Football: Sex, Trinity Laterals, and Indestructible Cheerleaders


Here’s a recent study by openly gay sociologist Eric Anderson which is titillating if not a bit misleading. The headline claims “Over One-third Of Former American Football Players Had Sexual Relations With Men”. In fact, Anderson’s study was pooled from “American Football players who previously played at the high school (secondary school) level but had failed to be picked for their university’s team and were now cheerleaders instead.” Hmm.

Anyway, Anderson hopes to show that homophobia is decreasing on the football field based on more positive portrayal of gays in media. Says Anderson: “Men have traditionally been reluctant to do anything associated with homosexuality because they feared being perceived gay. There has been pressure on them to conform to the notion that being male is about having traditionally masculine traits, in terms of dress, behaviours and sexual activities. But as more men are open about their varieties of sexuality, it becomes less stigmatized to be gay or to have sex with men. It is increasingly not a problem to act in otherwise non-traditional ways.”

Well, I can’t say Anderson convinces me, but I appreciate his optimism.

On another note, here are two amazing football videos which have cropped up in the past couple days. The first is from a game over the weekend in which Trinity (TX) beat Millsaps (MS) in the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference in the final, incredible play.

In the second, a cheerleader gets mauled in a mishap at Auburn. She was a homecoming princess, and she survived. Maybe she’s related to Hayden Panettiere!

Over One-third Of Former American Football Players Had Sexual Relations With Men, Study Claims [science daily]

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  1. the queen says

    and why not, sounds right to me. football is very homoerotic. i ran this by a good friend of mine, a big butch tattooed man now in his 60’s, and he says there’s nothing new in this. seems that in his day you stayed behind in the locker room and waited until most of the guys left and those that stayed behind waited until the coast was clear and then indulged themselves in good old fashioned homosex.

  2. hell's kitchen guy says

    I noticed that the pool was taken from cheerleaders, too. Weird!

    Also, he talks about stuff like str8 men dancing w/each other. Um, that’s not gay.

    All in all, the researcher strikes me as utterly clueless.

  3. peterparker says

    When I saw the headline on, ‘Cheerleader creamed by football players at game’, I have to admit my first thought was how funny that would be to watch. But the video of the entire team trampling this poor girl was fairly horrifying. CNN interviewed her a few days later, and she was so sweet! I felt really sorry for her.

    Now, if only I could get creamed by a football team!

  4. vince says

    i live down the street from millsaps.

    i feel like i just watched a bunch of little kids running around on the playground.

    but man, when that one guy gets taken out in the bottom right corner around 0:24, that was awesome.

  5. SFJoe says

    Of course some high school footballers have sex with other guys: these guys tend to be very sexual and physically-oriented people, willing to take chances and explore. They doesn’t make them gay, just horny and often times, a bit messy.

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