News: Hurricane Dean, Keith Olbermann, Survivor, Faye Dunaway

road.jpg Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota named most gay-friendly school.

road.jpg Hurricane Dean makes landfall on Mexican coast as Category 5 monster storm: “The U.S. National Hurricane Center said it was the first Category 5 storm to make landfall in the Atlantic Basin since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Dean was still packing sustained winds of 165 miles per hour (268 kph), with gust of up to 200 mph when it came ashore, but was expected to weaken as it passed over the Yucatan Peninsula.”

Survivorroad.jpg Cast of Survivor: China includes 22-year-old gay Mormon Todd Herzog who says he is prepared to “gather wood and sh*t.”

road.jpg Faye Dunaway orders poultry by the pound at Koo Koo Roo: “She ordered chicken and broccoli to go, and then she sat at a table with her food container. She pulled a tiny scale out of her purse and . . . proceeded to pull the chicken meat off the bones and weigh it. She piled the bones and skin on a napkin. She carefully weighed the chicken meat and broccoli, and the broccoli was a little short, so she went to the counter and asked for more.”

road.jpg Despite “huge” LGBT population, teens in the Bronx live on the down low or face harassment: “LGBT youth say that Bronx schools are particularly tough environments. ‘I’m considered, like, a dyke in my school,’ said 15-year old Angel S., who has knife scars on her right knee from a fight. A boy ‘pushed me down a flight of stairs because I liked his girlfriend.'”

road.jpg Officials knew Minneapolis bridge was in danger of collapse: “Internal MnDOT documents reviewed by the Star Tribune reveal that last year bridge officials talked openly about the possibility of the bridge collapsing — and worried that it might have to be condemned. The documents provide the first look inside MnDOT’s decision-making process as engineers weighed benefits and risks, wrestling with options to prevent what they believed was a remote but real possibility of the eight-lane freeway bridge failing.”

road.jpg Arjan interviews Danish dance duo Junior Senior.

road.jpg Testing the water: Countdown with Keith Olbermann to get tryout on NBC prior to this Sunday’s Eagles/Steelers game.

Lancebasscornycollinsroad.jpg It’s Corny Collins time!

road.jpg Gary Steinsmith, gay activist in South Florida, dies at 50.

road.jpg Amy Winehouse leaves rehab again.

road.jpg Chilean gay activists cry foul over sodomy conviction: “On Aug. 10, a panel of judges in Antofagasta, Region II, found a 47-year-old laborer guilty of sodomizing a 17-year-old male. Because the accused had no previous criminal record, the court sentenced him to 41 days in jail – far less than the 541-day jail term prosecutors had recommended. The case began when police discovered the two having sex in a pickup truck. Although the young man in question – just 12 days shy of his 18th birthday at the time of the incident – testified that the sex was consensual, prosecutors nevertheless pursued the case, arguing that the accused ‘corrupted the child’s sexual morality.’ The ruling – the first sodomy conviction to be issued in Region II since the country’s criminal law procedures were overhauled in 2001 – was not well received by the Movement for Homosexual Integration and Freedom (MOVILH), Chile’s leading gay rights organization…Chile’s Criminal Code is biased against homosexuals, MOVILH claims. One problem is a major discrepancy regarding the legal age of sexual consent: 14, for heterosexuals, 18 for homosexuals. MOVILH describes the difference as ‘arbitrary, unjust and hypocritical.'”


  1. bigggnasty says

    Faye is the Queen. We must all start sacrificing chicken bones and skins to the Queen.

  2. says

    I hate Pink is the New Blog
    and I HATE clicking on a link and ending up there, thus adding to the perceived value of the thing to its advertisers.
    I hate it.
    I feel MUCH better, now.

  3. says

    anybody who calls themselves a “gay mormon” should really just call themselves a “gay bigot” or a “gay opportunist”…cause it would be more acurrate….mormans are all about the bigotry…

  4. Jordan says

    Just what EXACTLY is wrong with Faye Dunaway? Has she just lost her mind or what? She cannot be that damn cheap! She seriously needs medication. She really IS turning into Joan Crawford.

    I feel so sorry for whoever waited on her, cause you know she was a royal pain in the ass. Yeah, she would have gotten chicken alright if I had waited on her….(but woe be to the person who ate it 😉

  5. Huntley Hancock says

    If ever there was a performer born to play a character named “Corny” it’s Lance Bass.

  6. ohmy says

    I stopped watching Survivor a few seasons ago, but I’m impressed they’re doing a season in China. South China, let’s be clear, because the very idea of Survivor without bikinis and bare abs would really push their luck.

    (Sigh… Survivor: Canada, where are you? I don’t watch, but I’d try out for it.)

  7. says

    Faye is most likely on a diet. *(Andy, you know how many women in Hollywood weigh their food. Food and coke are both weighed in ounces before a meal)

    And… does anyone else think Lance Bass looks (and has always looked) just plain wierd? The cross-eyed crooner always appears to me something like a silly-puddy newspaper transfer that has started to shift and droop – like his features aren’t actually attached to his face.

    And STOP CROSSING YOUR EYES! I guess his mom was right. It DID stick like that.

  8. says

    A 47-year old was banging a 17 year-old? As the saying goes, “good for him!”

    Chile’s trying, but it needs to try harder to catch up with the rest of the civilized world. Is it still illegal to divorce there?

  9. emmarose says

    maybe faye just wanted her money’s worth and isn’t raking in bucks anymore. that is weird though. who walks around with a scale with them? and diet? she’s a walking toothpick as it is.