Fabien Baron Looks Back for Calvin Klein Man with Garrett Neff


Photographer Fabien Baron wanted to recall Bruce Weber’s iconic 80’s ads for Calvin Klein underwear in his depiction of model Garrett Neff for the new fragrance Calvin Klein Man: “With Calvin Klein Man we wanted to create a modern version of the original Calvin Klein point of view, where men were strong, masculine and powerful.”

Of course, because there were so few blatant objectification of male beauty back then, the Weber ads became (for burgeoning adolescent gay boys like myself) a kind of covert porn and made a more striking impact than most ads can these days. Not that I’m complaining about Baron’s nostalgic look back at the fashion gods of yesteryear…

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  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Why is it that I’m only attracted to men I see in magazine ads, TV and movies. The ones in real life don’t do anything for me…men don’t like being “pretty” anymore, and personal hygiene got lost in the 1990s.

    It must be age. Well, atleast I’m not racially prejudiced when it comes to beauty: that guy is spectacularly beautiful…but what’s he like in real life? Sometimes in real life the same glamourous model just looks regular.

    I’m sorry, y’all, it’s withdrawal Thursday–like being trapped in a Bergman film for me. I’ll be full of love again tomorrow evening.

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