Gay Gaming Site Bullied by Homophobic Hackers, a site that covers video games and the gaming industry from a gay perspective, was hit by homophobic hackers over the weekend, Kotaku reports:

Bully“Flynn De Marco, the site’s owner and Kotaku weekend editor, said small waves of denial of service attacks started Wednesday morning, causing occasional timeouts on the site. By Friday the site, working with their host, was able to block the IPs where the DOS attacks seemed to be coming from. Then Friday evening someone began flooding the site’s forums and chat room with hate speech, including some death threats, and over-sized images meant to bog down the site, De Marco said. The flood of messages and images all originated from the same IP in Philadelphia, he added.”

The attack forced the site to go down for several hours while the onslaught was blocked. It came online again this morning.


  1. arkadin says

    like chris says, the existence of has sparked a lot of discussion about the necessity of a specifically “gay” gaming site. some of the most common rebuttals are “i don’t see any ‘straight’ gaming sites” and the like, even from people who are sympathetic to the lgbt community.

    as an avid reader of the site, i think the most important reason to stake out some territory is that, as a community, gay gamers often get hit by discrimination on two fronts – the gaming community is not exactly the gay-friendliest place to be (the incredibly common use of ‘gay’ to mean ‘bad’ and other epithets, for example. but the gay community is oftentimes not exactly the most tolerant of gamers in their midst. provides a terrific, inviting community that, to be sure, is a bit of a niche market (though they welcome all, regardless of identification), but is also one of the best gay sites around.

    thanks, andy, for bringing this to the attention of your readers.

  2. BeeDee says

    I’m a ardent reader at and despite being unable to get to the site since Thursday, am glad the compensation is all the attention to them. Be warned, however, it really is a gamers site with lots of insider pieces on PC/console games, comic books, and the lot.

    I’ve seen several of the discussion following the mainstream media’s attention to the DOS & hate attacks to the site – – there really is STILL this whole, sincere dysfunction/confusion from gay-friendly straights about why gay issues of any sort can’t just be covered in the mainstream media. “Why do the gays need special sites, accommodations, bars, et al?”

    I just find this dumbfounding! I’m not sure if we’ve turned into the stupidest most un-empathetic society on the planet or it is truly and forever beyond the grasp of the mainstream why minorities need the attention and safe haven of their own, by their own, about their own.

    I tried challenging one really well meaning guy to tell me the number of times he’d seen an piece on IGN or GamePlay about gay issues or from a gay issue. He couldn’t even recall all the ruckus about the lesbian on World of Warcraft being denied the right to form a Gay/Lesbian clan (which was a big story) – – and even that bring the point home for him…

    Obviously John Donne didn’t know any gays or lesbians.

  3. Royce says

    I agree Tyler. I did a show with Flynn in Atlanta. He is amazing. Check him out in this video clip. He’s at the very beginning and end of it.

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