1. dan says

    uh, yeah…so he’s a murdering paranoid fascist dictator, but hey, here are some pictures of him with his shirt off, so now we’re gonna act like high school girls and giggle for awhile? WTF?

  2. Jonathon says

    Not that I want to defend Putin, who is a horrible choice of leader for the Russian people, but he is hardly “a murdering paranoid fascist dictator”. He is today what he has always been – a KGB guy who is obsessed with power. He’s no dictator and he’s not (yet) a facist – but having said that, he is awful.

    The KGB was/is much like our CIA. Its agenda was not always the same as the Soviet government’s agenda. Same here – the CIA’s agenda is far from the American people’s agenda. The KGB wanted and held power for itself, and Putin’s style of governing reflects his background.

    And no…. the shirtless photos do nothing for me. At least we’ve been spared similar photos of our president. Ewwwww.

  3. says

    The joke is the gushing commentary included hyping what a supposed stud he is. They include the disclaimer *for his age*. Dennis Quaid is his age, now that’s an old hottie. Did you see Dennis running around shirtless in “Flight Of The Phoenix?” Yum yum, he’s still got it.

  4. says

    I wouldn’t say Putin is either a dictator or obsessed with power. Mostly I think he is obsessed with trying to hold Russia together, against forces both external (meddling by outside countries) and internal (oligarchs, extreme nationalism, poverty, failing infrastructure).

    People who equate him to a fascist dictator really know nothing about Russia other than some screeching headline trying to compare him to Hitler or Stalin. It sells newspapers, but doesn’t offer much in the way of truth or facts.

    Anyway, it isn’t news that Putin is a bit vain, likes to appear physically capable, and works out often (particularly judo at which he is quite skilled).

  5. Joshua says

    No dog tags in the bottom 2 pics…but the top pic may have one….it’s a cross in the bottom 2.

    Putin isn’t as bad as he could be, he’ took a country completely out of control and has managed to restore some confidence in it’s people and goverment…..while things may be close to a dictatorship, I never have faulted him for what he has had to do. Old Boris left a really big mess. What may be scary is who will be after Putin when he steps down next year.

  6. Terry says

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned this before… but WHERE? WHERE are the shirtless pics of His Serene Highness? He’s been something of a babe over the years. Lots and lots of gay speculation and innuendo too. So: whoever snapped these shots: let’s see the other half of the story! And yes, pace Dave, let’s see them snuggled in that Brokeback tent together….

  7. ScrewU says

    Putin is bad? What the hell do you know? How would you know he’s bad for Russian people if you’re not one of them? Compared to Putin Bush is a damn Antichrist who should burn for eternity. Keep listenining to western propaganda and believe that they say. God, some people are so ignorant

  8. bustervt says

    I love all the people on here being grossed out and putting these pictures down. Yet they would be the first to say YES to him if no one would find out. If this were a pic of some unknown person, people would be asking who he is, how can they reach him, how hot he is, great body for his age, etc. Since when does walking around without a shirt on mean you are an exhibitionist? The person who is saying this must have those awful man-boobs. From a pure sexual point of view, he would have NO problem getting laid. A lot more than some of those all grossed out on here are. And no, not by threatening to torture and kill them, just simply because he is a hot looking man!

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