Rearview Mirror: Looking Back at the Week on Towleroad


road.jpg J.K. Rowling says Dumbledore is gay.
road.jpg UK Dad becomes instant gay pride statement with Dumbledore tattoo.
road.jpg Bill O’Reilly bothered that Dumbledore outing teaches children tolerance.
road.jpg One half of Poland’s homophobic “terrible twins” defeated in parliamentary elections.
road.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal: I’m not gay, I’m with Witherspoon.
road.jpg Barack Obama aligns with anti-gay singer; statement; Gay addition; vigil; Advocate.
road.jpg Rev. Donnie McClurkin speaks out on Obama gospel tour controversy.
road.jpg On the TUBE: Desperate Housewives, Bullshit, Lauer-Craig mash-up, Lance Bass, Ice.
road.jpg Jim Neal, challenger to Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina, says he is gay.
road.jpg Singapore retains ban on gay sex after heated debate.
road.jpg Partying princes drown England’s sorrows with half-naked rugby players.
road.jpg FEMA holds fake press conference on Southern California’s wildfire nightmare.
road.jpg Milwaukee anti-abortion pastor blames wildfires on homosexuality.
road.jpg Return to 1977: Gay football pro Dave Kopay in Mandate magazine.
road.jpg MUSIC: Spice Girls, Patti LaBelle, Kylie Minogue, Kurt Cobain, Jay-Z, David Gest.
road.jpg Catholic leader acquitted of assault on gay marriage supporter in Massachusetts.
road.jpg Tuscany, Italy in gay baby poster controversy: sexual orientation not a choice.
road.jpg Former Big ten basketball player Zach Puchtel discusses sexuality.
road.jpg Austrian minister draws up same-sex marriage proposal.
road.jpg GOP lauds Dianne Feinstein as “linchpin” vote for racist, bigot judge.
road.jpg Sean Connery’s early career as an almost nude life art class model exposed.
road.jpg Scent of scruff: Ewan McGregor to be face of “adventure” fragrance.
road.jpg In her face: Condoleezza Rice confronted by freaky “blood-stained” activist.
road.jpg City councilman makes sexuality an issue in Fort Worth, Texas election.
road.jpg Animal planet: Shell Wildlife Photography award winners announced.
road.jpg The Force is with Yoda postage stamp.
road.jpg City of Dallas launches homophobic campaign against saggy hip-hop pants.
road.jpg Two princes: gay couple elected homecoming royalty in California.
road.jpg Elton John’s Nan Goldin photograph judged “not indecent”.
road.jpg Scientists change sexual orientation of tiny worms.
road.jpg PLUS: The Ritz‘ hunky bathhouse, Larry Craig Halloween, Banksy, Neil Patrick Harris, Seal.

Posted October 27, 2007 at 11:40am ETC by Andy Towle
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