Third Sentence Issued in Alabama Murder of Scotty Joe Weaver

A third sentence has been handed down in the brutal 2004 murder case of Scotty Joe Weaver, following the recent sentencing of Robert Lofton and Christopher Gaines, two men who had direct participation in Weaver’s death.

Nicole Kelsay, a lifelong friend of Weaver’s, watched as Lofton and Gaines beat, strangled, and stabbed him to death. They then transported his body to a rural area and set it on fire. The charred corpse was discovered partially decomposed by the side of a rural road. Kelsay, like Gaines and Lofton, was offered a deal for her guilty plea.

According to WPMI Mobile, “As part of the plea agreement, Kelsay was sentenced to 20-years in prison, however, she will be eligible for parole in about six years.”

WeaverThe sentencing marks the end of a long ordeal for the mother of Scotty Joe Weaver, WKRG reports:

“For the first time since the ordeal began Martha Weaver addressed the court and specifically Kelsay. Afterwards her questions were still unanswered. ‘Why did she do it? Why did she plot to hurt him like that? Because he done nothing to her. He always tried to help her. He loved her more than anything.’ The three people responsible for Scottie Weaver’s murder have now all pleaded guilty. The legal case is over. But it will never be over for Martha Weaver. ‘It won’t never go away cause I don’t have my baby no more. Cause of them, they took him away from me.’ In court, Weaver told Kelsay she hoped she would never rest for what she did to Scottie. Kelsay made no statement and left the courtroom in shackles and handcuffs.”

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(video courtesy WKRG)

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