Is Dick Cheney a Better Shot Than You Are?


43% of Americans think that Cheney would shoot them first.

The kid won $100,000 for accurately guessing that question, and then went on to win $1 million. I guess they wanted to start the show off with a bang (so to speak) but if they’re giving away money that quickly, Carey noted, “they won’t last until September.”


  1. Wes says

    35-55%? That’s a huge range they allow for a question apparently worth $100,000. Really, its not hard at all to guess it would be somewhere within that range.

    Carey is right, they are going to run out of money giving it away at this rate.

  2. Bobby says

    I saw this last night, too, and I loved it. The vet school student was adorable. I’m glad he had the guts to go for the $1 million (against the advice of his father but with the advice of his mother — the ‘rents are divorced) and the courage to refuse to the offer for the $10 million.

  3. Bobby says

    BTW, the game works like this:
    Round one, two people face off to see who can get three range predicitions correct first. Then, the winner of round one starts with a $1,000 question and the range is 40 percent; $10,000 question the range is 30 percent; $100,000 question the range is 20 percent; $1,000,000 question, the range is 10 percent; $10,000,000 question, you have to give the exact percentage amount based on the $1,000,000 question’s answer range. It is a fun game. I can’t wait for the question about people who don’t wear underwear…I want to know where I fit in on that issue. :-)

  4. tony the tiger says

    THAT KID LOOKS LIKE A HOMO–look at the way he clasps his hands: he’ll probably blow through the whole $1 million in one weekend at Palm Springs (on lap dances and worse).

  5. Leland says

    A ballsier question [except for the fact that Cheney essentially IS the President] is the one they’ve been showing in all the previews: “How many Americans think they’re smarter than President Bush?” Which, yes, should gall Carey even more—unless he’s come to his own senses—given that he has praised Bush in the past. Do they accept write-in questions: “What percentage of gay Americans will be stupid enough to vote for a Republican again?”

    Simple but challenging game concept and an incredible amount of money on the table. One hopes they do survive and are scheduled opposite Idol when it returns and put that circus of mediocrity and dishonesty out of our misery.

  6. Andrew says

    the answer really depends on if you are as evil and as satan like as cheney. you know that bloated bastard would turn around and shoot at the count of one (1). then call in butt boy gonzales to make up new rules.

  7. Bobby says

    Speaking of American intellect, the $1,000 dollar question (range of 40 percent) asked how many Americans questioned thought Vin Diesel instead of Karl Diesel as the person who invented the deisel engine. The kid set the range from about 5-45 percent. His dad said, “I don’t think most Americans are very intelligent” or something like that. I hooted! :-) The answer: 25 percent of Americans questioned believe Vin Diesel was the inventor of the diesel engine.

  8. Steve says

    You’d think that, after the 2006 elections, they’d tone down the right-wing presence on television… Sadly, though, it seems as if Drew Carey is the new Republican media darling.

  9. says

    I don’t know if this is a spoiler or not… I think I saw it on a promo for the show. The answer to “How many Americans think they’re smarter than President Bush?” is 60%.

    I’d have thought it would have been higher.

  10. Leland says

    Wow! I never knew MENSA holds their conventions on Towleroad. Most television programming everywhere is stupid, asswipe. Have you ever watched any game shows from Mexico or Japan? Many make ours look like GE College Bowl.

    I luv most of the comedies and dramas PBS imports from British television, but that’s the cream of the crop. You only have to try to keep from poking your eyes out and sticking pencils in your ears for five minutes of “As Time Goes By” to realize they can produce popular crap, too. And THAT stars the divine Judi Densch!

    As for this show, being able to predict what other people say isn’t that easy or there wouldn’t be a competition. In the last few minutes of last night’s show, one woman made it to the next one by coming closer to predicting such things that a second woman who, in at least one instance, was some 50 points off.

    And, yes, it was gratifying to see the kid have the sense to not risk his million when so often macho or female greedy fools lose it all.

    Now if you want to feel smug [or frightened] about how dumb Americans are, just watch one episode of, “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?” Fun AND scary!

  11. Joshua says

    They suckered me in to watch this last night as well. Leland is right, guessing percentages and actually being close isn’t as easy as it looks. But the guy who won the million last night actually was very close on the lower spreads than I was.
    Now, I thought he was a hot little hunk……I doubt he’s gay, but I wouldn’t mind a romp with him.

  12. koko says

    The dude’s not gay. He was on the radio this morning retelling how his girlfriend dragged him on to the show. She wanted to be on it, but he got selected instead.

  13. Mike Hunt says

    oh Koko honey, LOTS of queens that aren’t out have “girlfriends” at 19. I doubt he’d go on the radio talking about his hot BF if he’s in the closet…
    …just playing devil’s advocate, that’s all

  14. says

    Saw it and thought the show was fantasic. Best of all, the 19 year old contestant was intelligent, has a future and he appears deserving. Wonder how much money his mother will rangle away from him?

  15. nic says

    drew carey claims to be a libertarian, which seems to me to be little more than republican-lite: unbridled capitalism, little or no taxes, no social programs. the only important thing that separates libertarians from the repugs is their belief that government should stay out of people’s personal lives and affairs. fuck him.

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