New: Staph Threat, George Lucas, Lance Bass, New York City Taxis

road.jpg Lesbian mom says daughter now goes to school with bodyguard because of bullying: “Virginia Gaffey says that her 9-year-old daughter was physically assaulted by other students on the playground at Tucker Elementary in Milton. She claims that the reason was because she is a gay mother.”

Bassroad.jpg Lance Bass tells GQ that Britney Spears was surprised when he came out to her: “It was the night of her first wedding, actually. I was in Vegas with her, her dancers, her manager, and my boyfriend at the time . . . Her manager had already gotten rid of [her first husband] Jason [Alexander] – they’d flown him home. Britney was upset about what she had done. I felt bad for her. I knew she was about to go through a lot of crap. I felt the need to share something. So I sat her on my bed, and I’m like, Well, I’m gay!”

road.jpg Istanbul attempts to shut down gay rights organization: “The Governor’s Office of Istanbul has demanded the closure of Lambda Istanbul, an organization defending lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people’s rights in Turkey, claiming that the name and objectives of the group are ‘against the law and morality’. The governor had asked in early 2007 that the group be shut down; in July, the local Prosecutor’s Office rejected the complaint. The Governor’s Office then took the case to a higher court, the Beyoglu Sutluce Court of First Instance No. 5, which heard the case in July 2007 and ordered a second hearing for October.”

road.jpg D.C. police chief sends out directive to department on treating transgender people with respect.

Taxiroad.jpg NYC taxis get new logo treatment.

road.jpg George Lucas plotting Star Wars TV series: “There is a caveat, though: The proposed series doesn’t have anyone named Luke or Anakin in it, a story path that Lucas concedes is ‘taking chances’ as far as connecting with an audience expecting the familiar mythology. ‘The Skywalkers aren’t in it, and it’s about minor characters,’ Lucas said in an interview. ‘It has nothing to do with Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader or any of those people. It’s completely different. But it’s a good idea, and it’s going to be a lot of fun to do.'”

Workoutroad.jpg Bravo Workout trainer Brian Peeler flexes his muscles.

road.jpg Young gay Iranian on the run may soon be back in the UK.

road.jpg Staph bacteria causing more American deaths each year than the AIDS virus: “The microbe, a strain of a once innocuous staph bacterium that has become invulnerable to first-line antibiotics, is responsible for more than 94,000 serious infections and nearly 19,000 deaths each year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calculated. Although mounting evidence shows that the infection is becoming more common, the estimate published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association is the first national assessment of the toll from the insidious pathogen, officials said. ‘This is a significant public health problem. We should be very worried,’ said Scott K. Fridkin, a medical epidemiologist at the CDC.”

road.jpg Carson Kressley getting new reality show: “Called Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants, the show will have eight episodes, and will focus on mother and daughter pairs who want to compete in both the Miss and Mrs. USA Pageant. The pairs will all be living together in a house in L.A., and will undergo weekly ‘de-sashing’ ceremonies.”


  1. says

    The CDC research also revealed that the bacteria responsible for the most common ear infection in young children is now TOTALLY resistant to ALL antibiotics approved for use in children. It makes me so angry that despite CDC and FDA warnings to dr.’s that overuse and misuse of antibiotics for the past, what, 30 years – that here we are?

    My ex would go to a scumbag dr. who would give him powerful antibiotics whenever he got a cold. Just obscene. Now we’re all screwed.

    David B.

  2. peterparker says

    You know, I was all set to comment on Lance Bass’ picture by saying how attractive he looks in that photo. But then I read the post…OMFG…Lance Bass’ story about comforting Britney on her wedding night reveals exactly what he thinks of himself, his sexual orientation, and, I would imagine by extension, other gay people. Britney Spears did something completely stupid and something about which she felt ashamed and embarrassed, so Lance Bass comforts her by revealing something he regards as even more embarrassing…the fact that he’s a homosexual. And he’s stupid enough to tell that story in the press?! Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Paul says

    Peterparker, I think you might be reading too much into that story. It reminded me of a time when my brother’s ex-girlfriend and I were having a tipsy heart to heart at a wedding, and she told me she’d just had surgery for (sexually contracted) cervical cancer. It was an emotional moment—not necessarily embarrassing—and I felt like I had to say/share something in return. So I told her I was gay. I certainly wasn’t ashamed, and the only reason I hadn’t told her sooner was because I hardly knew her at the time. So I see his story in more of a “yeah we all have crosses to bear or issues to deal with, and it’s OK, we’ll get through it.” Course, maybe he just wanted Britney to shut up. Also: he was with his boyfriend? That didn’t clue even her in?

    On the Istanbul thing, that’s too bad. It was very gay friendly when I was there last summer, and the men are smoking hot. Hopefully the country’s secularism will kick in and the effort won’t succeed, or at least won’t have much effect.

  4. Anonymous says

    Um, no, PeterParker. He stated that he knew she was going through a lot of crap–he was going through a lot of difficulties himself in dealing with keeping his homosexuality a secret from loved ones–so he told her. To I tend to think of it of more as a, “Yeah, that sucks. You’re not alone in life really not going well right now,” type of gesture.

  5. says

    my dad is in the hospital for the 5th time for a staph infection he contracted from a surgery at the same hospital he stays in 3 years ago. This is the 6th time the infection has resurfaced. The hospital has carpets throughout and that needs to change…only 2 years ago they removed the carpets in the patient rooms….whose heard of carpet in patient rooms???????????????????????????????????????

  6. bryan says

    I read an advanced copy of Lance’s book and was shocked by how good it was. I never really cared about him, but he really does come across as a really nice person… his relationship with his family is very sweet and enviable.

    Also Peterparker, Lance doesn’t feel that being gay is embarrassing, Britney does. That’s why he told her – he thought she would get a laugh out of it, because they were both raised very Southern and Christian. So it was kind of like, “You think YOU’RE screwed? My parents are gonna kill me, too.”

  7. anonymous says

    Peterparker, I suggest you read the story again… he told her that he was gay because he knew she was going to be in big trouble with the press for the quickie wedding. he wanted her to know that he was going to be in big trouble with a lot of people as well if he ever revealed his secret.

  8. Leland Frances says

    I “read” it the same way Peter did, but hope that the book makes it clearer. [Note to Gays: Page Six is NOT our friend.] Bass has both given us reason to interpret it negatively [he’s still on probation for his insulting reference to “crazy gay activists” in his first post-outed interview] and to believe that he’s growing; slowly perhaps but growing. The smartest thing he’s done, after finally fessing up to being gay 2 1/2 years after his attempt to comfort The Woman-Child Who Will Not Wear Underwear, was shitcan a certain gold digger. Not the dirt behind that [and we do mean BEHIND] is the part of his autobio Leland’s Book Club CANNOT WAIT to read!!!

  9. Davey says

    It’s unbelievable we are spending tax dollars on a NEW taxi logo. The old one was just fine. A picture of a man hailing a cab on the cab door??? Unbelievable…

  10. peterparker says

    Okay…I missed the line “I knew she was about to go through a lot of crap.”, so maybe I read a bit too much into it. It’s the best picture of Lance that I’ve ever seen.

  11. says

    Sorry to hear about your Dad, Turlie. The likelihood is that the carpet had nothing to do with his infection and more to do with the condition of his care environment.

    I’ve gotten a lot of email about this (normally I get nothing) and I’m going to make a post about MRSA prevention and living with MRSA before tomorrow morning.

    David B.

  12. Leland Frances says

    This just in: Monday, Oct 22, Sir Lancelot will be on CNN’s “Showbiz Tonight.” Larry King soon, no doubt, and is it too much to hope for yet another inspiring interview by Anderson “Pretend You Don’t Know I Suck Cock Like A Tick On A Dog” Cooper? He’s doing a whirlwind tour of book [but no “CDs DVDs, memorabilia, photos, or posters”] signings. Wouldn’t it only be fair, regardless of differences and betrayals, for that certain gold digger to accompany Lance everywhere as he did him at The Abbey and elsewhere?

    “Lance also frankly discusses life as a gay man — his first same-sex relationship at twenty-one, his struggle to keep his sexuality hidden from *NSYNC’s fans in case it jeopardized the band’s success, and the true circumstances that led to his decision to publicly come out at the age of twenty-seven. Full of fascinating behind-the-scenes lore and revealing insights from a pop star who, until now, has been notoriously private, Out of Sync is the book that millions of fans have been waiting for.” Uncle Leland is wet, WET I tell you, with anticipation!!!! Early Xmas presents graciously accepted.

    New York City

    Ridgewood NJ


    Miami Beach

    Winter Park FL



    San Francisco

    Los Angeles

    Locations, etc., at

  13. justincredible says

    Wow I’m really shocked that people are defending Britney… Usually when you play the devil’s advocate here you get tossed out like a pair of Jnco’s. I say Jnco because that’s what we were wearing when she came out my seventh grade year. Maybe that wasn’t funny, but at any rate, discussion is cool.

    On to other stuff… I’m exposed to MRSA every day at work. They actually tell us that every resident at the nursing home probably has it, and it kicks in when their immune systems get compromised. The workers are all probably latently carrying the bug, but we probably aren’t giving it to anyone unless universal precautions aren’t kept. Alcohol gel kills MRSA, and the best thing to do is wash your hands. They say to sing happy birthday twice, but I always sing Rufus Wainwright’s ‘Instant Pleasure.’

    But I do question the study. Those numbers weren’t counted by census, and extrapolation isn’t the best way to do things. People should quit overusing antibiotics and take the threat seriously though.

  14. says

    I had staph once a few years ago. I felt okay, but according to the doctors it almost killed me! It was so sudden and quick, it was just crazy. All I can say is it was lucky I went to the doctors at the first sign of something being wrong because despite the fact that I felt okay, I was really very, very sick.

  15. scientitian says

    Scary stuff…I just worked with staph in my lab not 6 hours ago. It contaminates tons of our samples and often takes over the experimental bacteria in cultures that come from animals. We take more than necessary precautions, but still, accidents can happen.

  16. Gregg says

    Charlie – that was funny

    It was interesting to read about the NYC Taxi logo. I was wondering how such a crappy concoction of elements came together and now it makes sense. The original all-text design was clean and elegant. Then city officials got a hold of it and put their own shitty stamp on it.

    The blocky Wolff Olins font looks good on websites and paper, but it looks TERRIBLE on the cabs, particularly in combination with the other font.

    The whole “branding” of taxi’s seems ridiculous anyway. I mean, they’re bright yellow/orange cars with lighted numbers on the top. What more do you need to know it’s a cab?

  17. Jordan says

    Forget Britney. Lindsay’s out of rehab now, and she’s the party girl all other’s just wish they were.

    Oh god, not Carson. He is so irritating, and his “fashion sense” (or lack of) is a crime. He is a no-talent, and should be in prison.

  18. jacknasty says

    Man, Lance will do anything to see his name in print…pathetic! Britney is getting tons of press lately, so he tells some BS story that sound completely made up to associate himself with her, its sad.

  19. RIGHT says

    How is it a BS story? He was pictured with her in Vegas on that day. Sorry, but the press that Britney is getting right now is press that NO ONE wants to be associated with.

    If you read the article, he was asked SPECIFICALLY about his relationship with Britney. He didn’t bring it up.

  20. says

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