Towleroad Guide to the Tube #171

ARI GOLD: Brand new video animated by Joe Phillips for “Where the Music Takes You”. Lots more on the video from Arjan.

JAKE GYLLENHAAL: AJ Hammer asks Jake his opinions on the use of torture.

JOHN EDWARDS: Edwards paid for this ad on MSNBC that aired after Bush’s speech last night.

TYRA BANKS: Has some words for Britney Spears.

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  1. David says

    Re: Jake Gyllenhaal…

    This is an excellent example of why actors/actresses should just look pretty and never say anything except what is written in a script.

  2. jimmyboyo says

    Edwards stepped up to the plate and hit a home run with that rebuttal ad.

    Obama stepped up to the plate and then laid down the bat and walked away with his “but there are not enough votes in the senate to do anything” schtick. While in fact all they need is 41 dems (out of 51 current dems) to fillibuster any financing bill bush asks for for the war till he agrees to FIRM SET WITHDRAWL dates.

    clinton has her finger in the wind trying to figure out when she might consider thinking about stepping up to the possible plate in the future if it is politicaly expedient and fortuitous for her personal goals for power.

  3. Ken says

    Jake – Is he fucking retarded? I am so not spanking it to him anymore.
    I hope that he really just didn’t understand the question which would mean he’s just stupid as opposed to totally amoral.

  4. nic says

    i was so hoping that i would never have to relegate him to the cute-but-stupid file. (wiping a lone tear from my cheek)

  5. Patrick M says

    Dumb dumb dumb…

    And the same useless strawman – “We save 5,000 people by torturing one.” No you don’t – you never even save one person – these are always only ever hypotheticals.

    You do actually kill the mind and injure the body of the torture victim, and destroy the souls of those doing the torturing.

  6. Landis says

    I am going to send the vid to my sister – she always thought Jake is so cute. It will help wipe that one off her list.

  7. darb says

    You all seriously got from that clip that Jake G. is pro-torture? Most I could take away is that he’s pro debate about the issue. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no debate in my head — it’s wrong. But I think its a stretch to assume from this clip that JG thinks its OK. And not just saying this cuz I have a crush on him, cuz I actually never really got the hype about him.

  8. says

    So the one being tortured has been convicted and declared guilty in a court of law? No, they are just accused, and such a policy of torture would certainly have some innocent people being tortured as well as the guilty.

  9. peterparker says

    DARB…the transcript of the interview is as follows:

    A.J. HAMMER: “So in some ways, it can be justifiable if the ends are proper?”

    JAKE GYLLENHAAL: “Yes, I think that’s the debate in the movie. I think that’s the extraordinary scene between Peter Saarsgard and Meryl Streep. When they meet and Peter says ‘You’re torturing someone’ and she says, ‘But we’re keeping 5000 people alive by torturing one person’. So I think the debate is what it’s about. I think the debate is what it’s always about. That’s what makes, you know… can come to a resolution that way, some interesting resolution. Whereas you know one person take a stance, just demands that’s how it goes, and then like imposes it on the rest of the world…I think that’s wrong.”

    It sounds to me as though Jake is saying that it is important to have debate about the issue…but that sometimes torture is justified. And I’m very disappointed that that is his opinion.

  10. Leland Frances says

    I would pay to can Jake’s shit and save it to eat on holidays but nothing is a better indicator of why we are where we are—America, the gay community, the world—than the fact that more people apparently care about what Jake has to say than a candidate for President of the United State.

    Jake may or may not have been equivocal about torture but Edwards couldn’t have been clearer about the war itself and for that he has my respect.

  11. Gregg says

    Edwards – great clip.

    Tyra – hysterical! Loved it!

    Jake – I’d really like to hear the actual wording of the initial question in this interview. It does sound like he’s pro-torture from the way they edited it. But he may be answering solely in the context of the film and his character in it. I expect we’ll see some kind of press release from him shortly…

  12. says

    Edwards is the man.

    WTF was that Tyra clip? Was there a point hiding somewhere in that shrill yapping? People can actually stand to watch that crap?

    The Ari Gold song is… meh. The video is awful. Wow… I need to go rinse the taste of bile out of my mouth now. BRB.

  13. Jemmytee says

    What I find interesting/disturbing about Jake’s response is that he says “yes” to AJ’s question — “So in some ways, (torture) can be justifiable if the ends are proper?” That he sort of qualifies/muddies the waters with the rest of his response is immaterial. From the video, it’s obvious he is listening to AJ ask the question…and he does not say “No, I don’t believe it’s justifiable, BUT I think that’s the debate in the movie.” He says, “Yes.” He fucking said, “Yes.”

  14. says

    rendition is not just plain ol’ basement torture…
    wondering if Jake thinks it’s ethical to kidnap an american “suspect” and transport them to a foreign country’s custody (egypt, romania, syria, etc) bypassing due process, where in most cases the victim “disappears” afterwards never to be seen again alive.
    somehow, seems like that illegal variety of death is not worth the lives of thousands. Is that the freedom America shoves down the world’s throat?
    I will not go to see Gyllenhaal’s movie.
    besides, Rendition seems like a harrison ford version of Hostel II.