Actor Owen Wilson Hospitalized in Failed Suicide Attempt

Late yesterday, the National Enquirer broke the sad news that actor Owen Wilson was in stable condition at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after being rushed to the hospital in what appears to be a failed suicide attempt:

Owenwilson“Wilson was transported to St. John’s hospital in Santa Monica , Calif. on Sunday, August 26, by ambulance. Sources tell the ENQUIRER and Star that he sliced his left wrists and took an indeterminate amount of pills. He was discovered by a family member who summoned help. Police and an ambulance responded to a 911 call from Owen’s house around noon on Sunday. His wrist was sutured and bandaged at the hospital. The ENQUIRER and Star broke the story of Owen’s hospitalization earlier Sunday and revealed that he was being transferred from St. John’s after being stabilized. The publications learned that he was going to be detoxed. Owen was brought in to St. John’s in very serious condition. Police were on the scene immediately as was a criminal defense attorney, believed to be working for Wilson. Some of Owen’s family was with him.”

Owen Wilson Hospitalized [variety]


  1. Michael W. says

    WHAT?!? That’s just unbelievable! He always seems so level-headed and down-to-earth in interviews…what could possibly have brought that on???

  2. says

    Sources are The National Enquirer and Star which aren’t always reliable. I hope it’s not true and if it is, I hope he gets the help he needs. He’s a wonderful funny actor who has much going for him.

  3. Wayne says

    Wow! I live in Dallas and see the Wilson brothers often when I’m out. They are well known in this area and really are grounded. Goes to prove that depression and drugs can happen to anyone. They’re a very tight family and he’ll have support and good wishes from many.

  4. sean says

    see all that talk and fanfare about ray richmond’s article re. merv griffin and his being gay and those that defended the deceased’s inaction at coming out as a matter of privacy should now look to this news as indeed an invasion of privacy. no one needs to know this news except those closest to mr. wilson.

  5. phil heffley says

    It is always weird when the rich, famous, and popular feel the need to check out. It just goes to show you, you never know what private pain someone else may be in.

  6. says

    Perhaps if his own criminal defense attorney rushed to the scene, it could indicate that he was about to be arrested for some serious crime, which would explain a suicide attempt. It’s very sad.

    His best movie was his first, Bottle Rocket.

  7. crispy says

    A suicide attempt is most often a cry for help or attention, rather than a genuine attempt to die. It seems strange that a celebrity of his stature would need attention.

  8. Felix says

    Nothing positive to said? dont say a thing. and dont give that 1rst amendment crap ’cause obviously you know nothing about the responsability that comes with freedom of speech.

  9. db says

    We seem to be speculating on this a lot without any information. We don’t know any background on this so any ideas about why are worthless.

    On the other hand, regarding his privacy. He is a movie actor and certainly doesn’t keep hi personal life out of the news when it will help him–his dating various actresses ect… Celebrities can’t pick and choose what they want reported–it’s part of the package.

  10. nic says

    we are intrigued when an attractive, successful, apparently level-headed person who seems to have it all, does something as drastic as this. if this had been pete dougherty, b. spears, amy einehouse, etc., who have been so public with their self-destructive behavior, we wouldn’t be surprised. but with this guy, though, you gotta wonder why?

  11. Miike says

    How do you let someone know and believe that 10,000-plus people really love them and care about them? How do you reach into someone’s heart and help them see that their presence on this planet has meaning for them, for us? This is sad. One can only hope Owens will step back and let us love him until he can love himself.

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