Democrats Debate at Drexel University

Above, the first ten minutes of last night’s debate at Drexel University. Right off the bat Obama likened his rivalry with Clinton to that of Rocky and Apollo Creed, calling himself Rocky, a tag that inspired disapproving murmurs from the audience. Clinton responded by announcing she’s the subject of conversation and consternation by the Republicans for a good reason. Edwards goes at Clinton from the other side, saying Americans deserve a President that will tell them the truth.

Below, Joe Biden slams Rudy Giuliani’s lack of qualifications for President, and Dennis Kucinich calls for the impeachment of George W. Bush.

Also, check out the New York Times interactive debate transcript for additional highlights.


  1. Nita says

    Rocky and Apollo became friends. Rocky was humble, Apollo was flash. Rocky avenged Apollo’s death, by defeating Ivan — who was himself just a kid pumped full of propaganda and jingoism.

    How deep did Obama mean to go with the analogy? How deep did the audience dig to groan at it?

    All the rest — including the Colbert campaign — is just show business… like Apollo’s entrance in Rocky IV. None of this is real.

  2. noteasilyoffended says

    I saw the Kucinich appeal for impeachment. You go, Dennis! I can only wish that would happen. It is my opinion that it will not with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. I think Kucinich knows he will not win the nomination and is using his campaign to get his views out. And I must admit, I agree with many of them. And has anyone seen his really hot wife? ??????

    John Edwards did well at pulling at my heartstrings, but I was disturbed at his lack of specifics to answers, especially noted in his answer to the question about “unlimited funds” to assist those who live in dangerous areas when disasters occur. While he said that we as a country should “be there” for our countrymen in these times, he never “quite” answers with a resounding yes or no. It is that sort of behavior that makes me question his ability to be forthright and targeted in his answers to problems and ultimately his platform and potential Presidential decisions.

    Clinton did take a beating, though. Didn’t she? Wow!

  3. vinny says

    Kucinich for President. Everybody likes him but won’t vote for him because they think they are throwing away their vote. The DemCongress won’t start impeachment against the sitting president because they can’t pass it. See the difference between doing something that is right and doing nothing because you think it can’t happen…. now let’s see what happens when america continues to loose it’s place in the world.

    signed the outnumbered american

  4. peterparker says

    Voting for Kucinich in the primaries seems like a no-brainer to me. Even if every faggot in Amerikkka votes for Kucinich in the primaries, the person who will end up with the nomination for the Democratic party will be Clinton, Edwards or Obama. And any of those three can beat any of the Republikkkans. So why not go ahead and vote for Kucinich? He does, after all, fully support us (unlike the other three).

    Of course, once they get the nomination, we have virutally no choice but to support either Clinton, Edwards or Obama for the general election.

  5. Leland Frances says

    Why stop at impeachment? Why not call for an international war crimes tribunal? I would like to see both, and Bush, at least, spend decades in jail.

    But the former is no more likely to happen than the latter. Kucinich is irresponsible in contributing to the Know Nothings fantasies that all Nancy Pelosi has to do is bang her gavel and declare Bush impeached when the truth is that it is such a complicated PROCESS, requiring the actions and agreement of so many in Congress and so much time that only two of our 43 Presidents have been successfully impeached. Nixon would in all likelihood made it three if he had not resigned.

    Impeachment also applies to the Vice Presidency and “all civil Officers of the United States” such as federal judges and the President’s cabinet members. But since 1789, the House has only initiated impeachment proceedings 62 times! Only 62 times in TWO HUNDRED & EIGHTEEN YEARS!

    So Kucinich, who has contributed so much to the political dialogue in other ways, is recklessly grandstanding when he knows that Dem leaders HATE Bush and his Reich as much as he does and also knows that any effort to start the process when Bush only has 446 days left in office and they can’t even get enough votes among themselves and from needed Republicans to stop him on the primary issue of the 2006 election, Iraq, is, to put it kindly, a waste of time that could better be applied to other viable issues.

    Less kindly: on this issue Kucinich has become nothing more than the political equivalent of a flasher—simply jacking off in public. Some are obviously titillated by the slightest show of skin, but the most embarrassing part of it is that even he knows that however hard he pumps he’s never going to cum.

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