Bloc Party Security Says “Hey You” Before Headlocking Madonna

Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke told the Chicago Tribune that the thing that surprised him most about playing the recent Live Earth 2007 was that “super-huge fan” Madonna came to see them in their dressing room. Unfortunately, the trip to meet the band didn’t turn out so well for Madge.

KeleokerekeSaid Okereke: “Our tour manager is this guy from Scotland that doesn’t know much about popular culture and popular music. So when she came in, he alerted security and security dragged her out. They had her head in a headlock, and they were putting her out of the dressing room. It was really surreal, and everyone stopped speaking. And the only thing we could hear is Madonna cursing and saying she’s gonna kill these guys. Yeah. She’s really tough because of all that pilates that she does. She [got out] of the headlock quite easily. And some of her people came along and told the security guards off, but she was so pissed off at that point that [when] I went to tell her that I was a huge fan of hers she completely freaked out and told me to get the hell away from her. And that was all in the space of like 10 minutes backstage at Live Earth.”

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  1. peterparker says

    How on earth could ANYONE, especially someone in the music industry, have possibly failed to recognize Madonna? My God, she’s one of the most photographed people in the world.

  2. LMAO says

    LOL!!! If there is a God, then somebody had a video camera and this will be on YouTube!!!! Hahahaha..

    I would kill to see Vadge in a headlock being dragged out!!!

    You know she thinks she is ALL THAT!!!….


  3. michael says

    When I first heard this story (2 weeks ago) I almost died. I would kill to see a video of this incident. The mental picture of Madonna in a headlock cussing her ass off is GOLD. Someone should have pulled out a camera phone at least! haha

    The tour manager is a fucking idiot though. How could he seriously not know who she is??

  4. says

    Whatever. That story can’t possibly be true. Even if their pop-culturally retarded manager didn’t know it was Madonna, the security guard would. Besides, Madonna is the tiniest thing. Why would a headlock even be necessary.

    He’s blowing smoke y’all.

  5. Christopher says

    I stand with my twisted sisters above. Madge not being recognized and thrown into a headlock is PRICELESS. Here’s betting her affected, clipped British accent dissolved into a Bay City nasal honk at the first “LET ME THE BLOODY FUCK GO!”

  6. JLS says

    This can’t be true. How could anyone be a huge fan of Madonna anymore?

    I’m not convinced she has any measurable amount of talent. He Live Earth song was a fucking joke, she can’t sing, and her last album was mediocre disposable dance crap at best (it could’ve been done by anyone, it only sold because it had Madonna branding).

  7. nic says

    well, JLS, she’s gotten a lot of mileage and money out of her lack of talent.

    i’m convinced some people bitch just to bitch.


    if that really did happen to her, a video of that would be priceless. the mental picture alone is gold.

  8. JR says

    to JLS,

    Yawn… I’m sorry, I think I missed the title of YOUR album. What was it again? Oh that’s right, you’ve never made one. That’s because the one with no talent is you. Unless of course you count bitching as a talent. In that case you’re a STAR! Cheers!

  9. Neal says

    Funny story but I’ll eat my shoe if its true.
    And badmouthing celebs is getting a bit boring isn’t it? I mean what is the point? I ignore the folks I don’t care for and focus on the ones I do. The concept isn’t that hard to grasp.

  10. JR says

    JR- So let me get this straight: Because, according to you, I don’t have a record out, I can’t possibly tell good music from bad music (like that amateurish crap song Madonna did for Live Earth?)?

    That logic makes all kinds of sense. Please never breed.

    Aand just a side note: I work in a recording studio.

  11. Madonna says


    she is going through HARD TIMES!!!

    she is going through all crap just trying to be a good mother and adopting all those kids.


  12. JR says

    Did JR leave a post for JR??? Yeah, that took some smarts. “Aand just a side note:” Learn to use spell check JLS.

    Now for some clarity. No, a person doesn’t have to BE a recording artist to have their own personal taste as far as what they like to listen to. But unless you have some sort of credentials that make you an authority in the music industry or that give you leverage on Madonna’s career or talent, you need to shut the fuck up. And “working in a recording studio” doesn’t give you cred. By the sound of it you probably clean the toilets there. “that amateurish crap song Madonna did for Live Earth?” Wow, you’re a fucking genius! Are you like a producer or something???

    As for claiming to know what is good or bad music, be an armchair critic if you want, but everyone is entitled (even you) to enjoy crap if they want to.

    What’s that sound? It’s you, being a moron. Learn to post with your own initials please.

  13. Jordan says

    I find it extremely unbelieveable that ANYONE, except perhaps someone in Somalia or Darfur to not know who Madonna is or recognize her, since she is probably the second most famous (and photographed) woman on the planet.

    And funny, that “her last album was mediocre disposable dance crap at best” but somehow the tour from that album made her $260 million and went down in history as the most ever made by a female artist.

    When all is said, she STILL has the last word (and laugh).

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