1. peterparker says

    I love Senator Craig’s lead off, “Thank you all very much for coming out today.” Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  2. Chad says

    The real lesson to be learned from Mr Craig is this: If you are in a public place and you happen to be, oh let’s say, in your 60’s, and a hot frat boy young enough to be your grandson seems interested in having sex with you on the spot, remember that things that seem too good to be true usually are. Your ass is about to get fucked. And not in a good way…

  3. Gregg says

    I believe it was “split rose” not “spit roast”. And by “split rose” I take it to mean that he had both men in the same hole. Or is that just my filthy mind?

  4. anon says

    Little ritan is soooo funny.

    Tracy Ulman actualy did a similar bit a long time ago on her HBO series but it wasn’t in a bathroom the mp got caught it was a men’s club thing or something or other he got caught at.

  5. LALALA says

    Not sure who ‘Bill’ is, but this post seems to have been inspired by my comment on the original post earlier today, which linked to the LB clips and mentioned that no one had put Sir Norman Fry side-by-side with Craig… maybe not, but kinda seems like it.

    p.s. It is ‘spit roast,’ as in a pig or other animal skewered through the mouth and rear with a long ‘spit,’ and hung over a fire to cook.

  6. Mike says

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (to both videos)

    That out of the way, he needs to get a clue about the legal process. In Texas where I live, if you plea guilty, you forfeit your right to appleal. Period. Many states have the same provisions. I’m not sure if Idaho is the same, but I do suspect so.
    Can you say he’s doing anything he can to keep his cushy position?

    p.s. I hope he’s not gay. He’s a meanspirited, hypocritical old troll. Please, straight people, KEEP HIM!!!

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