Thursday Ad Watch

This week’s eye-catching advertisements:


Oh, to be that pillow (Lucien Pellat-Finet), left, Girl knows who what she’s doing (Chevignon) Ad_emporio_armani_2

Emporio Armani is seeing Red


Christian Dior’s Glam-Pack is a back-to-school must, and the Euro Axe effect in full motion.

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  1. tc says

    re: LUCIEN company:..we have one down at Gay Street & Christopher(former Mac cosmetics space) I walk in and the stuff is really nice…and I look at the price tag on some long sleeved plain light sweater…and I said to myself…that code on the price tag must be the inventory CODE!!!…the salesperson comes up to me with a straight face and says… oh no, it’s 4 thousand 700 dollars!!!! or some obnoxious the thousands.I said….well let me know when you have a sale ! I buy clothing but I refuse to spend that kind of money that I could use to redo my STUDIO…absolutely ridiculous & scary that they are STILL opened..that means there are customers

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