage/civil unions, protecting gay kids in school, DADT, ENDA, the Matthew Shepard hate crimes bill, gay adoption, gay immigration rights, and AIDS prevention and care. That’s 30 SECONDS an issue!!!! IS THAT WHAT YOU ALL WANT????!!!!

    Jessica H. Christ! If you’re so grateful to Gravel for simply saying what he should be saying anyway, send him a fucking bouquet of calla lilies! But don’t shoot this already limping horse of a program before it’s even out of the gate.

  11. Zeke says

    HRC changed their minds and invited Gravel.

    I think it was the right thing to do though I fully understand the opinion of those who disagree.

    Glad to be back with all my buds here at Towleroad even though just in passing. It’s been a crazy summer so far. Went to UCC Synod in Hartford a couple of weeks ago and have been coaching Little League all summer. I don’t spend as much time on the computer when my son is home so I tend to take a break over the summer. I’m sure many here are happy to have the break from my sometimes over zealous habit of having something to say about just about everything. I check in pretty regularly but I just don’t take the time to post comments (even though it kills me to resist). Enjoy it while it lasts boys and girls, I’ll be back before too long with a lot of built up piss and vinegar to make up for lost time. :)

    Love you guys. Take care.

  12. Leland says

    3 more minutes each. YEAH!!!!

    Kiss, Kiss, Zeke. :- )

    PS: Luved you’re calling out on another blog a certain candidate for his mysterious failure to include the United Church of Christ’s unique support for gays when he spoke to them and mentioned the denomination’s various efforts for virtually every other minority group.

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