Austrian Minister Draws Up Same-Sex Marriage Proposal

From the Austrian paper Wiener Zeitung:

Austria“Justice minister Maria Berger of the Social Democrats (SPÖ) has presented her proposals for registered partnerships of the same-sex. The so-called working paper, drawn up with the coalition partner, the People’s Party (ÖVP), foresees couples formally providing evidence of their relationship at a local registry office. Same-sex couples would be entitled to many of the rights and have the same obligations as heterosexual couples who are married. One of the aims of the proposed legislation is to avoid discrimination.”

The Deutsche Presse adds: ” The so-called registered partnership shows a number of parallels with traditional marriage law, complete with similar rights and duties, but was no ‘marriage light’ Berger stressed and was independent of current marriage legislation. A right for adoption is not envisaged, separation can be either by mutual consent or court decision.”


  1. TJC says

    So, we have an Austrian in California vetoing marriage legislation, and his country of origin considering it.

    Makes you think.

    Oh, wait. No it doesn’t. Fuck you, Arnold.

  2. Vi Agara says

    The world is changing rapidly. Its amazing to watch. The sociological and economic is brought along by way of the improvements in technology. Its all hand in hand. Whats even more exciting is its never going to stop. Sorry fundamentalists, you are going to lose.

  3. says

    Austria is one of the more conservative countries in Europe. This is not marriage, but similar to the domestic partnerships most every other western European country has had for a while. Austria may be ahead of the United States, but it’s well behind most of its neighbors. Germany’s had a similar law since 2001 for example.

  4. PistolPetey says

    From its description, doesn’t sound much like same-sex marriage at all. Sounds more like the dom.partnership benefits we have here in CA. Big deal.

    Oh wait, Jeff just said that. Well, I agree.

  5. A Cairns says

    The difference to state laws that America has, is that the Austrian law will be a national government/federal law which means partners can sponsor their foreign partners to live with them. They’ll also have access to their social security and avoid inheritance taxes, etc. These are laws America doesn’t offer her citizens.

  6. says

    It’s about time, but at the moment it’s merely a proposal of the socialist party. The conservative party, their coalition partner, I’m sure will do everything to prevent this law from happening.

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