1. says

    Hugh Jackman is one of my favourite actors. I liked him X-men. After watching him in X-men series I became an X-Men buff, the comics, cartoons and of course not to mention Wolverine (Weapon X) is my favourite character. Looks cool with the cigar and deadly when the adamantinum claws rip open.

  2. Kyle says

    Great pecs, but it took me a while to find the nipples (which is never a good sign). And that person on the bench does bear an eerie resemblance to Mann… Hugh better watch his back!

  3. anon ( says

    He sure has a lot of muscles for his age. Those wolverine claws though don’t make any sense. Claws are superstrong fingernails. It’s like angel wings. Most depictions are as a third set of limbs, like an insect, even though birds and bats have only four limbs. Very distracting.

  4. Joshua says

    These pics are pretty old. I have had them in my file for several months. The whole set shows that he was with his wife and kids at the beach. There was no filming going on, just a family outing, no movie being made.
    But, he still looks damn good.

  5. RA says

    Adamn, you’re partly wrong. The photo at the top of the women ogling Jackman IS new – taken 9/28/07 and so was the one in the second row on the left. A day at the beach with his wife and kids. Only the one on the right is from a couple of months ago.

    And the reason for the beard IS that he is filming the movie “Australia”, which is in the final weeks.