1. chimpd says

    Well, folks it looks like he’s got a hammer in his pants. P.S. One would only be able to come out (joke intended) a few times a year in order to be able to build and maintain a body like that…with the help of steroid nature, of course. Jealous? Mmmmaybe.

  2. Princess Superstar says

    If a hot boy runs on the beach, but there’s no pap[smear] to snap a photo, did it really happen?

    Hooray for dick prints!!

  3. jeff says

    It’s a shame my dick doesn’t move AT ALL for him. Perhaps it was too much “Saved by the Bell” growing up.

  4. Derrick from PHilly says

    Beautiful Latino men, beautiful white men, beautiful black men! This blog makes me feel so multiculturally orgasmic!
    It’s a credit to Andy’s sense of equalit…hey, where’s the Asians and Arabs, Andy? This is discrimination! I want to see beaufiful Asians and Arabs…and a muscular Jew or two, please.

  5. A. Nalingus says

    He’s so, so gay. I really wish he’d just come out. Then bend over and grab his ankles. Cuz I wanna eat his hot ass.

  6. says

    I’m in my 30s, just like Mario, and it’s becoming harder and harder to get into shape, but he’s just getting in better and better shape each year! OMG, just look at that body!

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    Thanks, NIC:

    I didn’t visit the blog yesterday. Mr. Khan isn’t Arab, but very nice. Now, we still got the Asians and Jews (North African Jew, please).

  8. says

    I really think he’s got to be the one of the hottest guys over 30. He’s as hot as ever. He needs a TV show or something =p

  9. Joshua says

    Derrick….In the UK(where Khan is from) and Europe in general….Pakistani is Asian… Khan hits Muslim and Asian….a twofer……lol

  10. nic says


    that was my point. pakistan is south-asian with arab (among a host of other) influences. derrick must be a purist. ha!
    i would like me a hot asian too. specifically: chinese, japanese or korean.

  11. jacknasty says

    A. Nalingus – we all wish he was gay, but the dude clearly isn’t. If you ever see candid videos of him, it’s pretty clear he isn’t gay.