Ravaged Serbian Village Unveils Monument to Rocky Balboa


Ravaged by floods, landslides, unemployment, murder, and diseases on farms in recent years, the village of Zitiste, north of Belgrade in Serbia, has gained a “disaster-prone” reputation, according to the Associated Press.

So locals came up with the idea of creating something that might both attract tourists and stand as a symbol of strength, courage, and victory — a good luck symbol, if you will.

The solution: a 9 ft. monument to Rocky Balboa. And on Sunday, they had the unveiling:


  1. the queen says

    Poor Serbs, that statue is the biggest disaster to befall them yet. I suppose the much anticipated Rocky Balboa theme park is next?

  2. says

    The full story is even more interesting: the unveiling comes during the Žitište Chicken Fest — a rock and culture festival sponsored by the local meat packing plant, which is the largest in Serbia. They have a full webpage devoted to the Rocky- Žitište project, including some chickens!


    The statue is obviously a follow-up to the gilt bronze statue of Bruce Lee erected two years ago in Mostar: Bruce Lee was the only hero all sides could agree on!


    Unfortunately blogger Balkan Baby found that the statue has now been vandalized or stolen, and only the stone base survives:


  3. Tread says

    As stupid to Americans as it may seem, to Serbs, Rocky Balboa is a symbol of hope and aspiration that they can rally around.

    Having been to Serbia the past three years, I can safely say they need all the hope and aspiration they can get. But it’s easy to judge people you know absolutely nothing about.

  4. ohmy says

    Unfortunately just hours after the unveiling the statue fell over, causing a school bus full of orphans to drive off a bridge.

    Is Serbia so bad they’re reduced to starting Cargo Cults?