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Strange Bedfellows Director Wary of Chuck & Larry Similarities

Dean Murphy, director and co-writer of Strange Bedfellows, which was Australia's highest-grossing film in 2004 according to the Brisbane Times, is concerned that filmmakers involved in I Now Pronounce you Chuck & Larry, which opens in the U.S. this weekend, may have ripped off his idea.

FilmsThe Times reports: "Starring [Paul] Hogan and Michael Caton, Strange Bedfellows was about a straight cinema owner and a mechanic who pretend to be gay to claim a financial benefit."

In Chuck & Larry, Adam Sandler and Kevin James play firefighters who pretend to be gay in order to claim domestic partner benefits from the city of New York.

According to the paper, "While he is yet to see the new movie, Murphy said he was struck by the similarities when he saw the trailer on the weekend. He heard other cinemagoers mention Strange Bedfellows as the trailer screened. Murphy has also been receiving emails every day saying Chuck and Larry seems like exactly the same film. 'It's obviously annoying if they have ripped the film off but until we see it, it's so hard to know,' he said. The American distributor of Strange Bedfellows is looking at possible copyright infringement. 'I don't think they've seen the other film yet but … they're going to have a careful look at it and see if there have been any breaches,' Murphy said."

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  1. Hmm...and I bet the Australian one is actually thoughtful and FUNNY! If Priscilla, Muriel's wedding etc is any example

    Posted by: Chris | Jul 18, 2007 10:49:26 AM

  2. No way! Hollywood re-doing other or older movies?! I don't believe you! ;-)

    Hell, that's all they do these days.

    Posted by: shane | Jul 18, 2007 10:54:52 AM

  3. You can't copyright ideas, sorry. I think the established tradition of the Hollywood "remake" is also alive and kicking.

    Posted by: anon ( | Jul 18, 2007 1:26:46 PM

  4. "strange bedfellows" is a great movie. it *is* thoughtful and funny. after seeing the ads for "chuck and larry" i have only to think that once again hollywood has dumbed down another foreign film to pander to america's comedy masses.

    Posted by: christine | Jul 18, 2007 7:04:29 PM

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