Ja Rule Responds to Furor Over Homophobic Remarks

In early September, rapper Ja Rule made his thoughts known about scheduled Congressional hearings regarding the exploitation of women in hip-hop lyrics by telling Complex magazine that the problem with America is not hip-hop, but homosexuality.

JaruleSaid Ja Rule: “…lets talk about all these f–king shows that they have on MTV that is promoting homosexuality, that my kids can’t watch this sh-t. Dating shows that’s showing two guys or two girls in mid-afternoon. Let’s talk about s–t like that! If that’s not f–king up America, I don’t know what is….There’s a lot of issues we can address besides hip-hop, but they want to put everything on us like we’re the problem.”

Now, Ja Rule has talked to Spinner and attempted to clarify his position on the issue:

When asked by Spinner if he’s homophobic, Ja Rule responds: “I’m a very avid speaker for all people’s rights and people having their own preference. I was taken out of context. My statement was more about where our mind state is as a people. We’re focused on the wrong things — like, our country is at war right now. These things are more of a problem to me. Like another case I just read about — young ladies being raped by six white men. These are the stories that should be popping up on my TV screen. That’s what I was talking about, and somehow it got spun into some other s—.”

Spinner also asks the rapper what he might do if one of his kids turned out to be gay. Says Ja Rule: “That’s their own preference. I’m going to love them regardless. I have relatives that are homosexuals and, you know, they come over for Christmas, hang out. It’s something that starts with us. That’s why my album is named ‘The Mirror’ — because everybody has to look at themselves and take it upon themselves to educate. It’s my responsibility to educate my children — not the TV. I think a visual is more influential than audio, but that goes without being said. You know, that’s the world we live in and people are tight in the collar about a lot of issues. It is what it is.”

And about gay marriage, the rapper adds, “It’s really not my business. I really could care less. It’s not something that bothers me.”

Ja Rule Looks in ‘The Mirror,’ Comes Clean on Homophobia [spinner]


  1. gabriel says

    To his credit, there was more to the comment than just the gay part… but he still said it and you can’t really “clarify” what he meant by “promoting homosexuality”. So yah, he wasn’t just talking about that, but that was a big piece of what he said.

  2. says

    Negro,please. If I recall, he said, that he doesn’t want his kids watching that bs on tv. If he meant that his relatives who are gay should have the same rights as their str8 counterparts, then he should expect to see that on tv too. Oh and he should have been clearer. Ja, you’re a moron and thankfully you’re not the voice of hip hop!

  3. says

    Never beiieve ANYONE (much less this clown) who says “I couldn’t care less.”

    It’s one of the top three All-Time Greatest Lies, right up ther with “The check is in the mail” and “I promise not to come in your mouth.”

  4. Jason says

    Rapper Lil’ Romeo condemns Ja Rule’s anti-gay comments

    Lil’ Romeo pulls a Kanye…

    LOS ANGELES, Sept. 21 — Rapper Ja Rule recently caused quite a stir with rather blunt remarks denouncing the growing depictions of gays and lesbians in mass media; citing it as both “ruining America,” and something that his children should not be exposed to.

    Yahoo! Music recently caught up with 18-year-old rapper/actor, Romeo (formerly known as Lil’ Romeo) on the set of his forthcoming film, Down and Distance (a family comedy, which also stars Gary Busey and Brian Bosworth), and inquired his reaction to Ja’s comments:

    “I think it was ignorant of him to say. Gays are everywhere in the industry and society in general. That’s not changing. So why shouldn’t they get to be on TV and in the movies like everybody else?!” candidly retorted Romeo [born Percy Miller, Jr.], who went on to say, “He can’t really believe that none of the peeps who bought his records were gay, and I bet that he wouldn’t give any of ‘em a refund.”

    When Yahoo! Music further queried the young rapper about how he feels about persons who are LGBT, he responded: “It doesn’t matter. I’m cool with everybody who is cool with me. So long as you’re not hurting nobody, I’m not gonna hate on peeps for who they are. I have a few friends who are gay and why not? They alright with me.”

    Romeo, the son of iconic rap star Master P., burst onto the music scene in 2000, at the tender age of ten. In the time since, he has released six albums, has acted in in seven feature films, and most recently starred in his own television series Romeo!, which ran for three seasons on the Nickelodeon network. Now standing at a robust 6’1, the not-so-Lil’ Romeo is currently attending USC.

    —Christopher Janssen, Yahoo! Music

  5. silverskreen says


    Thanks for posting that. I hadn’t read any reaction to what this idiot said. I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised by Romeo’s interview. Particularly since he’s Master P’s son. Who knew?

  6. Brandon says

    “Yahoo! Music recently caught up with 18-year-old rapper/actor, Romeo”

    And the aforementioned topic is what they thought to bring up? Why do interviews do that – ask people what they think of so and so’s comments? I’d be embarrassed.

  7. lambman says

    He’s hatefull and lying.

    Saying “My statement was more about where our mind state is as a people. We’re focused on the wrong things — ” is no defense when you began your original statement by saying “Lets talk about…” You can’t accuse the media of taking focus away from bigger issues when you were the one who brought up the topic in the first place.

    He does have a good point that the dating shows on MTV are trash and inappropriate. But the fact that maybe 10% of the time the dating shows have gay contestants shouldn’t be an issue. Also, featuring some gay couples and mostly straight couples is not “promoting homosexuality” its just accurately reflecting life. Are they “promoting the African Americanism” if a dating contestant is black?

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