Report: Simon Cowell X-ed Sharon Osbourne Over Gay Claims

Cowell_osbourneIf reports out of Britain are to be believed, Simon Cowell fired Sharon Osbourne after the first season of the UK show The X Factor because Cowell was tired of Osbourne making claims about his sexuality:

“She tells everyone he’s gay. She claims he’s in the closet and doesn’t know yet he’s homosexual, which is ridiculous. And even though Simon has a beautiful girlfriend (model/TV presenter Terri Seymour), Sharon would openly harangue and taunt him about it. Sharon told me that at the end of series one Simon actually got her fired for her jibes and nastiness to him and the contestants. The producers persuaded Simon to give her a second chance as they loved the chemistry between the judges.”

Although stateside, Cowell seems perfectly willing to dish out the same kind of innuendo.

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  1. Ted says

    How can we end this childish behavior in schools when adults are paid millions of dollars to taunt and call each other names for high TV ratings? This would be a great opportunity for both celebrities to take a stand that this behavior is not OK, and offer to create a campaign as positive roll models.
    Yeah, like a fat pompous closeted ass and a fag hag poster child for plastic surgery gone bad would do such a thing.

  2. says

    I’ve never watched American Idol, but I’ve always heard Simon routinely cruelly and rudely taunts constants that he thinks seems gay. So how hypocritical to whine about Sharon doing the same thing to him! Maybe that’s her whole point, I’ll bet it is, she’s just giving him a taste of his own medicine.

  3. says

    Well there’s a difference. Simon’s not gay”

    Oh he’s not gay, so that makes it perfectly ok to humiliate AI constants who he thinks are gay? What fucked-up logic. And I don’t give a shit if he’s gay or not, he deserves to have the table turned on him and be treated the same way he treats others. Being a precious heterosexual, doesn’t exempt him from getting his comeuppance.

  4. Rob says

    Wait a minute! Simon is straight? I just never thought there was any question that both of them (Ryan & Simon) were gay. My whole world reception is shifting…

  5. db says

    As anyone who’s had any experience with the entertainment industry can tell you–having a girlfriend (especially a model) is not proof you’re not gay. And I think, in lieu of the things he’s said about Ryan Seacrest, his thin skin on this issue is really telling.

  6. Leo says

    Simon Cowell uses Max Clifford for PR who is notorious for feeding the press with stories about his clients as a distraction.

    There have been lots of press reports in the UK tabloids about Simon having one night stands with women and him cheating on his griflriend (one included a photo which clearly looked staged). Too many, in fact.

  7. Simon Cowell IS GAY says

    Cowell signed up a number of acts to S-Records that made a mark in the pop music world, including Five, Westlife.

    Now Il Divo.

    HE LOVES MAKING BOYBANDS. **Channeling Lou Perlmann here**


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