1. Jimmyboyo says

    What is funny is that you have to go all the way to pigeon forge tn to find religous fundie actors. LOL

    Probably mostly made up of soccer moms who act in the yearly church xmas play.

  2. secretagentman says

    When Larry King showed this to her on his show she said ” are there dancers? you know some of them would be my people, they just dont know it”. Its on YouTube.
    love her.

  3. rudy says

    NO, no, no. The second amendment guarantee of “free speech” is speech free of GOVERNMENTAL intrusion/censorship. The Bill of Rights imposes limitations on the actions of the federal government. The Bill of Rights does not affirmatively grant some nebulous “right” to a citizen to say whatever she wants, whenever she wants. And it certainly does not limit anyone from responding. Indeed, the very purpose of the second amendment is to stimulate the “marketplace of ideas”. More speech; not less speech.
    One may disagree with the wisdom of the theatre group responding as it did but the seond amendment is not implicated by any means or measure. The second amendment is constitutionally irrelevant to the instant discussion.

  4. silverskreen says

    People go to war in the name of God; they spew hate in the name of Jesus; they do all sorts of evils in his name, and this…this is what they’re worried about?
    They can suck it.

  5. David says

    if Jesus willingly and knowingly died for our sins, I am sure that he can take a joke…
    good use of money folks…
    if christians were a little less uptight about what everyone else is doing and put more deeds where their faith should be, the world would be a better place.

  6. says

    Their site mentioned Kathy Griffin’s site, which I had never visited. I saw on her tour page that she is coming to Chicago, so I bought tickets.

    Pigeon Forge just made Kathy and her promoters $200.

  7. Wes says

    “The mission of The Miracle Theater is to present faith-based family entertainment through live theatrical productions revealing the person of Jesus Christ as the Living Word of God.”

    soooo…. its like a bible reenactment group

    I bet their sermons don’t even have showtunes

  8. Michael W. says

    Hm. So, with all the hungry and sick people in the world, this is the best way to spend people’s tithes? I swear, the government ought to start collecting taxes on these hypocritical sons of bitches so they’ll either put up or shut up!

  9. says

    I’m sure it was an error of haste, but it’s the First Amendment that’s the guarantee of free speech:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    The Second one is the militia one. Anyway – the Pigeon Forge Christians have just as much right to publish their silly ad and I’m glad they did – someone gets to see Kathy in Chicago now! And I went to see if she was coming back to TX anytime soon.

    I heart KG

  10. the queen says

    I agree with Sam, the publicity is priceless for Kathy (and maybe Jesus, too) and you know she just adores that kind of thing, now that she’s riding the crest of the fame wave. But goodness gracious, why didn’t those x-tians donate god’s money to charity? Dumb!

  11. Brian says

    The right to free speech includes the right to be offensive to others.

    These “Jesus-is-my-boyfriend” actors should thank their lucky stars that this is true for them as well.

  12. Anderson says

    That Christian group is so BOOOOORING.
    Interestingly enough, I am having “retro” day music wise, and while reading this post Tori Amos was singing, “are there devils with halos and beautiful capes taking them into the flames…” From the song Not The Red Baron on her Boys for Pele cd.

  13. Rick says

    Perhaps it is truly that, and ad. Perhaps they think that by responding to Kathy Griffin’s comments in this way, they were expecting for it to not only be presented in the news paper as an ad, but to become news itself and thus promoting them even more amidst Kathy’s own wave of fame. Thus, it’s fueling both Kathy Griffin to a more prominent position in the public’s eye as well as themselves. I’m just not sure if I see them attracting enough fanatical Christians to their productions to make up the amount they spent for the ad space.

  14. Ruh-Ro says

    Uh, Rudy, please check your copy of the constitution….second amendment is the right to bear arms, its the first amendment that guarantees free speech.

    And btw, I don’t think anyone is arguing the wingnuts who published this ad don’t have the right to their opinion. I think we’re questioning why a small community theater supposedly interested in promoting Christian values would spend so much money on something that will be forgotten so soon.

  15. db says

    Wow, how does a theatre company have $90K to spend on something like this? Most theatre companies I’m aware of are scrounging money from anywhere they can just to keep going.

  16. Rafael says

    This just go to show you how screwed the priorities of these Christian groups are, there are kids dying around the clock, around the world, yet they fork 90,000 to condemn Kathy. God have mercy.

  17. Kathy says

    You guys are so unfair. How do you know they don’t spend that much helping the poor too? And you know that if someone had said something horrific about being gay and then a group paid that much to USA today to state that they were proud to be gay. Then you would be all for it.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Besides, aren’t any of you Christian? It is not allowed to be gay and Christian? I would think that anyone here with faith would have been offended by Kathy’s remark.

  18. Duke says

    It isn’t exactly a “religous” group. It is owned by a company than runs numerous theatres in town that employ numerous homosexual employees. They just wanted publicity for a failing show. I know…..I live here! Maybe PETA needs to make a visit for the inhumane treatment of the live animals in the show…like paying to ride on the camels in the hot parking lot.

  19. Beau says

    Isn’t it possibel…just a TINY bit possible that Kathy Griffin, being a COMEDIAN, was being FUNNY? I thought it was a riot. And really, if you look at the actual intent behind the words, what she said had nothing to do with religion or Jesus. Grow up people. Christians love to bash people like us, but they can’t take a little humorous jab? Somewhere Jesus is laughing at the absurdity of ALL of this crap we do to one another. You know they all sit up there watching and talking shit. We’re like the best soap opera ever.

  20. rudy says

    Ruh-ro is right. I already corrected my typo when noted by someone more intelligent and less bitchy than you, little princess. Regarding your other comment: read the squib wherein the ad was criticized for “condemning free speech”. Thanks for elevating the cyber-conversation. Your contribution to the marketplace of ideas is truly priceless.

  21. the queen says

    Dear Kathy, your reasoning is on a par with Sherri Shepard’s or Elizabeth (“they’re fighting for our freedoms”) Hassleback’s. Personally I think a gay x-tian is like a Jewish Nazi. Oh, don’t get me wrong, honey because I have faith but I don’t need to have it bolstered by 90K smackers.

  22. Steve says

    Just curious: How come, when someone like Kathy Griffin makes a comment that is offensive to religious people, we’re defending it as “Free Speech”……and when someone else makes a statement against gays, we brand them as bigots, want them fired, etc? The money spent on the ad is stupid – but couldn’t we say that about ANY special interest’s (including gay interest) media spends? Kathy’s comment was baiting and unncessary -but was indeed free speech. I’m just wondering why we’re not so tolerant of other’s “free speech”.

  23. Thomas says

    Good grief… I’m originally from Pigeon Forge and am so embarrassed by the Miracle Theatre. I’ve been gone for a few years but still visit and still know people who perform in the Branson-esque shows in town and the majority are gay themselves. Come on… it’s theatre for Christ’s sake! (Shit… did I just offend them?) It’s amazing to me that people can’t deal with comedy, or freedom of speech. Someone get Dolly on the phone to explain to them what a real Christian would do in this situation. Judge not! Ha!

  24. thegreatpumpkin says

    “Just curious: How come, when someone like Kathy Griffin makes a comment that is offensive to religious people, we’re defending it as “Free Speech”……and when someone else makes a statement against gays, we brand them as bigots, want them fired, etc? The money spent on the ad is stupid – but couldn’t we say that about ANY special interest’s (including gay interest) media spends? Kathy’s comment was baiting and unncessary -but was indeed free speech. I’m just wondering why we’re not so tolerant of other’s “free speech”.”

    Steve, it’s really not that difficult. Kathy’s comment wasn’t putting down Christians, or Christianity. She was making fun of celebrities who don’t act the least bit Christian, but thank Jesus the second they win an award. To Kathy, Jesus has no more importance than any long-dead stranger.

    And the difference between this type of ad and an ad denouncing homophobia is that Kathy’s “Suck it, Jesus” comments aren’t being used to persecute a minority. Kathy’s comment was joking – I highly doubt she’d advocate taking away the rights of Christians, however inane she finds their ideas. The same can’t be said for those who make disparaging remarks about gays, thus it is not only a bigger deal, but worth fighting back against.

  25. says

    Well, this is one Tennessean that LOVE Kathy Griffin and I’ll be seeing her this Saturday night in Nashville.

    I can’t believe these “x-tian” idiots would use so much money for something so stupid. Why not go feed an orphan or help a homeless person.

    This country is FUCKED UP!

  26. Kathy says

    Ok, no one answered my questions, but that’s Ok.

    I wasn’t offended by Kathy. I don’t care what celebrities say or do. But you did remind me of a SNL sketch or maybe MAD tv where there is an award show and the stars are thanking Jesus and Jesus is standing right there. He says to one “Who are you? I don’t even know you people.”

    I thought that was hilarious.

    I think I would have bought Kathy being funny by saying Jesus didn’t have anything to do with this award because of the reasons stated here. But the “suck it” thing took it just a bit too far.

    And whoever said that a gay Christian is like a Jewish Nazi is just crazy. What did Christ ever say against you? Why would you reject someone who would never reject you?

    Not trying to preach here, or even to inflame. Just putting a differnt perspective out here.

  27. Zeke says

    Wow, how Christian of them.

    I wonder how many poor hungry people could have been fed for $90k?

    I wonder how many children could have been provided healthcare for $90k?

    But the priority of these asshats is to spend this huge amount of money to buy a single ad that didn’t do one damned thing to make anyones life better.

    They could have summed up their ad in one sentence “Look how self-righteous and stupid and truly UN-Christian we are!”

    But what do I know? I’m like a Jewish Nazi. :(

  28. Zeke says

    Oh, and I LOVE Kathy Griffith and I thought her Emmy acceptance speech was hysterical and will be a classic once America moves out of the dark ages.

    Some Christians do have a sense of humor.

  29. Jimmyboyo says

    actualy kathy

    The myth jesus in the gospel stories does say “I have not come to destroy the law 9the law of moses that is which covers leviticus). Not one dot shall pass from the law till the end of the world.”

    That was a 100% endorsment for everything in said law of moses particularly the leviticus condemnation of us homosexuals to death. The world has not ended yet so myth jesus did in fact say something against us homosexuals. The myth supported 100% our destruction by supporting the law of moses which calls for our destruction.

  30. Wade says

    Though I love KG, I knew her “suck it Jesus” comment would create a stir, and I thought she could have made her point without that comment and been just as funny.

    That being said, it’s incredible that a religious group would spend 90K in that way rather than putting it to better use. If I was a member of that organization I’d be telling THEM to suck it.


  31. Tom says

    90,000? They could have got a discount at the NY Times!

    Notice how “comedians” never baspheme Allah? Now that would be edgy- that is until their head is removed.

    Her show’s been cancelled, right?

  32. says

    For years we’ve been treated to everyone from lawyers to used car salesman publicly thanking Jesus for their success in life. Personal experience has taught me that when any commercial enterprise takes it upon themselves to use he in whom they place so much faith, trust, and veneration as a marketing tool no matter how obliquely you’re going to get burned. Kudos to Griffith for putting the sandal on the other foot.

  33. Loud says

    Posted by STEVE:
    “Kathy’s comment was baiting and unncessary-but was indeed free speech. I’m just wondering why we’re not so tolerant of other’s “free speech”.”

    I’ve wondered the same. At times I think gays will say anything for their cause (lies and 1/2 truths), while simultaneously condemning an opposing viewpoint. I’ve lost respect for that type.

  34. Kathy says

    That’s a complete distortion of what Jesus said. I can’t believe I am arguing with you in trying to convince you that Jesus wouldn’t reject you and you are saying “Yes he would!!!”

    You kill me.

    Jesus spoke specifically about divorce. Do you think he rejects all those who are divorced?

    You don’t get it. It isn’t about the sin. It’s about the salvation.

    I don’t want to get preachy here. Didn’t mean to do that.

    I can see that I’m not going to change anyone’s mind here. But the bottom line here is even if you see evangelical Christians as your enemy, Christ is certainly not.

  35. jimmiejazz says

    First off, the Christian reaction just shows that Christianity and stupidity walk hand in hand.

    Secondly, just what was the offence? “Suck it, Jesus!” Suck what?

  36. Jimmyboyo says

    Nikko :-) Your going to love this next post

    kathy, for SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!on you not knowing what, when, and where your myth says certain things. SHAME!!!!!

    Mathew 5 The sermon on the mount (not talking about divorce) Mathew 5 verse 17-20

    17″Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. 18I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. 19Anyone who breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven. 20For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven.

    verse 13-16 are about salt and light NOT DIVORCE

    verse 21-25 deal with murder and having offense with your neighbor, nothing about divorce

    SHAME on you kathy!!!!!!!!!!!

    mathew 5 berse 13-20 jesus myth upholds the law of moses 100% the Law of moses which condemns homosexuals (men not women because well, myth moses was a sexist and misogyunist)

    Upholding the law 100% upholds our destruction. It also upholds slavery, the subjegation of women, etc.

    peace be with you

    free yourself from your myth

  37. Will says

    Take it, bible thumpers. We’ve had you’re president, you’re legislation, you’re religious war, and you’re ignorant rants against women, gays, and whatever else is displeasing to you (oh, I’m sorry, you’re GOD) for eight years. So spend some money, and lose some money, and shut the hell up. And pray, come election day, the fire and brimstone makes a personal bbq of all you’re favorite candidates, including the Lazy One, Fred Thompson.

    Have a nice day!

  38. Rey says

    I would think people like poster Kathy (not the good Kathy G) would be more offended by sports figures and musicians who Kathy G was actually poking fun of. It’s disgusting to see a man cross himself before making a free throw or to hear some rapper or country artist thank Jesus for giving them an award. I should think Jesus has far more important things to do than help people to get awards or make baskets.

    And if He doesn’t think he has anything better to do, then a “SUCK IT” is fully justified.

    Hail Kathy G, full of grace!

  39. David says

    Seriously? You’re picking on someone who just told you she believes in a God that loves everyone. Regardless of whether or not ALL Christians believe that, Kathy certainly does.

    So really? Do you feel that persecuted by Christianity that it comes to that? Interesting… So the Christian players group, or whoever the hell they are, are stupid/can’t take a joke/ridiculous for taking out an ad criticizing Kathy Griffin, but we are apparently too uptight/angered/offended by passages from the Bible that we can’t be happy about a woman that interprets scripture to find an all loving God?

    I believe in a ninja God that wears black pajama pants and leaps from roof to roof killing pigeons with garden sheers. He is not all loving. He probably hates you. Also, he resembles Alex Trebec.

  40. Jimmyboyo says


    I am all for someone believing in an all loving god.

    But the biblical god isn’t all loving.

    YHWH the god of myth abraham and myth moses hates everyone not hebrew. And even then hates on the hebrews quite a lot in the stories. If his supposed treatment of the hebrews is love then the hebrews are suffering battered wife syndrome.

    The jesus myth in the bible is not all loving. “I came to divide mother from sun and man from brother for my sake….” etc. 100% support for law of moses = hates gays, women, and supports slavery etc. Oh and hates shrimp.

    Bad evil shrimp. :-)
    Anyway; the point is if you believe in an all loving deity then do not connect such a deity to the biblical myths. Those 2 deities in the bible are far from loving.

    peace be with you
    have a nice day.

  41. Zeke says

    JIMMYBOYO, I understand the point you’re trying to make and I certainly respect your opinion but I think you’re bordering on being disrespectful to Kathy, not because she is being disrespectful or unkind to you or others, but because of her faith alone. A faith, by the way, that I share.

    You are picking and choosing scriptures, and frankly misrepresenting context, to make a point. I don’t like it when fundies use this tactic to condemn gay people and I don’t like it when you do it to shame or pigeonhole the relatively few kind, compassionate and respectful Christians left in the world by claiming that we all take the Bible literally or that we all are of one mind.

    I hope you respect me enough, in spite of my faith, to at least think about my challenge to you.

    People like Kathy and myself have enough of a fight on our hands challenging the fundies who have hijacked our faith to justify their bigotries, allay their fears or promote their right-wing political agenda. Then, from the other end of the spectrum, we have to endure constant attacks from people who, in ignorance, paint all Christians with the same brush or presume to explain to people of faith what they THINK we ALL believe.

    Would you accuse all Jewish people of being accessories to the occupation of Palestine and the human rights crimes being perpetrated there? Do you accuse all Germans of being Nazis and holding them all responsible for the atrocities of the Third Reich?

    It is just as unacceptable to attack every Christian for the hateful words and misdeeds of the ranting and raving fundy MINORITY.

    I welcome your challenges of my PERSONAL beliefs (I question and challenge them daily) but it would be inappropriate to hold every other Christians responsible for my actions or beliefs and it would be wrong to assume that every other Christian shared my beliefs. By the same token I don’t want to be held responsible for others actions or beliefs and I don’t want anyone asking me to justify, explain or defend the actions or beliefs of others.

    Believe it or not, there are some Christians who don’t even know, or care, if Jesus really existed. I’m one of them. Many, if not most people who call themselves Christians, would argue that I couldn’t possibly be a Christian without believing that Jesus was born, was crucified, rose on the third day and ascended into heaven. I inform them that they don’t own the faith and they don’t have the authority to tell me what I have to believe.

    I respectfully tell you the same thing.

    My best friend in the world (after my husband) is an atheist and we have never had to have this discussion. He respects and loves me just the way I am and respects the positive influence my faith has had on my life. I respect and love him just the way he is and feel no need whatsoever to change his beliefs. Why would I? He is more happy, more loving, more compassionate, more ethical and more moral that ANY Christian I know.

    JB, I love you to death JUST as you are. You know that. More importantly, I respect you JUST as you are.

    I suggest that you direct your energy, passion and wrath into challenging people who are using their faith as a tool to harm others and not into arguing with people, like Kathy, who have shown no sign of being anything other than a kind, loving and compassionate person, who happens to be a Christian.

    End sermon. There will be refreshments served in the fellowship hall directly following the benediction. Amen. :)

  42. Zeke says

    PATRICK, I don’t think there’s any doubt about it.

    If he really existed, and if the stories told about him are true, I think he would have taken a lash and run the whole lot of them out of the theatre.

  43. boobs says

    Kathy had the right to say what she said, the theatre group has the right to take out a $90,000 ad condeming her, we have the right to say they are stupid for doing so.

  44. thegreatpumpkin says

    Hi Zeke,

    I don’t have a problem with Kathy’s (or your) faith. But her first post presented a few issues:

    Kathy: “You guys are so unfair. How do you know they don’t spend that much helping the poor too?”

    Why does it matter if they also spend a bunch of money helping the less fortunate? While that would indeed be commendable, the fact is that they chose to use this 90K on an absolutely worthless ad that does nobody any tangible good.

    Kathy: “And you know that if someone had said something horrific about being gay and then a group paid that much to USA today to state that they were proud to be gay. Then you would be all for it.”

    This is ridiculous for the reasons I pointed out in my previous post. Kathy G.’s comedic comment is in no way comparable to a celebrity “saying something horrific about being gay.” Comparing someone saying “Suck it, Jesus” to someone saying (for instance) “Faggots will burn in hell” is ludicrous. The former comment is directly offensive to one long-dead man – I do believe Kathy could have made her point about hypocritical celebrities thanking Jesus without such extremes, but it’s really only offensive to those who CHOOSE to believe that Jesus was more than just another flawed human being.

    On the other hand, offensive remarks against gays reinforce a mindset that has been used to justify discrimination against an entire group of people – a people who did not CHOOSE to be in the minority, I might add. I’ll also add that these types of remarks are rarely made jokingly.

    So basically, the poster Kathy’s intentions may be good, but her logic is flawed. Comparing disparaging remarks against an entire group of people to one joking remark about Jesus offends my intelligence. I respect your beliefs, but I believe you missed what people (myself included) found wrong with Kathy’s comments.

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