Kanye West and Ne-Yo: We’re Not Gay!

In a recent issue of Straight magazine (not kidding, though it’s a Vancouver-based magazine playing off the Strait of Georgia between Vancouver island and the Pacific coast), R&B singer-songwriter Ne-Yo decided to tell the world he’s straight again:

Neyo“In not ever having to deal with anything like this before (gay rumors), I got mad. But then Jay-Z broke it down for me, like, ‘This is the music business. You gotta take the bad with the good. If you’re doing something right, haters are going to come around, and they’re not going to go anywhere. You gotta learn how to let that roll off your back.’ Anybody that knows me, knows I’m not gay. If you wanna know, I’ve been an open book since day one. All you’ve got to do is ask, and I’ll tell you: I love women.”

Ne-Yo wrote Beyoncé’s hit “Irreplaceable” as well as several Rihanna singles including “Good Girl Gone Bad” and “Unfaithful”.

Meanwhile, on SMACK DVD, Kanye West responds to Beanie Sigel’s accusations that he’s gay (video below):

“I’m just saying…@#$%*%, I’m not gay. @#$%*%, don’t come at me on none of that @#$%. Don’t @#$ing disrespect me. I respect where he coming from. I respect Beans’ gangsta, I’m not gangsta, but I’m not gay either. Don’t disrespect me as a @#$%ing man. That’s all I’m saying. That’s it.”

Ne-Yo: Ready for Love [straight]

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  1. Steve says

    “Respect” and “Disrespect” are two overused words currently. The same way that “heroes” is overused.

    Respect should be earned, so what good is it if it is demanded of someone?

  2. Wes says

    ‘Gay’ is the worst thing possible you can accuse a homophobic hip hop artist of being.

    Disrespecting women. Okay.

    Doing/selling hard drugs. Cool.

    Being a violent criminal. Good.

    Being a homosexual. Oh hell no.

  3. Iko says

    “Don’t disrespect me as a @#$%ing man.”

    Oh, no need to worry about that! You’d have to deserve respect in order to be disrespected.

  4. buffaloshit says

    Every male celebrity who makes a point of saying to the press that they are not gay, is really GAY, GAY, GAY!!!

  5. JR says

    Um, Kanye West is not gay and clearly not very articulate or intelligent. Amazing that anyone would give a shit about this guy’s sexuality. This is the same guy that bitched and cried because he didn’t get some award or something a few years back. He obviously thinks he matters. Sad.

  6. Johnny says

    West knows it’s insulting to gays to act like being called gay is the worst thing you can say about someone, he just doesn’t care. I know he’s said there should be less homophobia in Rap, but then later he went on record saying he didn’t know if he supports gay marriage. I’ve supported equality of the races ever since I was a small child in the early 70s. Full equality has never been a confusing issue to me. And yet West doesn’t know if he could bear the thought of faggots sharing the same rights he enjoys. Don’t disrespect him as a man, but fags, disrespect them all you want. That’s not exactly what MLK was fighting for Mr. West.

  7. Bill says

    These self-important idiots are so tiring. Who actually gives a damn what they think. The homophobia is rampant in this underculture. It’s ironic that so many of their “lyrics” deal with racism and prejudice, yet they remain bigots in other ways. They call each other gay like they were still in the schoolyard. Sorry assholes.

  8. MM says

    What’s most disturbing about Kanye’s comments is that about a year ago, he did an interview with MTV where he spoke out about homophobia in hip-hop. He repeatedly made the point that hatred/disrespect toward gays is inappropriate. And yet, when someone suggests that he is gay, he responds with “Don’t disrespect me as a @#$%ing man.” Granted, it was suggested with the intent of demeaning him, but that quote is completely incongruous with his MTV interview. Come on Kanye, a little consistency wouldn’t kill you!

  9. Johnny says

    MM, he had already backtracked a couple years ago by saying he didn’t know if he supports gay marriage. And that wasn’t a response to a direct question about it, West just decided on his own to put his musings about gay marriage out there. As far as I’m concerned, it was no different that a white person saying they’re not sure blacks should be able to drink from the same water fountain as they do.

  10. says

    I thought Kanye knew better than equating being called gay and “disrespect”!! What the hell happened to his otherwise bright mind?

  11. says

    kanye is a ridiculous fool. my goodness and ne-yo.

    his name is fucking ne-yo. that’s the draggiest name i’ve heard on a man in a long time. the hyphen DEF. helps.

    but seriously when i read this i had to just get up from my desk and walk it off a minute. it just pisses me off as a black man to see how ignorantly we’re represented in popular media. this is it- and kanye west is called one of the smart ones of black culture in popular media! the one that takes risks! i…it just pisses me off that some kids are looking up to this. all they are doing is helping perpetuate homophobia and prejudice in society. in our society, in black culture, in hip hop culture, in fucking popular music…

    but i guess we’ve already established kanye is a hypocrite. it’s pretty obvious i know…but still, it’s just FUCKING sad man.

    and odds are there are so many young gay boys and girls that are gonna continue to buy and support these two douche bags. ugh.

    but you know if these had been two WHITE artists talking about how they’re “not black” and would “never be black” and to not disrespect them by “calling them black” there would definitely be a call for a boycott and action WOULD be taken.

    they need a lesson. and i’m just angry.


  12. Giovanni says

    You would never know this from the pedestrian music tastes of Towleroad but not all hip hop is alike. I would suggest checking out Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, The Roots or Common among others if you want to hear a different point of view.

    I actually dig Kanye so it sux to hear him equate being called gay with having his manhood disrespected though it’s clear that is exactly what the extremely mediocre and completely irrelevent Siegal meant to do – disrespect him – in the most vile but predictable way.

    It’s a bit pathetic of West to respond at all given the millons of ablums he sells – you would think he would be above the usual shenanigans and although he has tried in the past to publicly address the homophobia in hiphop, he is going to have to make more of an effort if he truly wants to be the evolved man he claims he is – until then I will probably skip his new album. The game won’t change unless you change it.

  13. anon (gmail.com) says

    Can anyone explain why people think they are gay to begin with?

    Is this a publicity stunt: denying rumors that don’t exist? As in: “I’m not the father of that child!”.

  14. el polacko says

    most black men who have sex with men do not consider themselves “gay” which is seen as an effeminate term. they should have asked these guys if they’re ‘on the downlow’ because a whole LOT of black men are.

  15. sugarrhill says

    @ El Polacko: Generalize much?

    And everyone else needs to chill. Kayne did overreact, but to label him homophobic is ridiculous. There doesn’t seem to be any right answer for anyone on this site if they are labeled or suspected of being gay and claim otherwise. Because even if they don’t even address the issue people here will still say they are gay.

  16. DONOVAN says

    Wow, pathetic. What a douche.

    Yeah, I know not all hip-hop artists are like this…but there sure seem to be a LOT who are so anti-racism and yet unabashedly bigoted in other ways. It’s such lame hypocracy.

  17. sugarrhill says

    @ Donovan: I’m not dismissing Kayne’s comments at all. But every marginalized group ahs it’s own set of issues, especially the gay community. I mean, there are gay men that are stridently against associating with any gay man that isn’t straight acting. If that’s not self hatred and hypocracy I don’t know what is.

  18. Ron says

    Since most people who read this blog have no interest in hip hop and rap, why does Towleroad insist on highlighting what a particular rapper has to say regarding gays? Most people here don’t seem to care what they think one way or the other.

    And btw, rappers aren’t the only group of people who could be labeled unabashedly bigoted….

  19. JR says

    Taken out of context, Kanye’s attitude seems pretty homophobic. Within the situation however, it just appears he didn’t like the circumstances of the interview. Whether he is or isn’t homophobic, it seems kind of lame that he would react that way to someone asking him if he’s gay. The simple answer is “No, I’m not”. Getting upset about it creates the issue at hand. If he really doesn’t have a problem with homosexuality, then what’s the problem here? Being disrespected? Honestly, I don’t care so much for his music, but if he is touted as one of the “evolved” artists in hip-hop, you would never know it by the way he is reacting and by the way he is expressing himself. “knowhatimsayn?”

  20. says

    Oprah Winfrey, Whitney Houston, Matthew McCaugheny, John Travolta, Christopher Reeves, etc…

    Doesn’t the “gay community” always pretend to be normal by claiming everyone else is gay?

  21. soulbrotha says

    Kanye, wasn’t your punk ass just saying not too long ago, that you support gays and that some of your family members are gay?

    From AfterElton.com:
    Above all, no one said it better than Kanye West in 2005 during an interview with MTV. He admitted to his own homophobia when he was a child, but when he discovered his cousin was gay he realized how hateful he was being. In relation to hip-hop Kanye explained, “Everyone in hip-hop discriminates against gay people. Not just hip-hop, but America just discriminates. And I wanna just, to come on TV and just tell my rappers, just tell my friends, ‘Yo, stop it.'”

    And now you equate homosexuality as a diss to manhood? Fuck you! Get John Legend’s dick out of your hypocritical mouth and talk some sense!
    And just for the record, I would never disrespect you as a MAN because you would have to BE a man first.
    As a bitch-ass pu**y, yes. But a MAN? Never.

    Kanye: “Bush hates Black people”.
    Beanie Siegel: “Kanye hates bush”.

  22. Brandon says

    I’ve only passed by this site a few times, but decided to bookmark it and take a read, but I must say this “I’m Not Gay” section has to be the best and funniest on here.