Census Results Reveal Same-Sex Marriage Surge in Canada

New census numbers show that same-sex marriages are occurring at five times the rate of heterosexual marriages in Canada, according to the Canadian Press.

CanadagaymarriageStatistics Canada released their report today: “The number of same-sex couples surged 32.6% between 2001 and 2006, five times the pace of opposite-sex couples (+5.9%). For the first time, the census counted same-sex married couples, reflecting the legalization of same-sex marriages for all of Canada as of July 2005. In total, the census enumerated 45,345 same-sex couples, of which 7,465, or 16.5%, were married couples. Half of all same-sex couples in Canada lived in the three largest census metropolitan areas, Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver, in 2006. Toronto accounted for 21.2% of all same-sex couples, Montréal, 18.4% and Vancouver, 10.3%. In 2006, same-sex couples represented 0.6% of all couples in Canada. This is comparable to data from New Zealand (0.7%) and Australia (0.6%). Over half (53.7%) of same-sex married spouses were men in 2006, compared with 46.3% who were women. Proportions were similar among same-sex common-law partners in both 2006 and 2001. About 9.0% of persons in same-sex couples had children aged 24 years and under living in the home in 2006. This was more common for females (16.3%) than for males (2.9%) in same-sex couples.”

Said Anne Milan, a Statistics Canada senior analyst: “It’s the first time that we’ve asked same sex marriage so it’s really a benchmark number. Future census releases will allow us to compare the count and see what’s happening.”

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Posted September 12, 2007 at 10:10am ETC by Andy Towle
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